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ShimExt is a handy and reliable Windows Explorer context menu utility designed to copy the full path of the current file to the clipboard.
In addition, the utility is also able to change the date stamp of the files being processed, as well as to rename the documents based on user-defined rules.


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Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






ShimExt [Latest 2022]

BATCH FILE SHIM EXTENSION TOOL is an “universal Windows Explorer utility designed to add powerful processing capabilities to any batch file or windows explorer context menu.
– Ability to copy the full path of the current file to the clipboard and to change date stamp of files and to rename files.
– Multiple clipboards support.
– Unicode characters support.
– Ability to choose date format.
– Ability to choose the current folder.
– Ability to specify the number of top level folders to search.
– Ability to specify the file name.
– Ability to rename files or directories based on a list of rules.
– Ability to execute any shell script
– Supports Unicode characters.
– Drag & Drop support


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* File Extensions – Now, change the extension of the current file automatically.
* Properties – Select the desired properties of the current file.
* Date Stamp – Now, change the date of the current file without saving it.
* New File Name – Now, automatically change the filename of the current file.
* New Folder Name – Now, automatically change the folder name of the current folder.
How to use ShimExt Download With Full Crack:
* First, install the ShimExt For Windows 10 Crack utility.
* Then, run the ShimExt utility.
* You will see a dialog box like the following picture:
* Set the options by tick the boxes to your preference.
* Choose Yes to copy the full path of the current file to the clipboard.
* Choose Yes to change the date of the current file.
* Choose Yes to rename the current file.
* Choose Yes to change the folder name of the current folder.
* After you have done setting, choose Save.
* The ShimExt utility will process and change the required settings of the current file.
* Then, close it.
* After that, run Windows Explorer.
* You will see a dialog box like the following picture:
* Choose the directory where the file is located and choose Copy.
* Then, choose Paste.
* You have successfully copied the full path of the current file to the clipboard.
* If the path is too long, use the right arrow button of the keyboard to scroll back.
* You will be surprised to see the files are automatically renamed.
* And, the date of the current file has been automatically changed.
* Finally, the folder name of the current folder has been automatically changed.
What’s new in ShimExt 1.0.2:
* The ShimExt utility now supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.
* The ShimExt utility now uses the dark theme by default.
* The ShimExt utility now supports the dark theme of Windows 8.
* The ShimExt utility now supports more languages.
* The ShimExt utility now supports more Windows versions.
* The ShimExt utility now supports more settings.
* The ShimExt utility now supports new languages in Windows 10.

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Choose what happens when you double-click a file extension in the Explore window.

If you double-click a filename or the extension of a filename in the Finder, you’re presented with a list of actions that can be performed on it.

The ‘Open With’ list is not usually the only way to choose what happens when you double-click a file. For example, when you double-click a disk image file to access its contents, you’re presented with an ‘Open With’ option that gives you the choice of using Disk Utility to restore the disk image file to a disk partition or using another application.

If you’re looking for a way to’re-name’ files quickly, ‘ShimExt’ provides an intuitive way to change the filename of a file from its current name to a user-defined name.

If you want to make a backup of your files in case something happens to them, you may want to consider backing up the entire drive instead of just what’s on your desktop. OS X will be able to create a file archive of your entire system if you follow these steps:

First off you need to know what kind of backup you are doing. You can choose among different types of backup options:

Automatic backup – Create a backup when you have connected your iMac, notebook or Mac laptop to a network with a shared drive.

DVD/CD backup – Create a backup of your computer to a DVD or CD.

Remote backup – Backup your computer from another computer.

To backup your Mac:

Press and hold the Option key while powering on your Mac. This will boot you into Single User Mode.

Click the Apple menu, select Utilities, and then choose Terminal.

Click the Return key and enter these commands:

sudo /sbin/fsck -fy /dev/sda1

To list the free space left on your Mac’s hard drive, open Disk Utility. The name of the free space will appear in the device list in the upper right hand corner.

To backup your data using Time Machine:

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Open Finder and select the Time Machine icon in

What’s New in the?

This will allow you to add, change or delete items from a folder/files open in Windows Explorer.
Adding or changing files
Right click the “placeholder” files in a folder and choose “Copy As” or “Move As” to add or change the file content.
Rename files
Also, files can be renamed in Windows Explorer from the “dialog” presented when you right-click a file or folder.
Create Shortcuts
You can use the “copy” or “move” functionality as in the normal context menu to create shortcuts or to create a new folder.
Destination folders
In addition, you can set the destination folders that you want to copy files to and delete them from.
To add a destination folder, simply click in the “list” of the destination folders, and after that a new folder will be inserted.
The location of the destination folder appears in the title bar (this location is also copied to the clipboard).
Destination folders can be dragged and dropped, even if there are file or folders in the current folder.
“Recursive” mode
The function is also available in “recursive” mode.
This means that it scans all subfolders and all the files in the folder selected.
Emailing a file
When you send the file, the name and the date of the file will be copied to the recipients email inbox.
Note: Only files which are selected in Windows Explorer are sent.

Here are the features of the first version of this application that were available in the previous version, and that it are now available in this version.
1) Tabbed interface
This application has now a tabbed interface in order to make more intuitive the use, as we can see in this view.
2) Copying/Pasting/Dumping/Rename functions
There is a graphical interface, as the following photo:
3) Color:
The colors on the dialogs can be changed.
4) Drag and drop:
You can also drag and drop documents and folders from Windows Explorer to this application.
5) Non-normal Explorer context menu functions
You can use the “Copy As”, “Move As”, “Rename” functions in the normal context menu of Windows Explorer.
6) More options:
For example, if we want to compare the current selection with a previous selection, and to delete files that we have already selected, we can see it here:

System Requirements For ShimExt:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Intel Processor: 1.5 GHz minimum
1.5 GHz minimum Memory: 1 GB RAM
1 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
12 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
DirectX 11 compatible Input Devices: Keyboard and mouse
Keyboard and mouse
“Dystopia Rising” Screenshots
Additional Information:
This game is free


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