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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG in which you take the role of a hero who has lost everything and has come to the Lands Between to accomplish a single purpose: to hunt down and defeat monsters. As you progress through the story, you develop the power of the Elden Ring and a soul’s nature, and your character’s mood and fighting style will change. All of the characters of the Lands Between – including humans, monster, and gods – have their own perspectives and thoughts.

Starting from a new story, a brand-new land, and new characters, this is a fantasy action RPG that is in many ways more free-wheeling than other RPG games.


1. Connect with Players and Play Together
You can connect with up to 7 other players, and you can play as one of 7 characters, all of whom have their own personality.

▼Familiar Faces

– Elden Lord: Elite of the Lands Between

The hero of the Lands Between, a personification of the will to live.

– Adonis: Elusive and Controversial

The lord of the parties, a man with two faces and none of the power and confidence of an Elden Lord.

– Lilina: The Young and Tricky

A charming young woman with a devilish smile.

– Dream: A Human with an Honorable Soul

A human from the lower class who is compassionate toward monsters.

– More Characters to Be Revealed

*More characters will be revealed in the future.

▼Adventure Game Experience

How do you feel about hunting and slaying monsters in the Lands Between?

In this game, you hunt monsters with your weapon skills and your knowledge of the monsters’ weaknesses. The dungeon always has monsters of various types, so when you take the lead in combat, you’ll have to adapt to a change in the battlefield that will present a fun and rewarding challenge.

There are no random battles, and you can only obtain rare loot by defeating monsters. The further you get in the game, the more powerful the monsters become, but their weaknesses don’t change. By paying close attention to the monsters’ movements and gauging their intentions, you’ll figure out their weaknesses and exploit them. Do you have what it takes to become an Elden Lord?



Features Key:

  • 8 classes, 32 jobs, 198 spells, 220 skills and skills
  • Multiple worlds, with many leveling up activities to be achieved
  • A rich, different story told through fragmented elements
  • Play through the story with others and strengthen your bonds with those around you
  • A gargantuan world full of exciting challenges
  • If you have trouble finding in-game items, check out our product information page.

    Sat, 23 Jul 2014 11:38:07 +0000
    10400.0EU Eastern EuropaWeekly digital bitstreams courtesy of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) go up on Fragger shortly after the official E3 2014 opening. This week features the new games Mass Effect: Andromeda
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    “You may not agree with all the contents, but what’s there is worth reading and thinking about.”


    “The thing that really sets Elden Ring apart from the pack is its strong narrative.”

    BLAZE MAGAZINE 『《Elden Ring》Tale of the Kingdom 』

    “What I love most is that the way you describe the game is exactly the impression I got from playing it.”

    EARWAX 『《Elden Ring》Elden Ring調べしました』

    “The game’s story is interesting and detailed even if it takes a while to get into.”

    SAINOMAGINE 『《Elden Ring》新規ど真ん中に』

    “Elden Ring is a story the number of gamers will enjoy.”

    VG TRADING 『《羽黒の仙人》 (仙人の伝説)』

    “I’d love a story like this.”

    JYOSHO GIKI 『《リニアくんは赤塗りしてる》』

    “Elden Ring is an anime that mixes action and story at the same time.”

    WEB編集部 『Elden Ring過去夢】』

    “The story and the characters are different compared to other action RPG, and the dialogue is wonderful.”

    AIRIBON, Caedia

    “It’s stylish, unique in the genre, and written to a very high standard. This is a story that you can’t easily find.”


    “The story is interesting and impressive.”

    STREET CHEERING Magazine『The Elden Ring』

    “Elden Ring makes the game a journey and not just a story of an adventurous young hero.”



    A carefully educated mastermind who is working on an experiment with the


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    1. Change in the WEB MSQ TALK:

    (1) Change in the WEB MSQ TALK:

    1. Used the stored data and the conversation database that are scattered in the game, it is now possible to perform further review, confirmation, etc. and sort in the appropriate order.
    2. The displayed contents for the right on the WEB MSQ TALK are automatically updated.
    3. With regard to the “priority” of the display contents, there are 2 types of display:
    A. When you receive a mail, displayed are the messages sent to you first, followed by the messages sent to other players in mail order.
    B. When you receive a mail, displayed are the messages sent to you first, followed by the messages sent to other players in mail order.
    4. When you visit a player’s WEB MSQ TALK and have the conversation history, the discussion will be displayed in chronological order.
    (2) Update of the conversation database.

    The conversation database is a database used for the conversation which is stored in the game.
    The following content were stored at the time of the previous version, however, the amount of the conversations have increased significantly, and therefore, there is a need to increase the database and sort the conversation in order of date.

    1. New version of the conversation database is underway (for a period of approximately 2 weeks)
    2. Upload the updated version of the conversation database as soon as the completion of the work.

    2. Change in the WEB MSQ TALK:

    (1) Change in the WEB MSQ TALK:

    1. The revised version of the WEB MSQ TALK is underway.
    2. WEB MSQ TALK was revised in terms of optimization.


    1. I will be having a Full Weekend Off starting on the 19th January, until the 21st January. During this time, there will be no update. I’m going to be away for some precious weekends and holidays, but in this situation, please be understanding and be patient.
    2. A few days ago, unfortunately, an error occurred that resulted in the inability of the server to respond to the request. This is due to the large number of requests from players, and it was not possible to make adjustments.


    What’s new:


    We’re ready to venture forth!
    Largesse ambitiously in the Lands Between!

    From the first mail, we’ve received a lot of questions: “What is The Tarnished Prince? What is its gameplay like? Is there any combat? Is it a role-playing game?”

    Let us tell you more!
    There are times where we can strongly reflect the image of the game depending on the player’s play style. (There’s, of course, no right or wrong.) In addition to the popular casual match-up style, we have a hub hub hub and a mix of the best elements of the two.

    First, there is an action RPG style where you use your physical strength to crush your enemies. It is an action battle game, and it gives great immersion when fought. This is a hearty battle that lets you throw punches and swings a sword at foes in a refreshing style. It’s also an RPG that allows you to freely change your character during one-on-one battle.

    Second, there is a role-playing style with all the depth of a high-quality RPG. Using the tactics gained from boss fights, you’ve been raised to an Elden Lord, a name that was bestowed on the victors of the Battle of Sehel on the Sehel continent after the completion of the Battle of Kaltheart and the Ban on the Sehel continent. From then on, the number of beasts and monsters multiplied. The Lands Between became overwhelmed with subjugated monsters and the civilized races began to live in fear.

    Third, you control the hero who will defeat the villain and banish the monsters. As such, it is fully a role-playing game where you, as the lead character, struggle until the final scenes; it’s a game that thrusts you back in time.

    There you go! There are both an exciting battle and a gripping battle, and you can play as you like. But by no means are we trying to give you the impression that we’ve opted for one or the other; we’ve instead created a game that you can freely use your fresh imagination to create a valiant hero.

    << < <<&


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    17 Nov 2017


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the setup file of Elden Ring from the provided links
  • Run the setup as an administrator
  • Follow the instructions that appear at the end of the setup file to complete the installation and run the game
  • Done

    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit only), 8.1 (64-bit only) or Windows 10 (64-bit only)
    CPU: 2.0 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    GPU: HD 7870/7850/7800/7750/7700 (1 GB VRAM)
    CPU: 2.0 GHz


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