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Noble, a young thief who made a mistake and caused the death of his friend, is drawn into a mysterious world of dark magic, where souls live eternally in shards of memories. Can he save a fallen girl?


As you go through the story, you will find many things that you can do and will feel the sadness of the world that you witness. I hope that you can feel how important the feelings of the people who live in the world are.


Gumi, the producer of “NieR:Automata,” is an experienced game producer. He is interested in the implementation of his ideas in the field of game development, and does not let his ideas go to waste without putting them to good use.


Elden Ring



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Features Key:

  • Story of a Multidimensional World…
    Enjoy the story of a multidimensional world where an unknown event has occurred.

  • RPG Character Creation and Memory System
    Create your own character and make it your own. Customize your character with various levels of modifications.

  • Create your own Arena
    True-to-RPG action is even more fun when you take control of your Arena. Fight with your friends in the Arena and achieve victory.

  • Roleplaying Online with People from All Over the World
    Elden Ring connects you to people from all over the world. Feel the presence of those around you even when you’re not playing online.

    Game Features

    • Game Mode:
      Choice Between 1 Character + 77 Sub Characters (Godtier)
      Total of 67 Characters
      Unique Character Creation
      Rise from the dead
      Choice of 6 Classes from 12 Actions
      Can choose Godtier Class at Part 1
      ※ The monster (K&R, Magic, etc) count in the detail menu cannot be counted against god tier.

    • Class System:
      Choose between 3 Classes and Customize Your Character
      Correct Me
      Hit Me More
      Godtier Class

    • Game System:
      (Creating your own Arena) Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      (Create Your own Arena) Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      (Create Your own Arena) Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      (Create Your own Arena) Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Open, Sandbox, and vs.
      Choose Your Own Adventure

        Choose You Own Adventure Structure
        Etap-WaY ET Enter
        RPG Creation 1

      • Fighting System:
        Dance Fight
        Dance Fight 2
        Dance Fight 2

        • Key Features:
          Use heavy weapons to attack
          Use heavy weapons to attack
          Special Summon


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          * “What is a game like when it is not just an action game, but also a story and artwork as well? If we think about it, there are a lot of games out there that are none of those things, but the art is good, the action is good, and there is a story that has so much truth, but are taken together, or are they? Is it something that can be experienced through the internet? Can one play these games as well as a movie?” — nhkarts Review

          * “A game that puts the action and story in equal importance.” — Gamebase

          * “An impressive feat of excellent genre mixes.” — Life is Strange

          * “A game that captures all the nuances of urban life, and delivers them with a superior art style, fascinating narrative, and a refreshingly bold take on the world’s problems.” — Game Dev Story


          The Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG starring a small but powerful group of characters who are fighting for justice in the Lands Between, a sprawling world filled with the power of the Dark Dragon.

          You will follow the story as you develop your character as a custom-made warrior and complete quests and experience epic turn-based battles with other characters.

          This world, which was born out of mythology, is interwoven with the world of human and fantasy life. This is a world in which people both live and fight, and which is composed of different worlds. You and your party of characters will mix and match their own hands and weapons and fight against enemies of different shapes and sizes.

          There is a multitude of content, including a world that you can freely roam around, over 70 dungeons, and over 150 illustrations which you can check out in the gallery.

          This is a fantasy action RPG.

          If you like action RPGs that have an interesting story, in which you build your own character and can freely advance in the story, The Elden Ring is a game for you.

          ■ Item Name: Tarnished Ring

          ◆ Concept:

          What do you say when you see a ring that was once bright, but then was tarnished? What about a ring that you can only obtain if you understand the history behind it?

          This ring is said to be the ring of Radiance—the ring that once belonged to Radiance.



          Elden Ring Crack Keygen

          Offline Single Player Offline

          24 players 6 vs. 6

          [Online Play]

          Online Multiplayer Online

          24 players 8 vs. 8

          [Local Coop]

          4 players 4 vs. 4

          Coop & Solo Map (By Card)

          ( ) ( )

          ( )

          ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

          ( )

          ( )

          [ ]

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          Hi this is the guide I use to run games as we have been able to get fairly decent competition and we can manage as many as 30 of us at a time and it all works out fairly well really.

          Map wise we use the Brutal Hillbury map with 3 water tiles and 2 extra land tiles

          Map wise we use the Brutal Hillbury map with 3 water tiles and 2 extra land tilesEnemies get the Sapphire tile from the map editor its the one marked with the “A” in the attached image.

          Our table is on the left of the map there is a path in the middle of the map and also a small island in the centre and a river bisecting all that. Each team has a castle in the woods and an area in the bottom right and top right. The barrels are placed on the ground and the bunkers are placed on one of the towers on the hill. also put in the center of the map a big rock (very important otherwise we have a hard time getting gamed up)

          I don’t use map markers

          I don’t use escort spells

          I don’t use the invisible shield unless I just fancy it

          most of our players don’t use the awareness spell and I don’t use the invisibility spell. Generally I don’t like to waste magic but I have a pretty high mana pool so I can afford to cast it.

