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SunFirewall comes as an extra layer of protection for users that are remotely connecting to their systems and need to ensure that hackers or other ill-intended entities are not able to slip in and compromise your data.
Black countries
This feature is an adaptation for the blacklist denomination and provides a wall between your port and any country you like. The default port (3389) renders your system vulnerable in case your credentials get compromised. You can change the port of course, but you can also blacklist the countries you suspect attacks might come from.
To make sure you reduce the number of threats, you can block all the countries and allow access to the ones that the client is using to connect from.
Brute Force protection
Brute Force is a hacking method of running all the combinations possible until one matches the credentials, and gets access to your system. This feature is automatic and detects the IPs that are trying multiple passwords in order to connect to your computer. The IPs are going to be listed in the preview panel along with important information about location, country, and time zone.
However, input mistakes can be made, so the application recommendation is to limit the login attempts to 3. However, you can set the number of attempts to any value. In case of accidental IP blocks, you can revert the action by clearing the IP from the list.
Suspected users
A user gains the status of “suspected” if the location used to connect to your computer changes after a short time. For example, if a user logs in from the United States and later connects from China, the algorithm will mark them as suspected.
To summarize
SunFirewall is a neat tool that helps you secure your connection to a remote system. Its main features are the possibility to block access from specific countries and the automatic access denial for IPs that failed to provide the correct passwords while logging in. Recommended for users that employ the RDP protocol on a daily basis and need to make sure that no unwanted person can access their information.







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SunFirewall is a multi-platform firewall for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software provides fast and secure connection to a remote system. It includes basic and extended features like port blocking, resource/IP deny, Suspected IPs, and Blacklisted Countries and more.
To access these features, you need to activate SunFirewall and then connect to your remote system. There are three modes of SunFirewall:
• User defined profiles
• Automatic mode
• Blacklist mode

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Attacker can have access to your network through a Windows Management Interface (WMI). Vulnerable computers are infected remotely and the attacker can exfiltrate sensitive information.
Active Directory Vulnerability
When deploying and managing Active Directory in your organization, having constant monitoring of it’s environment is paramount. New vulnerabilities are reported on a regular basis. Vulnerability scans can be performed and alerts can be set. However, no tool can prevent an attacker from bypassing these steps. A bad guy can compromise Active Directory and use this information to gain control of your computers or data.
Active Directory is a database management system that is used in every company or organization. This is a rich information repository which can be used to manage all aspects of your network. It stores your employee information, computers’ configuration, groups, etc. Active Directory is a major database that every company or organization uses. Security professionals use it in order to keep their organization safe by monitoring and controlling their Active Directory environment.
Vulnerability Scanning Recommendation
Active Directory not only offers advanced security features like password change, update and domain joining, but it also supports security policy management by allowing an administrative user to add, edit and delete active directory groups. This allows even a simple user to make changes that would put the security of the whole network in jeopardy.
So, a malicious actor can compromise the server by guessing a valid AD username and password and then lock out the legitimate administrator from the system. To fix this problem, cybersecurity professionals recommend regular vulnerability scanning and scans of all of your Active Directory services. This scan should be performed regularly and the results should be analyzed and compared. The analysis will let you know the vulnerability scores and what needs to be fixed.
Here are some recommendations for Active Directory scans:
Active Directory has some features that help it stand out. However, they also increase the attack surface. Unfortunately


Protect your computer from hackers and other malicious parties with the SunFirewall Control Panel. Stay secured with the system and keep all your traffic safe and private. No matter where you access your data from, SunFirewall will help you track down your IPs and block them.SunFirewall is a small yet mighty tool designed to protect your computer from hackers, viruses and other malware. It provides full remote access to your systems, so it gives you the ability to manage your Windows network and your security at the same time. SunFirewall has a simple intuitive interface for you to access all your remote locations and even block any suspicious IPs. You can also easily establish connections to any number of remote locations and IPs, and the best part is that you can specify the location and/or the IPs with ease. SunFirewall lets you choose the most suitable settings for your security needs. SunFirewall lets you choose the time limits for your connection, if you connect from a specific country and much more. SunFirewall’s simple but powerful interface allows you to restrict your computer from accessing any remote system or network. You can easily navigate your system and keep all your activities secure with SunFirewall. The multi-layered firewall system provides you with secure system from hackers and other malicious activities.SunFirewall Features:
• Intuitive interface and user friendly
• Install and configure the SunFirewall Control Panel in seconds
• User-friendly help in handling the different options
• Completely automated
• Creates virtual LANs and blocks unwanted IPs and/or countries
• Ensures user safety by blocking users and IPs that have the incorrect credentials
• Works with both UNIX and Windows operating systems
• Allows you to create virtual LANs and block your IPs and country
• Provides the ability to securely log in to the remote machine
• Can be used to access your computers remotely
• Includes a port scanning module
• You can even fine-tune the port settings
• Provides Firewall-specific options for managing the firewall
• Lets you make manual changes to your firewall settings
• Directly allows you to connect to any remote location and IP
• Also provides options to filter the IPs
• Lots of settings to fine-tune your firewall

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What’s New In SunFirewall?

Sunfirewall is a firewall/antispam software designed for Linux operating systems. It aims to protect the user from unwanted automated mail attacks and software download spam. Sunfirewall is part of the Sunfirewall family of software.

The basic usage is fairly simple. The user selects a subject, and Sunfirewall either blocks the connection or not according to the service requested. Sunfirewall uses the standard UNIX access control (ACL) mechanisms to allow or deny a specific connection. Sunfirewall also has a built-in spam filter that can be configured on the fly and can be turned on at will. There are also a number of additional spam filtering options such as rules, mailboxes, and custom rules. The service can be used with various protocols including POP3 and SMTP. It requires a Linux account and installation of the Sunfirewall package.

Best of all, Sunfirewall is non-intrusive and allows all types of connection attempts to pass through.

Welcome to the Sunfirewall Web access. This is where you will find information on Sunfirewall the service. You can contact Sunfirewall through the help menu at the bottom of this page.
See the Sunfirewall How To Use and Features Page to learn more about how to use Sunfirewall

How To Use Sunfirewall

The Sunfirewall can be used as a simple service as well as a powerful network firewall. When used as a simple service, it will deny (block) all network access requests to the Sunfirewall service by the specified computer.

When used as a network firewall, Sunfirewall blocks certain traffic from the specified computer by a set of rules that can be set by the user. In this case, Sunfirewall is in the same league as commercial network firewalls such as IPfire.

System Requirements

This Sunfirewall version is distributed as a self-contained RPM package. In order for the Sunfirewall service to work, it requires the following

Sunfirewall Screen Management

The Sunfirewall management interface can be accessed from a web browser by visiting the Sunfirewall Web server IP address

Service Configuration

The Sunfirewall service can be configured in one of two ways:

By editing the configuration file in /etc/v-of-d(usually vuX-of-d).

By using the Sunfirewall Management Web Interface

Both methods require a Linux

System Requirements:

Intel i7-6700 or equivalent (4.0 GHz)
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
1024×768 display resolution
PlayStation 4
PlayStation VR SDK 1.10 or later
PlayStation 4 with a TV connected to it
DirectX 12
OS: Windows 7 or later
Recommended System Requirements:
Intel i5-4590, i5-6600 or equivalent (3


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