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The Scenario for the Successors of the Legendary Elden Kingdom that was ruled by the legendary Elden King Born into a Myth and Reborn into a Dream :

Eludibrium rises by inheriting the Elden Throne after his father goes missing. Envious of his life of luxury, a group of Evil Sorcerers create a homicidal doll using the blood and flesh of heroes who fell in battle, and use it to challenge him. Enraged by the frightening sight of their grand debut, King Eludibrium of the Elden Kingdom will use the power of the Legendary Elden Ring to dispel the Evil Doll and destroy the Evil Sorcerers, so he may resume his duties.

An Elden Kingdom Full of Light :

When the first Elden King passed away, he left the legendary Elden Kingdom intact. However, everything is in disarray. There is no order in the government; the Elden land is suffering from internal strife. Even the Elden Ring keeps falling into the hands of an Evil Sorcerer. No matter how bad the situation, the Elden Kingdom will strive towards progress.

A Land for Everyone:

If a Chosen One doesn’t exist, the Lands Between will see the dawn of a new kingdom. With a new Chosen One who has the power to purify the land, the lands will gain its independence from neighbouring kingdoms and flourish. Meanwhile, the country will become a safe haven for travelers from far away lands.


Elden is a new type of action RPG that’s easy to play.
The combination of real-time dungeon crawling, turn-based strategy, and open world gameplay has never been seen before.


* Download the PC version of Tarnished on or after April 18th, 2019, or on any future date of your choice. Once you purchase the season pass, you will receive the premium membership automatically, no matter when you download the game.

* You’ll receive the 30-day premium membership to the current season, with the renewal for the following season, and receive the 30-day premium membership for the following season regardless of the date of your purchase.

* You can continue playing all seasons to the full length of the game for the remainder of the duration of the purchase, such that you would be able to complete the story within the entire time frame. If for some reason


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Fantasy Action RPG with Melee Combat
  • New Fantasy setting with and endless gameplay system for free roaming and exploration
  • Icon system to identify characters and monsters.
  • Multiplayer, where you can direct your character’s movements.
  • An epic drama in which you control powerful party members through various event chains while they perform push-and-pull attacks.
  • Extreme RPG elements with a fast paced rhythm game style.
  • Arise as a Tarnished in a world where an unknown truth lingers between the Land of Dreams and the Land of Nightmares
  • Elden Ring Key features:

    • Five main story quests.
    • An attack mode with physical, magical, wind, and rain elements.
    • Unique character skills and quest dialogue.
    • Seamless graphics and unique event design.
    • Many mini games that can be played with your favorite characters.
    • Original orchestral background music.
    • Real time dance battle elements.

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    Game rules and Romsitter Screenshot

    This is a Japanese version rom

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    — Characters —

    Main Character:
    The main character is a warrior who sets out on a journey to become an Elden Lord who can fight the monsters and monsters that roam the Lands Between.
    Minister of Culture:
    Your main enemy and rival in the game. He is the sworn enemy of all Elden. He was once one of the Elden Lords that set out to bring prosperity to the Lands Between. He was branded with a defect that prevented him from rising as a full-fledged Elden Lord.
    An Elden who has chased after him for many years. It was only after he was chased from Elden that he began to set out on a journey to bring destruction upon Elden. He still harbours a grudge against the Elden that caused him such pain. He seeks vengeance by creating a world where Elden, monsters, and mankind clash and tear each other apart.
    A young Elden who is traveling alongside Stark. He decided to journey with Stark because of a promise that he made to himself. He does not know why Stark is traveling the world, but he also understands that it has something to do with the prophecy of the Gods of Elden.
    A human girl who was kidnapped as a child by Stark. She has been walking the Lands Between as her body becomes worn out and weak. She was rescued by a mountain spirit that was in a bind, and she now resides in a sanctuary where she leads people in prayer.
    The Minor Characters:

    The Mountain Spirit:
    She lives in the sacred mountain, and has a body built for this land. Her body is also surrounded by the souls of the dead. She also acts as a mediator to make the world a better place.
    She was formerly a May Celestia who was hailed as the Goddess of the Silverstar mountains. However, she betrayed the humans, who took away the life she loved. She has been wandering through the Lands Between ever since, searching for the truth behind Elden.
    A Gunther who is a man disguised as a horned Elden. He faces a lot of challenges


    Elden Ring For PC [2022-Latest]

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Need help with an issue or request?

    In this Help Site, you can find information about bugs, requests or general enquiries, as well as help to improve this game. Here you can find the latest information about game updates and patches.

    If you’re short on time or just in need of a quick information, use this page to refer to the needed information quickly.

    A note for game updates:

    Please note that the release date of the game updates or patches is subject to delays without any further notice.

    Some details about your in-game character may not be saved between the game updates or patches.

    If a players finds some issues with this game, please contact us at [email protected] so we can fix those promptly.

    According to the game update page in game, the minimum retail price in the European Countries is 49,99 €; while in the USA the minimum retail price is $59.99. You will get additional content added for free; in order to add them to your account, please make sure you have purchased these games separately.

    You will need the August 2016 Update for the following in the ED PHIRE in order to play the game.
    – PlayStation 4 Exclusive.
    – You will get all the DLCs added for FREE.Q:

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    Download Elden Ring Crack + For Windows (2022)

    Download the installer of the game, extract the data with WinZip

    Run the installation.

    All setup will be automatically conducted.

    After the completion of the installation, launch the game.

    Configure in the control panel.

    From the menu of the control panel, open the settings menu.

    Click on the item CD-Key.

    Copy the CD-Key.

    Open the site Steam and paste the CD-Key in the box game and press activate.

    You will receive an error “the ticket is already activated. The license can not be re-activated”.

    This error will occur.

    To be able to activate your license, close the game, activate the Steam Client, go to the game and click on “activate”.

    Installation to activate license Tarnished Legend price from 11.99$.

    How to Run ELDEN RING Game:

    Right click on Tarnished Legend in Steam.

    Go to Properties.

    Go to the Packages tab.

    Click Edit…

    Edit the link as you want to select.

    Click on the arrow and select Download.

    Click on Install.

    Download the installation file from the link “This link” selected in the download section.

    Remove the old files from the game folder.

    Drag the downloaded installation file on Steam.

    Launch Steam and select your games folder.

    Select the folder /Steam/steamapps/sourcemods

    Select the game Tarnished Legend.

    Click on Run.

    Select the additional folders.

    Click on Install.

    Wait until the installation is completed.

    You will need an internet connection to install The New Fantasy Action RPG : Tarnished Legend.

    You need to be connected to the internet and have the latest Steam version to install the game.

    It is recommended to install Steam as the game requires an internet connection to play.

    Which Operating System is Tarnished Legend game available for?

    Tarnished Legend game is available for:

    • Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

    • Microsoft Windows® 10.

    • GNU/Linux.

    Which gaming platform is Tarnished Legend available on?

    Tarnished Legend is available on:

    • Microsoft Windows® XP


    How To Crack:

  • Unpack the release using 7-Zip or similar software
  • Run setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Install the game
  • You have now successfully installed the game
  • All In One:

    • Step 1 : Download & Unpack
    • Step 2: Run setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions
    • Step 3: Install the game
    • Step 4: Activate/Crack using patch (if don’t have premium version )
    • Step 5: Enjoy 🙂


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