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Twitter is a popular platform not only to share ideas with the world, but also to get in touch with people from all over the world. Using an intuitive client such as Tweetmill can help you get a clear view of the timeline, while also sending messages without effort.
Requires authorization for each account
As soon as you downloaded and installed the utility from Microsoft Store, you need to authorize the third-party within your account.
Basically, you need to login using your Twitter credentials, then connect Tweetmill to your account, so you can gain access to its contents. Multiple accounts are supported.
Distraction-free GUI
Once you are logged in, you can view your timeline and you can start reading the messages from your inbox.
The main window is neatly organized, without any distracting elements or flashy menus and buttons. A new column can be added if you want to keep an eye on several sections at the same time.
You can perform searches using the dedicated function, and you can also save these searches for later review. Likes and mentions are also available, for each of the connected accounts.
Additionally, you can adjust the font size as you see fit, as well as enable auto-play for animated GIFs.
Integrated image viewer
A nifty function of Tweetmill is its built-in image viewer, as it allows you to open full-size pictures that you stumble across Twitter.
Not only can you enjoy high-quality pics, but you can also save them to your computer so you can examine them at a later time.
To sum things up, Tweetmill is a hassle-free solution for enjoying Twitter data on your computer, so you can still send messages, read posts or give likes to various entries even if you do not have your mobile phone with you.







Tweetmill Free Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Tweetmill is a Windows Twitter client allowing you to browse your timeline, view direct messages, send and receive tweets and save your searches using Twitter.

Tweetmill is an innovative Twitter client that was developed by ToutApp, a Swiss company that is well-known for its Twitter-connected application for Windows PC. The application is specifically designed for those with a Windows PC and a stable Internet connection.
Client Features
Built-in image viewer:
The application allows you to view full-size pictures directly on your desktop. Simply double-click on a picture and Tweetmill automatically opens the image for you to enjoy.
Twitter timeline viewer:
Additionally, Tweetmill enables you to enjoy the latest tweets from your online contacts. It also allows you to automatically follow people from Twitter.
Save searches:
Like any other Twitter client, Tweetmill allows you to save searches to view at a later time. This can be done via the dedicated keyboard shortcut.
Built-in search tool:
Although Tweetmill comes with a powerful Twitter search tool, you can also perform unlimited searches using a custom keyword or series of words.
Conversation view:
This Tweetmill feature lets you view all the tweets associated with a specified user. By default, Tweetmill highlights the last status update, but you can switch to view the complete conversation.
Manage multiple Twitter accounts:
The built-in Twitter client enables you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. The software will take care of all the settings, so you can focus on what matters.

Tweetmill is a robust Twitter client that is both easy to use and highly customizable. The application is designed for online Windows PC users who use Twitter as a means to interact and share with friends.
With this particular client, you can enjoy multiple services, including the Twitter stream, Twitter direct messages, mentions and even support for the Twitter API, so you can perform advanced searches from within the program.
The software was designed to help Windows users stay connected to the world of Twitter, and it does so very well. It is intuitive, highly customizable and highly user-friendly.
This is why Tweetmill is perfect for those who only use Twitter as an email-based system.
The features of Tweetmill also include a search tool that allows you to perform unlimited searches for any Twitter user. You can get direct access to different profiles by simply clicking on the search box.
Not only this, but the utility also allows you to view the latest Tweets from your online contacts.

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Tweetmill is an application that provides easy access to Twitter, allowing you to view all of your Tweets, search them, like, retweet, interact with people, and even monitor them on a live timeline.
View a list of tweets for an individual person, a list of all of the followers, or a list of all of the direct messaging followers.
View the tweets of an individual user in a list or a timeline.
View public conversation.
View a list of all of the friend requests made by the user.
Search for and view tweets by a single search term or group of terms.
Like, retweet, and reply to tweets.
View a list of the most recent tweets that you have interacted with.
Interact with people by sending direct messages to them.
View a list of tweets by an individual person, a list of all of the followers, or a list of all of the direct messaging followers.
View the tweets of an individual user in a list or a timeline.
View public conversation.
View a list of all of the friend requests made by the user.
Search for and view tweets by a single search term or group of terms.
Like, retweet, and reply to tweets.
View a list of the most recent tweets that you have interacted with.
Interact with people by sending direct messages to them.

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Tweetmill Crack+

Tweetmill – The no. 1 Twitter client for Mac – fast, simple and secure.
Designed by the Tweetdeck team and built by the Tweetdeck community.
• Tweetmill works on all operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X) • Tweetmill is fast: Tweets and Retweets are reported in 0.02 seconds.
• Tweetmill works with all Twitter clients (Twitterrific, Tweetdeck, Tweetbot). Your Tweets and Retweets are displayed by Tweetmill. You can also like Tweets or Retweets with the Click of the Mouse or with the Double-Click of the Mouse.
• Tweetmill works with all Android and iOS apps: Tweetdeck and Twitterrific are only made for Twitter, but Tweetmill is compatible with all Twitter apps.
• Tweetmill is not only made for you, it is made for your friends: share your news feed and timeline with your friends. They can like your Tweets and Retweets as well, you can also like their Tweets and Retweets.
• Tweetmill is made for everyone, even you: You can set a Favorite, or a Follower of any User or any Tweet.
• Tweetmill works on all devices: you can have Tweetmill on iPhone, iPad and Mac, even on Android and Windows if they have Tweetmill.
• Tweetmill works with all languages: Tweets and Retweets can be added in over 30 languages.
• Tweetmill is not only Tweetdeck. Tweetmill also works without any apps and as a stand-alone app: Tweetmill is fast and works with all services. You can have Tweetmill as the default Twitter app for Tweetdeck, Tweetbot, Tweetrific or any other Twitter client.
• Tweetmill works with all browsers: Tweetmill works without any service. You can enjoy Tweets and Retweets in all your browsers.
• Look at your tweets in a list view or a card view
• Like and Retweet Tweets, even the replies
• You can “Hide” Tweets to work without interrupting others
• Automatically scroll to the most interesting Tweets for you
• Add your photos with HTTP Post and offer different sources for each of them
• You can send tweets with just one click
• Add the photos of your friends to your timeline and get tweets back with photos
• Get texts back in Tweets, Retweets, Replies, DMs

What’s New In?

Tweetmill is a software which makes you enjoy and interact with all the tweets. Not only with the images, but also with people who tweet. It just need a login with your Twitter account. Once you get access to Tweetmill, you can interact and can enjoy all the famous tweets, memes, GIFs and photos which are shared to Twitter without any interruption.

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System Requirements For Tweetmill:

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500k or AMD FX-8320 Processor
Intel Core i5-2500k or AMD FX-8320 Processor RAM: 6 GB
6 GB Hard Disk Space: 25 GB
25 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB / AMD HD 7970 3GB
NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB / AMD HD 7970 3GB Windows OS: 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit OS)
7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit OS) Other Requirements: Microsoft


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