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If you want to build a tutorial, or guide to exemplify some computer activity, it’s best to also provide visual support, animated or not. One method is to take screenshots of important steps, and if you want this operation to be more efficient, then Screen Sharp Shooter might just be what you need.
Lightweight, and easy to use
The application can be launched right after the download process is finished. As such, there’s the possibility to take it with you on a thumb drive, and use on other computers as well. You don’t even have to worry about affecting the integrity of the target PC, because registries don’t need to be modified for things to work out.
With the main window up, you can take a few seconds to take a look over the set of features. Capture methods allow you to either grab activity on the entire screen, or simply select a rectangular area. Apart from pictures, the application can also record video, which are automatically saved to file.
Screen activity in pictures, and clips
During capture sessions, the application’s main window gets minimized so it doesn’t get in the way. Finishing brings it back up, with a preview of the grabbed pictures. Videos need to be analyzed with other programs, because there aren’t any playback controls. The application also puts a few color options at your disposal so you can fine tune color depths, or just use inverted colors.
Unfortunately, the only hotkey support is to stop a video recording, and you need to use built-in triggers for normal screenshots. More importantly, you need to take the time to save each image to file, because of the lack of an auto-save option, which would have come in handy.
A few last words
Bottom line is that Screen Sharp Shooter is a practical enhancement to default methods of taking screenshots. Although you can’t configure hotkeys for the general process, or have pictures saved automatically, it’s packed with options to grab custom areas, as well as record a video, making the application worth a try overall.







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ScreenSharp Shooter – lightweight application for taking screenshots and videos from any hotkey, with possibility to adjust contrast, colors and picture sizes.
The application includes a lot of options for picture and video capturing, and, of course, it keeps the screen completely free from unnecessary elements.
1. Screenshots: you can capture an image from any mouse click point on your desktop, or from any screen region.
2. Graphics: you can add image filters and virtual desktops at your own will.
3. Region: you can determine any screen area where you want to capture a screenshot or video
4. Videos: you can capture a video with screen content, and save it in any video format.
5. Videos editing: you can set video frame rate, adjust audio, cut clips with pauses and re-create videos from multiple sources.
6. Recording from webcam: you can record screen content from your webcam.
7. Adjustment: all adjustments to colors, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and virtual desktops are included.
8. Preview: you can view the captured pictures and videos from any screen region.
9. Pause: the application pauses the video recording and saves all data, and resumes it automatically.

The last few months I have been working on a project which involves the creation of a website that requires some mouse-based operations and a set of charts. To achieve the required results I had to go ahead and install the Firefox mousewheel extension called Mousewheel.
Mousewheel is an extension for Firefox that adds a mousewheel icon at the Firefox window’s toolbar. You can simply wheel the mouse wheel in the Firefox window to navigate through pages and websites. To find it, simply mouse over the Firefox icon (‘F’ icon on the menu bar) and hover the mouse near the ‘mousewheel’ icon.
There are other tools available to make online searches, including mousewheel, type or search in the field. The extension aims to provide an improved experience for typing and browsing. For example, if the mouse wheel is held down while one scrolls through a page, a Back button icon will appear, allowing the user to navigate through the sites.

This is a very simple, yet effective, application. It brings the ease of inserting new GIF images into your text, so you can create a customized text or just paste a URL. It’s extremely fast, with few features and powerful enough to provide you with

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Capture your screen in pictures, record video, and more

{ ZAZ } The Image Enhancer is a creative tool for Windows enthusiasts. It gives you the possibility to enhance your photos in different ways. As its name suggests, it basically makes the picture “more better”, using a combination of filters, textures and effects. The program has various categories, such as sepia, emboss, extra crispy, sketch, silhouette, bokeh, postcard, and disco. You can also apply some natural effects like vignette, warm up, soft focus, and much more. Furthermore, the Image Enhancer is a semi-transparent application, and it’s also available for Mac and Linux. Thanks to those bonuses, it’s one of the great editing utilities that you should never overlook.

{ ZAZ } Photography by Boris Dvornik

The company producing the award-winning app was recognised for best app of 2016, and I had a go myself to see what it really can do.

It was available for a while and it’s easy to find and launch

The program itself was easy to navigate, after a small amount of time I had some decent results. At first it has a whole bunch of useful presets, but then it also lets you create your own presets.

Having to create your own presets, especially if you need to apply some effects to different parts of the image can be a bit of a pain. But then you just have to select the area of the image to which you want to apply a preset and the program does the rest.

You get to see before and after results

There are loads of options, and there is also a handy list at the bottom of the screen to quickly switch between different editing options.

Above is the Photo Palace app before enhancement. It’s pleasing to the eye, however the whole image is a bit bland and the skin tones are a bit pinkish.

Below is the Photo Palace app enhanced. It’s now much more of an attraction.

The thumbnail previews that you get are what you would expect. It’s not really any more or less useful than that. The app does help, for example, when you have the Crop tool selected.

The aim of the app is to enhance the image, and it does that very well. You can see that the colours of the skin tones have changed and there is a sharper focus.

I like the look of the ‘Postcard

Screen Sharp Shooter Registration Code Free Download

Screen Sharp Shooter is a powerful and flexible application for taking and saving screenshots. Screen Sharp Shooter will capture and save your screen in high resolution images and videos. Screen Sharp Shooter supports different formats of screen captures and videos that you could use to share your screen, create tutorials, or do any other software-related activities. Screen Sharp Shooter is fast and lightweight, you can take your screenshots or videos even when your computer is working in full-screen mode or in another application. You can capture and save the current screen, as well as any or all regions in an image or video. Screen Sharp Shooter will not only help you to easily create awesome tutorials but will also save you tons of time.
Key features:
• Take your screenshots and capture videos of any portion of your screen, including the entire screen or just a specific region
• Edit screenshot/video properties in the image or video editors on your computer
• Set automatic save options for any screenshot/video
• Save the captured or recorded images or videos to a variety of video formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, MP3, AVI, WMV)
• Take screenshots and record videos in full-screen mode, preview mode, or region mode (hot key)
• Record videos without losing your work
• Take screenshots and capture videos in real time; load and save video snapshots
• Highly integrated with Windows™ and you can capture and save screen snapshot/video with a single click
• It can run silently without any warning of startup, once installed and launched

Download: Screen Sharp Shooter Website

#14) OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is definitely one of the best video editors for Windows and Mac operating systems. The app was named the best video editor overall by Gizmodo, and has a lot to offer. The amount of features included with OpenShot is quite significant, and its accessibility makes it perfect for people who don’t need fancy effects but want a few basic functionality to turn their videos into doable projects.
If you’re looking for the best Windows video editor, then OpenShot is a strong contender. Its strengths include:

Automatically add various effects to your videos

Record videos in various ways, including screen recorders

Adjust video and audio duration

Add music with a few taps

After installation, you’ll be able to find the app in the start menu. The OpenShot interface is pretty simple, and it contains various controls to make your

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System Requirements For Screen Sharp Shooter:

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