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SCULP Crack For Windows is our new tool to animate and generate 3D graphics and video in realtime. It is not yet optimised, so improvements in this direction will still be in the pipeline. Sculp has been primarily developed for animation video effects, but can be used in many other ways as well. Sculp has a multitude of applications and is very easy to use. Additionally, it is a true live tool that does not show loops or repetitions and therefore is great for use in every live situation imaginable. With SCULP, you can animate image sequences, live videos, sound and text in realtime. Just put it on fullscreen display and start it. The possibilities are endless. Sculp lets you add particles, particles with texture mapping, fog, reflections, shaders, animation, live videos, lights and cameras. Use SCULP to render infinite shapes and create 3d objects. Take SCULP for a spin and see what it can do.
If you wish to get more info about our work, please visit our website:

– Use of the latest versions of Cinelerra and GAP –
– Added 3D models from a human figure –
– Latest versions of GAP from
– How to save a new profile with variables –
– New object, adding in previous edition. Write an email address –
– Behaviour during rendering as you are changing settings. –
– Variable settings –
– Use of the following software –
– Final render in Povray –
– Camera control –
– GAP –
– Video input as you change and save settings. –
– Changes in versions 0.6 – 0.8 –
– Now we support all cameras with unlimited camera types (NVC, ColorVizCam, Manfrotto, JVC,
Panasonic, etc). –
– New rendering soft: ColourHug –
– New groups, some tools, new download page, new rendering soft –
– New rendering soft, advanced tool and new rendering soft in the future –
– FPS, Time (frame time), Frame size, Resolution, Quality, Rec level, Gamma, etc. –
– Import color profiles –
– Support the same amount of dimensions as the video –
– Support the same amount of colors as the video –
– Support all HDTV formats –

SCULP Crack + Full Product Key [Mac/Win]

SCULP Cracked Accounts is a graphic tool which will enable you to animate video, image, live video, sound and text material as well as 3D objects in a self-defined, coincidence-based, live-generated 3D world.
SCULP Crack For Windows renders a fullscreen output to a second monitor. Use it for vjing, installations, presentations or generate footage to use anywhere.
SCULP Crack Mac uses many random functions that transform your footage without ever being loop-based. It is like an instrument and it wants to be played. Try it for a while and you’ll get the feel for it. The possibilities are infinite.
Here are some key features of “SCULP”:
■ Create textures and connect them with 3D objects.
■ Use shape generators (logics) to create patterns, live screenpainting or text to use with the textures.
■ Control object texturing, movement and rotation as well as camera flights, world enviroment.
■ Connect sound input, keys or random changes to any interface element.
■ Ready to use with external firewire or usb video input.
■ Automatic update service keeps you abreast of the latest SCULP developments.
■ 1 Ghz processor
■ 64 MB VRAM
■ Interface screen resolution: best 1280*800
■ 2 Screens; for second monitor output
■ Windows > Quicktime 6.5 or higher
■ 45 minutes timelimit
■ 5 minutes limit for 2 monitors support
■ saving disabled
SCULP is released under the GPL and can be used however you like as long as you distribute your project files.
* download the install4j for sculp
* unzip sculp to the folder where you want it installed
* start the installer
* check the “install previous versions” checkbox and click next
* choose the last 2 options
* click on next
* click on “Finish”
* the installer will create a shortcut and a batch file in the Start menu
* in the SCULP folder will appear several files in notepad:
*.bat – a batch file to start SCULP
*.lnk – a shortcut to the SCULP folder
* sculp.dll – a DLL file to which SCULP loads and the


The SCULP (or SCU) is a program which renders unlimited forms of video material to your screen. With a few clicks on the mouse, you can transform your footage into unlimited interfaces.
The SCULP software is optimised for the change function. It can randomise the most complex parameters of a 3D object.
What do you get with your SCULP?
– Unlimited, form-changing possibilities
– 3D object movement
– Particle effects and Sfx
– 3D object character animation
– Sound effects
You can create and let open your own vjing style
In the current version the SCULP can contain:
– 3D objects and enviroments
– Texts
– Images
– Characters and character animations
You can automate your video material and play around with the thousands of parameters of the 3D objects.
A SCULP interface can be:
– complete animated
– still or live
– show continuous movies or one single movie
– at the same time running two sequences
The possibilities are endless.
How do I get my SCULP?
The SCULP is distributed as a complete self operating application for windows.
You can get the SCULP at or you can download it for free from
Morphing, Moving and Rotation are coded by Vectran.
Logical operators are coded by Richard Wagner (aka Winko)
Sfx, Texts and Sounds are coded by others.
SCULP needs a good amount of processing power, hardware and memory. A dual G4 1.8 Ghz PowerPc and 1 Gig of memory is recommended.
QuarkSoft is the publisher of SCULP. You can find more information about Quark at
1. I thought 3D objects could be controlled by buttons, switches or other devices?
The SCULP is not wired. You can let your feedback make the SCULP into something personal, unique or different.
2. How much data can SCULP handle?
SCULP can handle unlimited amounts of 3D objects and sounds as long as the disk space is large enough. It is not recommended to work with objects containing more than 256 Mb of data.
The SCULP already contains a large amount

What’s New in the SCULP?

SCULP is completely self-designed and self-assembled. It should run with all common video/audio/3D technologies like movies, slides, dvd/wmv, livevids or vjing, mp3s, oggs, animatics, avi, ogg, yiff, webvideos, flash3D, real3D, g3d, cube, shadows, films, images, text, logo, sfx, and all of that at the same time on one computer. It is intuitive and extremely fast. SCULP renders using a random effect so you may see what it does. Its aim is an intuitive work process: self-assembling, self-learning, self-developing and self-offering. Give SCULP a chance!
SCULP is a software tool that allows you to create animated and non animated movies by using an infinite number of random functions. It’s like an instrument which you can use to create sounds, images and stories.
SCULP provides many possibilities:
■ You can control or start and stop any video/audio/3D/text element any amount of times you want by pressing a key
■ Use various text randomizers for special effects.
■ Use a random effect to create your own cloudshapes with fixed structures.
■ Choose a cube or the sky for example to become your own world.
■ Use it as a trigger to your vjing or live video setup.
■ Create or redefine your own functions in order to use them in your own filmmaking process.
■ Use any number of effects to text, move or move the camera over 3D objects.
■ Use a random effect as a trigger for colourpalettes or your own background paintings.
■ Use a random effect in order to create textures for 3D elements.
■ Use the same effect as a generator for your objects and sets.
■ Use your own text or any text part as a generator.
■ Use sound input as a generator for your objects or video
■ Use the same effect as a scroller for your text
■ Use shape generators as a scroller for your textures
■ Connect random effects to any text element.
■ Use shape generators as a scroller for your clouds, cubes or 3D objects
■ Use

System Requirements:

NOTICE: Please be informed that all the above requirements are based on the highest quality. If your machine meets all of these requirements, but is unable to reach the highest quality, or falls short of meeting the above requirements, this will not affect the game in any way. We hope to be able to provide a more advanced version of this game for those of you who can’t keep up with our development process.
NOTE: This game is designed to run on Windows 7 and above. Many older OS’ may not be able


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