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Elden Ring is a brand new fantasy action RPG launching for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on July 10, 2018. Developed by AQUAMAX, the team that crafted the original game for the PlayStation®4, Elden Ring features a vast world with a completely new story and characters, challenging strategic online play with only you and your teammates, challenging boss battles full of twists and turns, and unique power combinations for hundreds of customizable weapons and armor. Elden Ring also introduces a new Character Creation System that allows you to freely develop your character into a powerful warrior with skill, strength, and magic.
The team at AQUAMAX has produced a new standard in fantasy games. They have created a new world full of excitement as well as a new game that is easy to grasp and filled with excitement for everyone.


AQUAMAX, which was formerly known as The 3DO Company, was established in 1995. They are a leading creator of role-playing games with a wide variety of platforms and titles. They are also a creator of interactive entertainment software with such popular titles as Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation®4, Snatcher for PlayStation®4, The Last Door: Dead Light for PlayStation®4, and Deadly Premonition for PC.
*Specific Platform Information:
– PlayStation®4:
The game is a PlayStation®4 exclusive title.
– Xbox One:
The game is a Xbox One exclusive title.
– PC:
The game will be available on Steam on July 10, 2018.
*Specific Language Information:
The game contains content for use only within Japan.

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KRAFTWERK is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for a variety of platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, iOS, Android, Windows 10, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch™, and is also actively engaged in online publishing and social networking.

KRAFTWERK has several well-established brands with several franchises in their portfolio, including Demon’s Souls™, Deadly Premonition, D4, and The Witch and the Hundred Knight.

Since its founding in the early 1990s, KRAFTWERK has published more than 1,000 titles, and has enjoyed various successful titles including D4, The Witch and the Hundred Knight


Features Key:

  • An incredibly epic sensation of epic fantasy, in both appearance and story.
  • The enormity of Lands Between’s story reaches the whole world thanks to the online element.
  • Maintain and develop custom records for your character and quickly acquire gears that best suit your play style.
  • A vast and dynamic online world. [Online is free trial for the first two weeks.]
  • A battle system based on combos and devastating skill checks.
  • "Definitely one of the biggest systems in the history of RPGs."
      -Game Title:HUNTER KINGdom

    A large scale fantasy with multiple episodes.
    • Be a King of the World in the game once the game is completed.

    *Online play allows for a high degree of interactivity which does not sync your game to any other users’ games. If you wish to connect with others to battle with, please register an account on the official website.

    Please note that rewards for users in certain countries may be different from the rewards for users in other countries.




    Elden Ring


    “Long, active, and smooth. While it retains the unique atmosphere of the game’s setting, it is not a simple, predictable experience. It’s a game that fits both in the D&D and JRPG worlds, and that makes it fun.”

    “The battle system is interesting and suits the JRPG genre well. The turn-based battle system is beautifully designed, but also challenging because of the downside of having to fight after inflicting damage on an enemy. As for the strategy, it’s like an RPG battle. The characters can fight multiple enemies and each one has their own merits to be exploited. This is one of the most innovative battle systems I’ve seen.”

    “The characters’ skills and characters have a unique feel, and the exploration is second to none in the genre. The fast-paced game also provides a refreshing experience to RPGs. The strategic battle system is extremely tactical as you use multiple skills to best your enemies. This game has very unique design elements that reflects the theme of the game, as you get into the mindset of the World Being Forgotten. The battle system and gameplay are extremely enjoyable and stress-free, as well as the graphics. Overall, the game has an exciting combat system, a great story, and a real experience. It’s an excellent RPG that I’d recommend to anyone that likes JRPGs.”

    “The game’s combat system is exciting, and that in itself is what makes this game great. Although it might seem in the beginning that the battle system is quite linear, there are plenty of stages for you to unlock and develop. The cast of characters grow and change depending on your actions, and you are given the option to evolve them through the gameplay. As you adventure through the land of Azzan, your journey will surely become much easier with experience and level up. Not to mention that there are several unique enemies and enemies that can help you in battle. Overall, the combat system is one of the best ones I’ve seen, and it feels very intuitive and easy to use. Alongside this great combat system, the art style and sound are also very impressive. In the end, this game is an incredible experience, that I can thoroughly recommend to everyone.”

    “The gameplay is very engaging and smooth, and it can be a bit difficult at times depending on your play style. The story is an incredibly strong one, with a great plot and detailed NPCs. Even though the game world is new,


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    Based on the Elden Ring by Fantasy MapleStory game, this game allows you to fight a large number of monsters and develop your own character.
    ・The main weapon of the game is ‘Elden Ring’, which has the power to protect users’ health and strength.
    ・‘Elden Ring’ can be used to perform combos with various actions, such as ‘Heavy Strike’, ‘AOE’, ‘Devastating Blow’, and ‘Eclipse’.
    ・‘Elden Ring’ can also be used to combine effects, such as ‘Binding Shot’, ‘Blazing Shot’, and ‘Shadow Barrage’.
    ・Using ‘Gravity’ or ‘Magic’ to the maximum, you will be able to cause massive damage to enemies.
    ・A total of nine Skills can be used, including ‘Elden Sword’, ‘Elden Axe’, and ‘Dazzling Potion’.
    ・‘Gravity’ can be used to destroy obstacles, and utilize the huge area created by ‘Eclipse’.
    ・‘Magic’ is used to attack the monsters and enemies.
    ・After upgrading ‘Elden Ring’, ‘Elden Sword’ and ‘Elden Axe’ skills increase in power, and the damage done will increase.
    ・By using ‘AoE’, you can make a large damage area, and cause great damage to monsters and enemies.
    ・‘Eclipse’ creates a blast when used in open areas, and weakens the enemies.
    ・‘Blaze’ is also a useful skill.
    ・Elements that give damage to monsters and enemies, such as ‘Air’, ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Water’ can be freely exchanged by combining elements.
    ・By using ‘Eclipse’ or ‘Blaze’ in town, each monster type will be weakened, and monster growth rate will be decreased.
    ・‘Gravity’ and ‘Blaze’ will deal a great amount of damage to monsters that are near the clouds.
    ・By using ‘Devastating Blow’, you can deal more damage to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Download HYBRID X-BOARD for PC from the PlayStation Store, and play HYBRID X-BOARD starting immediately.

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