It’s a well-known fact that you can find videos of just about anything over the web, and they are easily accessed through any web browser. However, in order to skip this step of opening a browser, YOOPLAYER comes as a neat application which makes it possible to play your favorite online videos directly on the desktop.
Resize and move the desktop video box
Setup doesn’t take a lot of time and you can fire up the application right afterwards. Needless to say that you need to be connected to the Internet for everything to work out fine. The first time you run the program a tutorial screen is brought up to teach you the basics of finding and playing videos.
The application comes with three main components. These are accessed from the tray icon where the program stays minimized when not directly used. These count as the YOOPLAYER, which is the desktop video box, the YOOBROWSER to find videos online in an instant, as well as the Video URL, which is merely a dialog box to quickly punch in a video URL of interest.
The video box sits on the desktop and on top of every other window. There isn’t an option to toggle this layer position, but you can resize and move the box to any suitable screen location. A simple click on the tray icon stops the video and minimizes the box, while another click brings it back up. The box is devoid of a title bar or any other controls to take up visual space. You can even switch to fullscreen mode.
Find videos through the browser and tweak controls
However, before getting to use the video box, you might want to pay a visit to the YOOBROWSER to find one. You can quickly access either YouTube, Vimeo, or Viewster, each in a dedicated tab. They’re in the exact form as met through a regular browser, so you can even log into your account. Selecting a video starts playback in the video box.
There are also some settings you can manage to your advantage. The application can start with the last video or a particular link, enable balloon tooltips, lock aspect ratio, as well as the possibility to take video snapshots and have them automatically saved to a folder of interest.
Since online video services brought about new features over the years, you can also use them here. In other words, the application supports playback of playlist, and is even fitted with navigation controls.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that a lot of useful video content can be found online, and you might need one to play while you’re performing work, research, or simply for entertainment. YOOPLAYER neatly accomplishes this through an intuitive set of features, letting you customize the video box and play anything from popular online services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Viewster.










• YOOPLAYER is a desktop application that lets you play your favorite online videos directly on the desktop.
• Features a tabbed navigation interface with Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo, and Viewster.
• Can search thousands of videos on the internet and retrieve the best one to play for you.
• Supports full screen and windowed mode, as well as different aspect ratios.
• Handy controls and options allow you to get the best experience.
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Yahoo! is the default search provider for the YOOPLAYER Desktop Video Player.You can open this search in 3 different ways.By pressing F1 you can access the YOOPLAYER Help Page.If you cannot find what you are looking for press the ALT key.A list of shortcut key to make YOOPLAYER even easier to use will be displayed if the ALT key was not pressed.

By pressing F11 you will get the Full Screen option.

Finally by pressing F12 you will get the windowed mode.

Try the YOOPLAYER Desktop Video Player Today!

Yahoo! for Windows Mobile lets you unlock apps and games only from Yahoo! and from the applications selected on the Yahoo! Download Store. Before downloading, you must allow your mobile device to connect to Yahoo!

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Google Play reviews now use Google+ so it’s easier to see opinions from people you care about. New reviews will be publicly linked to your Google+ profile. Your name on previous reviews now appears as “A Google User”.

I like It. A very useful and user-friendly program that does what it says. But there are some problems that need to be solved before I could use it regularly. 1. Sometimes when I start playing videos from a file, the video’s volume gets decreased. It’s not a major problem, but it’s annoying. 2. When I mute the video, the volume icon which is displayed on the tray icon is also muted. For example when I mute the video by clicking on the mute icon, the “mute” icon on the

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YOOPLAYER is a free application that lets you play online videos on your desktop. While some people may not find it useful, others will find it as an essential tool that will let them enjoy their favorite online videos anytime and anywhere.
The Free Video Player
This software comes with a video player in which you can find any online video you want and enjoy it with a lot of customization. Every video posted online can be accessed and this includes popular online video services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Viewster. Each of them provides different settings, but the basic settings are pretty much the same for each of them.
With this software, you can open as many video services as you want and you can use them to play the videos according to your preference. It comes with a list of video links where you can easily access the desired video.
Resize and Move the Video Player
When you open the player, it appears on your desktop. The software doesn’t provide a location to drag this player so that you can resize it and change its position where you want. You can simply click on the video player and drag it to a different location on your desktop.
Add Bookmarks
Bookmarks are very important in case you want to watch the video later on. This software lets you bookmark the videos so that you can come back to them later. To add a bookmark, just click on the bookmark icon to access the settings.
You can also change the bookmarks that are displayed.
Enable Aspect Ratio
Aspect ratio is a simple feature that lets you change the ratio of the video. If you want to make the video appear in square format so that it can fit all the screen, you can go for this option.
You can change the video or audio settings.
You can also change the volume level.
You can save the snapshot taken from the video.
To take the snapshot, just open the snapshot tab. Here you can click on the take snapshot icon. In the snapshot section, you can do some more advanced settings like changing the name or the location where the snapshot will be saved.
Playback Settings
In this software, you can change the video or audio settings according to your need. You can adjust the volume level, and change the aspect ratio. You can also make it play with a slideshow. Also, you can watch the video along with the contents of the Desktop. You can also enable the screen saver that appears when the video stops.


YOOPLAYER is a free, simple to use application for playing online videos without having to open a browser. By picking a video you want to play, you are able to select YOOPLAYER. It’s really a neat application and the video box size can be resized and moved. It’s a very minimal, clean and rather appealing looking application with a very straightforward interface. It’s a tool that’ll save you time browsing the web. Just a quick side note, YOOPLAYER will also offer video snapshots, on top of what’s being played.
What’s New in YOOPLAYER 7.4:
– Windows 10 support, and various bug fixes and improvements.
– Enhanced Timeline View.
– Various UI improvements.
– Localization improvements.
– Various bug fixes.
If you love the application, give us a rating. You can also share your experience on our forum, either through your own review or by discussing the application. We’ll be happy to have you as a part of the community.Day in My Life (Danny Brown album)

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What’s New In YOOPLAYER?

Find and watch online videos quickly and easily with YOOPLAYER. The program is enabled by default with: YouTube (the World’s #1 online video website), Vimeo and Viewster. It also includes many other features: playlists, navigation controls, video snapshots, as well as a fullscreen mode.RGD peptide enhances the adhesion and transdifferentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells on TiO2 coated titanium substrate.
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System Requirements:

Can be run on most systems that can run the latest version of 3D Studio Max
Mac and Windows.
Please make sure you have enough memory on your machine.
When you choose the “Single Player” option it will be a short game that will take about 10 minutes to complete
Intro to Photoshop
Introduction to Photoshop. ( 4:55 )
This is a basic tutorial on getting started with the software in a quick overview of how to open, save, export, and work with the software and the basics of



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