          You can also save a map with the mage map save button and remove the Magic Point cost.

          You can also save a map with the mage map save button and remove the Magic Point cost.

          Importantly for this battle

          We only allow certain players to spawn in

          We only allow spawning players who have the spell “Spawn”, or “Set Spawn


          What’s new in Elden Ring:

          Wasteland: Follow the Garland of Elden is a role-playing game (RPG), developed by the MindArk studio developed by a team of 16 people.

          • A World of Possibility
          A vast, story-driven world connected by an online element, which allows players to interact with each other via a variety of measures – Multiplayer, Events, and Transfer. Thus, players are allowed to create an open world that they can enjoy together, not only in an offline manner.
          • Enables Unparalleled Variety of Development
          Game worlds can be seamlessly combined and expanded by linking different points. Dynamic events and quests occur anywhere, which can now be settled cooperatively by linking both the gameplay environment and the story, bringing greatly enriched emotions to both the player and his or her allies.
          • A New Exchange for Caravan Leaders
          Will you entrust your caravan to a skilled caravan leader or an impoverished one? Choose your caravan leaders according to the degree of their experience and trustworthiness, and you will find that the qualities of your caravan will change accordingly.

          In this unique RPG, art, role-playing, and the limitless worlds of imagination, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome, no problem that cannot be solved. There is no situation that cannot be improved!

          Further information:


          Recent discussion:

          3.0.02018 (January 18, 2018)

          1.4.02017 (October 20, 2017)

          1.1.02015 (October 10, 2015)

          1.0.42014 (October 2, 2014)

          1.0.32013 (September 5, 2013)

          1.0.22013 (September 6, 2013)

          1.0.02013 (September 7, 2013)

          1.1.1 2013 (September 17, 2013)

          1.2.02013 (September 18, 2013)



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          1. You must have the PPSSPP.exe, and PPSSPP.MSU file on your computer
          2. Install the PPSSPP.exe file from the file you downloaded.
          3. Launch PPSSPP.exe and start the game.
          4. Click on File menu and go to the local file tab.
          5. Find the PPSSPP.MSU file, and click Open.
          6. Enjoy playing the game

          How to Activate Key:
          1. You need to have the PSN account before playing the game.
          2. Go to the PSN Configure screen and go to Account Management.
          3. Click on Account Settings and then click on Generate Key.
          4. A PSN profile will open with a security question.
          5. Enter your answer and then enter your PSN username and password.
          6. Enter the option that says generate a key (if you accept it, then press OK).
          7. A profile will open and your PSN username and key for your game will be listed in the Info section.
          8. If you now open the game, you can use your key to log in.

          Important Note:

          The key will also work for a free demo version of the game.

          Important Note 2:

          You need to have a PSP (PlayStation Portable) model such as a PSPgo or PSP 3000 with a memory card and an Install Disc, to be able to run the game.

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          If you have an application in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to send us an email and let us know.

          Important: there are 2 requirements in order for the app to be considered, listed below.

          the app’s launch date has to be no longer than 2 months ago

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          How To Crack Elden Ring:

        • 1.1 Extract the ‘.iso’ you download from ‘Privacy’ to a folder on your desktop.
        • 1.2 Double click on the ‘setup’ file to begin the installation. Configure the system appropriately for your system. For maximum performance, download the latest drivers from the website listed below.
        • After the installation is completed, launch the game.
        • 2.1 Double click on the ‘.crack’ file to launch the crack activation. It is appreciated if this is downloaded to the same folder as the ‘.iso’ file. You are also advised that some people might encounter issues caused by dodgy third party tools. Do not use them. Save the crack file and open it using the notepad and rename it to ‘’Elden Ring.crk’’. This approach will be employed by this guide.
        • 2.2 Double click the ‘.dld’ file to launch the updater.
        • 2.3 You will be asked to select which of the 5 files in the different sections you are downloading. A list of every individual file is shown when you select a specific file. Selecting ‘Allow’ will allow you to download all of the listed files.
        • 2.4 Select ‘update’ when the updater is ready to begin and press ‘enter’.
        • 2.5 After the update is complete, launch the game again.
        • 3.1 Extract the crack file to your ‘’Elden Ring’’ folder. You should find new files. Remember the there are a series of directories all with names associated with the version of the file you initially selected. If they are there, then you are good to go. If not, you will have to repeat the whole process again, increasing the number accordingly.


        System Requirements:

        Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10 – 64bit
        Mac OS X – 10.8.4 or higher
        Linux – CPU: 1.8Ghz or higher; RAM: 8G or higher; Video: 512MB or higher
        1) Create a folder named “my_maps” on your desktop.
        2) Double-click on the my_maps folder to open it.
        3) Right-click the my_maps folder and click on “Run As Administrator”.
        4) In the my


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