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A simple, pleasant application for learning the basics of musical notation.
Learn about music notation on the go.
Can be used on the go.

SongJam: Feedback
SongJam is a simple music app and jam app developed by ChainOne. With just a few, non-interactive controls for tempo, notes and volume, you can easily jam to your favorite songs from your music library or input any MIDI notes from the MIDI device.
SongJam comes with a leaderboard that displays your ranking among peers. It’s not like other music apps that have you compete with people who purchased the same music or have a leaderboard that shows you how you stack up against other players who use the same app.
You don’t have to worry about getting zero points if you start out with poorly input notes or in the wrong key. SongJam lets you know which section of the song you’re in and adjusts accordingly. You have control over the volume with a slider bar that’s positioned on the left hand side of the screen.
While this app does not have other features, it’s designed to be a simple and straightforward way to jam. Even the leaderboard only shows you how you stack up among your friends or people you’ve contacted online.
A quick and simple tool that will get you playing your favorite songs.
A leaderboard that tracks your progress.
Simple and straightforward controls that should be easy to use.
Does not have other features.

Rally Music is a new product from the folks at ChainOne. It’s all about taking our opportunity to get out there and make some music and the company has generously offered to give the first 100,000 readers a 15% discount on their fully equipped web store.
The store is found at and we recommend you take a look.
Unlike other music apps that have you identify the key, tempo and frequency of a song, Rally Music works by using a MIDI device like a keyboard, guitar or even a musical instrument to play notes based on the tempo and speed. You can also customise your songs by picking the key, tempo and whether to add drum beats and the duration of each section of the tune.
Rally Music also supports traditional MIDI mode and both single and double-tap to play.
The company is based in Germany so it’s not surprising to know that they take feedback and suggestions very seriously. An improved trend-setting feature lets you set a tempo and then respond to what you get

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Hi, my name is Aleksandr and I’m one of the creators of ScoreDate. If you’re an amateur musician, you can use our application to study music notes, rhythmic properties and arrangements. If you’re a seasoned musician, you can use the application to learn music by analyzing a mix of notes, rhythms and graphs.
If you’re using ScoreDate to learn about music, you must ensure that you have all the latest updates installed on your Android device. We’re constantly working to improve the application with new features.
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You wonder how it can be that a restaurant can look so good on the outside and then turn into a nightmare once you step inside.
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Arguably India’s food capital, Bangalore boasts of some of the best and most varied cuisines in the country, but the highest number of people are disappointed with how the restaurants handle their customers.
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Hyatt Regency
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ScoreDate Crack

Scoredate is an app that can help you learn how to read music. The app makes it easy for you to learn how the notes are grouped and the settings will make it easy for you to have the best time while learning your scales. Once you get familiar with the concepts, you can use the notes to write music.
Key Features:
1. Easy To Learn, Intuitive Design
2. Practice Times/Tests
3. Teaching notes, scales, chord/chord progressions, musical notes, notes and rhythm
4. Memorize notes and rhythms
5. 6 Different Types of Chord/Chord Progressions
6. Interactive exercises/games
7. Arpeggios
8. Icons

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What’s New in the?

Extremely handy application that allows you to quickly analyze notes, rhythm, breaks and other elements of a song. Learn and improve while using the application to design your own scores and test your knowledge.
Fun and interactive, ScoreDate can be used by beginners or experts alike.
It works on any device, no install is required.
Exclusive functions are contained.
A very intuitive design makes it easy to learn and use.
A wide range of songs you can analyze.
Play and practice with the isolated notes of songs.
ScoreDate Size:
397.3 MB
ScoreDate Version:
ScoreDate Developer:
Asterion Ltd.
Pricing: Free

Metallica – Master of Puppets, The (1980, Warner Bros. Records)
Are you a fan of classic hard rock? If so, then you can’t go wrong with this album by Metallica. There’s no denying that this is one of their best albums.
Master of Puppets explores a lot of different sound effects and instrumentation that make it one of the most experimental sounding albums of the band’s career. The album includes a lot of politically charged lyrics that add more depth to this music. Most of the songs were written in the albums’s timeframe.
Things start to ramp up with “Master of Puppets” where you get classic hard rock mixed with a bass heavy drum beat and a riff that is instrumental. The lyrics are “on the table, / the war has begun / the clowns are painted red, / and the circus hasn’t come to town.” These lyrics describe what Metallica saw at the time and how they were going through a crazy time where the band was getting more popular. There’s a line that says, “the sweetest thing you’ve done was to cut me, / but you put yourself above me on this day.” A lot of people say this album explores their anger toward the music business, but the lyrics don’t really show the band venting their anger toward the business. Instead they explore the different sides of their personality and what the band was going through at the time. There’s a point that many cite that this album has more of an aggressive style than any other Metallica album. The band would play live a song from this album and they would scream, and they would reach the point where they would start to lose it at the end. This is the point where the bass guitar comes in and the music slows down, and you hear a

System Requirements For ScoreDate:

Supported video cards:
Minimum Requirements:
Operating System:
Vista (SP1 or SP2)
7 SP1
Mac OSX (10.4+)
Linux (2.4+)
All browsers tested should work, however for the best experience the browser version must be the latest available. If you are using another browser please read our Support Policies to find out which version of Firefox should be used.
Sound Card:


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