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VolumeGadget is a handy Windows widget that can be used to set or change the multimedia volume to any level that suits your liking.

VolumeGadget requires Windows® Vista or later.

Download VolumeGadget:

Microsoft, Vista, and Windows 7 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VolumeGadget, VolumeGadget Accessories, Microsoft®, Microsoft® Windows®, Microsoft® Solitaire and all other Microsoft® brands are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.Store

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VolumeGadget Crack Download (April-2022)

Easy to use volume mixer for your computer.You can adjust the audio settings (Volume, Balance, Mute and Pause) of all Windows & PnP Audio devices. You can set different System volume Levels for any or all sound sources.
■ Real-Time Volume Control: In real-time, you can adjust the volume of all sound sources right from your desktop.
■ Adjust PC & USB Audio Device Volume and Mute:VolumeGadget provides one click access to a real-time control for PC Speakers or any USB Audio device that is connected.
■ Adjust System Audio Volume:VolumeGadget provides one click access to a real-time control of the System Volume. It lets you set your own pre-defined system volume levels.
■ PC Mute:VolumeGadget provides one click access to a real-time control of the internal PC Speaker for mute/unmute.
■ PC Speaker Level: VolumeGadget provides one click access to a real-time control of the internal PC Speaker Volume level. This window will show you the volume level of the internal PC Speaker.
■ Mute or Un-Mute Specific Audio Source:VolumeGadget provides one click access to a real-time control of specific audio source. You can set the level of any specific audio source. The control window will show you the volume level of the specific audio source.
■ System Audio Volume: This section lets you set the System Volume for your needs. This feature can be used to play or mute TV, Set-Top Box, Game Console & other Audio Source.
■ Audio Balance: Audio Balance lets you balance the volume of any two given audio sources.
■ System Volume Adjuster:volumeGadget lets you adjust the current setting of your system by simply moving the slider.
■ VolumeGadget Dashboard: Set multiple system volume levels at once.volumeGadget Dashboard will let you to set multiple system volume levels at once. Each system volume level can be set as an individual setting. You can drag and drop the individual volume level setting to change the current system volume level.
■ Sound Control Level & Mute: You can adjust the Volume Control Level and Mute State of your audio devices.
■ Volume Control Levels: You can adjust the Volume Control Level of your audio devices.
■ Mute Toggle: You can toggle Mute state of your audio devices.
■ Media Control Level & Mute:You

VolumeGadget Crack + [32|64bit]

VolumeGadget is a small utility that can rest on the desktop.

The widget has a simple interface that enables you to change the volume
to any level you want. As mentioned before, the widget is quite simple
and doesn’t provide any advanced options to fiddle with.

VolumeGadget can be placed in any spot on the desktop by simply
dragging the frame to the desired spot. The right-click menu give you access
to the opacity options. The frame’s transparency levels may be modified
to any of the available values. By default, it is set to 100%, but you can
choose values between 80% and 20%.

As with all similar widgets, this widget may be set al always be
displayed on top of other apps. This means that you the frame can’t be
covered by the interface of any other utilities, regardless of their nature.

If the gadget is closed, it may quickly be restored to the desktop by accessing
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What’s New In VolumeGadget?

The developer says that this is a preview version.

Download VolumeGadget 1.1

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Type: program

About VolumeGadget

VolumeGadget is a simple and handy utility that can quickly change the volume to a desired level. The app can be placed on the desktop in any desired position. By default, it is set to 100%, but you can choose any level between 80% and 20%. Thanks to the frame, the widget won’t cover any desktop area and should not interfere with any of the other apps. It is a free application, but it may require the addition of an administrator’s consent.

How VolumeGadget can help

This tool can come in handy quite often. When playing music or watching a movie, you should be able to adjust the volume to the desired level. The noise can disturb other people in the vicinity, which can become a problem in large gatherings.

How to install VolumeGadget

This free application can be installed in seconds. You just need to open a program manager and then install VolumeGadget. The installation process is very easy, and there is no need to mess with any additional files.

VolumeGadget requirements

VolumeGadget requires.NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.

VolumeGadget uninstaller/decomposer

We have a decrypter for VolumeGadget, which can recover the following files:






Failed to open VolumeGadget.exe

Failed to decompress VolumeGadget.exe

The reason you see the error above could be that VolumeGadget.exe belongs to the same team as the other.net components. If this is the case, you have to purchase VolumeGadget in order to decompress the program and to run it.

VolumeGadget registry key:

Delete VolumeGadget registry key.

Run VolumeGadget

Just run VolumeGadget in order to modify its settings.

The file name of VolumeGadget should not include the.exe suffix. Otherwise,


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
CPU: CPU: AMD FX-6300, Intel Core i5-3570, AMD FX-8350, Intel Core i5-4590
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Disk: 20GB available space
OS: Windows 8.1/10
CPU: AMD FX-8350, Intel Core i5-4590
Memory: 8



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