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SSC DiskAccess NFS Client For PC [Latest] 2022

DiskAccess is the premier NFS client for Microsoft Windows. DiskAccess enables Windows users to access file and print resources located on UNIX and mainframe systems as if they were on the Windows hosts. It provides a very simple and easy way to access resources through one of the following methods:
1. Browse the server directories and files as if they were local to the Windows machine. This is similar to the drag and drop Windows operation.
2. Always-on connections are established with the servers. You can set the access time and amount of data exchanged to ensure maximum performance. By default Windows will retain all the file and folder mapping information but you can
manage this information manually.
3. Alternatively a server can be shared as a “drive” and the drive becomes a local folder.
This can be useful when connecting to networks with a different administrative model that do not offer easy shared drive access.
DiskAccess works with various NFS servers including: Redhat, Unisys, SGI, Sun, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and more.Stefano Tosti

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SSC DiskAccess NFS Client Crack

DiskAccess is an NFS Client for Windows based on
File/Folder permissions. You can use it as a File Server (or
Library) on your PC and use this file server through CIFS/SMB.
You can also use it as a File Server at the same time you are
using another File Server like NFS or CIFS/SMB. DiskAccess
can display file or folder information as shown below:
This feature displays the File or Folder Name, Owner, Size,
Size of Used space, Total size and more information for a
file or folder. And you also can right click on the file or
folder to get more information for a file.
NFS DiskAccess Features:
– There is no NFS Server Software installation needed.
– Can access the NFS Server File/Folder from multiple machines
through a Network.
– NFS/CIFS folder shares can be mounted from the client,
also you can add a short cut to the PC desktop.
– CIFS/SMB folder shares can be mounted from the client,
also you can add a short cut to the PC desktop.
– DiskAccess displays the information for each File or Folder
when you right click on the NFS/CIFS/SMB folder or file.
– DiskAccess allows you to mount the NFS/CIFS/SMB share
as a virtual drive. So you can use it like a drive letter.
– DiskAccess allows you to update the NFS/CIFS/SMB share
through the DiskAccess, so you do not have to configure a
NFS/CIFS/SMB share on the NFS server.
– Multiple users can access the same NFS server File/Folder,
and DiskAccess will display them different information.
– You can set permissions for each NFS/CIFS/SMB file or
folder, so that each user can access only the files or
folder he/she needs, and other users can not access it.
– You can view and edit NFS/CIFS/SMB folders or files,
DiskAccess Review:
DiskAccess is in the SSC under the Business Solutions category. See below for reviews or searches on software to meet your needs.
*Review and download the free trial at

SSC DiskAccess NFS Client Crack+ License Key Download

DiskAccess is an easy-to-use, high-performance NFS client for Windows 95/98/2000/2003 clients. It works with the OEM system of Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP for accessing files, printing from a networked print server, and performing remote backup of files and printers.
DiskAccess is designed to simplify the challenge of accessing files and printers on NFS or other UNIX servers. DiskAccess provides a consistent desktop view for files. It is an excellent candidate for NFS systems where a Unix box is not always available or is not the primary file server.
There are two versions of DiskAccess: one for home use and one for small- to medium-size corporations.
DiskAccess includes NFS drivers for the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP environment and a complete client application. DiskAccess supports the “mountd” and “nlsdrv” services for all major NFS servers. It can be installed as an OEM driver in Microsoft Windows and will be automatically installed by DiskAssistant after registering it during the installation of DiskAssistant.
DiskAccess supports the three most popular native Windows NFS servers, RPC-based servers, and IPC-based servers. It allows you to specify which of the servers to use in its setup wizard.
DiskAccess supports file sharing of printer queues, print jobs, and files. It supports multiple vendor/platform options. You can easily connect to a Windows NT/2000/XP printer server on one network, a Linux/UNIX server on another network, or your own home server. It can automatically share folders and printers.
DiskAccess allows you to retain the original character set for your local files. It also allows you to browse the network for files, get a print preview, and print the documents you view.
DiskAccess can work with:
DiskAccess consists of several components, including a media server driver, a network client, and a media server configuration and management utility.
The driver connects with the network client to obtain the shared files. In operation, the DiskAccess client can browse the network for file, print, and service servers. The client can query the servers to establish a shared link or server connection.
The client then connects to the media server and synchronizes with the server using a full duplex r/w mode file transfer. You can directly transfer information between the client and server. This includes creating, updating, and deleting of folders, files, and printers.
The client connects with

What’s New in the?

DiskAccess is a NFS client program that allows you to mount UNIX-based file systems as network drives on Windows-based operating systems. By using DiskAccess, your Windows computers can access not only regular file systems, but also subdirectories of remote file systems. You can also create shortcuts to files on the file system, or use DiskAccess’s journaling feature to preserve data access when the client application is shut down.
DiskAccess can work with many different remote file systems, including the native NFS, POSIX, Microsoft Network, SOCKS4, and RPC-over-HTTPS file systems.
If you are a corporate NFS administrator looking for a flexible and easy to use interface for Windows systems, DiskAccess is the solution you need.
If you are a software developer who needs to write NFS client programs for Windows, DiskAccess is the answer.
If you are a network administrator who needs to allow NFS to work on your Windows systems, DiskAccess is the program you’ve been looking for.
Please read the license agreement carefully before purchasing the software.
Short introduction:
DiskAccess allows you to access UNIX-based file systems as if they were a remote drive on Windows PCs. DiskAccess then creates shortcuts to files on the file system, or makes them available as network drives when they are opened. DiskAccess also supports NFS’s journaling file systems, which makes file access possible even when it is otherwise inaccessible.
DiskAccess can also create or remove NFS log files automatically, without ever asking for administrative privileges. It can also mount and unmount remote file systems automatically, without requiring the user to perform any action. It can also make a file share available as a drive at any time.
Installation method:
User can install the software by downloading the setup file provided by the software’s manufacturer.
Refer to DiskAccess’s ReadMe file included in the installation package for instructions on how to install the software.
Installation is easy, you only need to follow the installation guide. To get full access to DiskAccess, you should install DiskAccess after installing the software’s components.
Please check DiskAccess’s ReadMe file included in the installation package for a detailed description of installation and uninstallation.
Installation time:
From the installation package you can download the disk image and the installation file. It only need a few minutes to install the software. But make sure that the user have a strong PC to install software.

System Requirements For SSC DiskAccess NFS Client:

• Intel® Core™ i5-3470 (3.20 GHz) Processor
• 2GB (4GB with Origin)
• 16GB (or equivalent) of RAM
• GeForce GTX 660 2GB (or equivalent)
• ATI/AMD HD 7770 2GB (or equivalent)
• Oculus Rift SDK v1.4
• Steam Games, DLC, and Mirror’s Edge 2
• Windows 7 SP1
• (1) 80-pin (x4) power cord with DisplayPort, HDMI, and


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