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Vilas will provide users with a characterized by advanced-guard, intuitive interface, compliant with the latest requirements for the emotional design (peopleware).
The thing that makes it different from the known FTP-clients is the presence of a group of functions for time analysis, allowing additional traffic control. In the professional versions, the control intervals are in approximately 1 microsecond. This allows the conversion of the product into a powerful instrument for real-time control.
Except the familiar file exchange systems,a possibility is provided for a local station to work on more than one server simultaneously. In its corporate versions, Vilas has the function of server-server exchange, as well as information transmission between a server and a group of servers and/or a group of local users.







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-simple navigation for the home user
-setup and configuration menu
-efficient network connection by means of LAN, WLAN and VPN
-data exchange or local station operation with a user (to control), or with a server (for information transmission).
-local network station – data transmission to a server.
-Server-server data exchange.
-returns information from a server about the other servers on the same network.
-connection with other networks.
-easily create files on the server of the local station, which can be read or downloaded.
-view downloaded files in PDF format.
-convenient file exchanging of all types of files.
-view images, video files and PDF documents.
-emotional design, as user-friendly as possible.
-Intuitive control.
-Remote operation of the whole system.
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EITunoff Version 7.5.1
EI Tunoff is an advanced, yet simple and compact, network, FTP and TLS encryption software. It allows secure transfer of all data in/out your computer, with encrypted information, accounting for security at all levels, from encoding to decryption.
EI Tunoff supports network encryption to secure transfer of data between computers across the Internet. It is also available for Windows 2000/NT/XP.
EI Tunoff provides two easy-to-use programs: for connection to the network and for transferring files between computers. Both allow secure data transfer and transfer of e-mail. By means of encryption, it is possible to secure e-mail transmission, with the use of one-time password to encrypt (by password), using a strong key to encrypt (for passwords, from 6 characters, through SHA-1 hash algorithm).
EI Tunoff supports file encryption using the well-known cryptography algorithms (file, folder, or all files in a folder). It is also possible to use two-factor authentication: EI Tunoff uses this method for data transmission.
The RSA or other algorithms are used to encrypt files and folders. Due to the fact that RSA does not support data of other types, the third mode of use is “file-folder”. This mode of use uses default encryption algorithm and the “strong mode” of RSA – ElGamal. You can choose from a number of options, including:
** Setting a security level: 5, 7, 10, 13, 15 and 16 bits.

Vilas Light [Updated-2022]

Vilas Lite is Vilas Light software with the following functions:
– General FTP-transfer, such as: multiple transfers in batch, creation of folders, numbers of files, file renaming etc.
– Filtering by options: the possibility of characterizing, modifying and creating new folders;
– Control of transfers.
– FTP Logging with the possibility of configuring dates and times for log records.

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Vilas is a powerful tool for bandwidth control and configuration of e-mail transmission. It can also establish the local/remote connection (file exchange) when it is necessary to work on more than one server. In its corporate versions, Vilas has the function of server-server exchange, as well as information transmission between a server and a group of servers and/or a group of local users. As for the usual FTP protocol, Vilas supports passive/active connection type.
In addition, Vilas can establish the encrypted connection (s/MIME) with the transfer of the encrypted message only. Vilas supports all the FTP protocols and also the RTP protocols. Vilas manages file operations (at the local or remote machines). Vilas is divided into various versions and each one provides its own set of features. Vilas support different communication types. Main function: Time synchronization between local/remote machine, band transmission between remote machines, remote file transfer, transfer of file, remote control, on-line (bypassing) encryption of e-mail messages (RTP).
Use cases: Network management, Bandwidth control, Data monitoring, Remote control.
Name: (user_name) (email_address)
Intro: This guide will guide you through the setup of your Vivas V2 (the setup of Vivas V2 is based on the setup of Vivas V1). This documentation was created when Vivas V2 was first released. So if you are upgrading from Vives V1 to Vives V2, you should not follow this document.
We assume that you are using the CMS-Client.
We also assume that you have cloned the CMS (content management system), CMS_Aplikacija, by doing the steps in the following document and that you have run the setup Vivas V2 with the CMS_Aplikacija CMS like below (The CMS-Client is called in the setup)
cd CMS_Aplikacija
./setup -client -CMS_Client=cms-client

Instructions for the end users:

Install the client in /opt. The client will be in /opt/cms_client
Make a copy of the cms directory located in /var/vmware-appserver-storage-home/.vmware/app-bundle/data/cms/client/
Extract the CMS_Aplikacija to /opt/cms_aplikac

What’s New In?

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System Requirements For Vilas Light:

You will need a Windows 7/8/10 computer to play!
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Windows 7/8/10 Processor: Intel Core i3-530 or AMD equivalent
Intel Core i3-530 or AMD equivalent RAM: 6GB
6GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 6450 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 6450 or equivalent Hard Drive: 40GB (32GB recommended)
40GB (32GB recommended) Additional Notes: The auto-play feature is


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