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Lawyer investigates warrantless email searches

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A federal judge in Chicago has sent a lawyer to jail for two years for ignoring an order requiring him to preserve electronic data he mistakenly turned over to a federal agent.

Craig Brendle, who represented himself in court, also was ordered to pay a fine of $50,000 and to forfeit $1.25 million in assets.

US District Judge Gary Feinerman said Brendle had no rights to privacy under the Fourth Amendment because he was not a US citizen and that Brendle had no expectation of privacy in email because he was dealing with others.

“The court believes very strongly that Craig Brendle used his legal position to engage in a criminal act,” Feinerman said.

“If a big company did this, it would be a firing offense.”

Prosecutors had said Brendle’s data belonged to a former client, a man charged in 2010 with operating an illegal gambling enterprise. Brendle said he learned in 2011 that the case had been dismissed.

He then called a

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What is the best way to unit test a C# library that uses XML configuration?

I have a fairly complex C# library that uses XML configuration files to drive most of its properties. To me, that sounds like a good use for a unit test.
I’ve tried mocking out the XML files and testing the library in isolation. Unfortunately, that requires me to directly manipulate the XML configuration file. The XML configuration file is read-only.
How do you deal with the XML configuration in a unit test?


There’s a bunch of ways to do this.

if the XML is just static data in an external file, you can wrap the XML in a custom class and mock up an interface for that so that you can replace the xml code with the mockup, then test your code with that mockup. This would work well for a small number of XML files.
if the XML is in source code (like a Web.config) you can do pretty much the same thing. Tarsnap has a nice post about this.
if the XML is loaded from the filesystem you can use a build tool like Resharper to inject the XML into a different class from the original, thus removing it as a unit test concern.
if the XML is loaded from the filesystem AND has been serialized, a similar approach could work. Maybe create a dummy serialization class that’ll serialize the object as if it was loaded from the filesystem, and then write a test class to test against that.

Personally, for a small library, I’d go for #1. I’d have

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