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The Elden Ring, the game world of the Elden Ring, consists of world segments that are connected together, and is divided into 13 countries. Each country is made up of one or more cities, towns, and villages. You can freely change the region and travel with other players. A large number of people have already welcomed you, and now you can go anywhere with your own style.


* Participate in an exciting online drama where the various thoughts of the characters intersect.
* Customize your own character in the game.
* Can freely switch between the different character build-ups.
* Participate in the story of the Elden Ring, which integrates the online game.


(1) Distinctive Online Multiplayer

* Up to eight players can participate in the online battle.
* Online battles with other players are completely free, regardless of the level.
* In order to increase the efficiency of the connection, participants maintain their own game data.
* You can communicate with other players anytime during the game.

(2) Character Customization

* You can custom design your own unique character.
* Customize your appearance, skills, and magic using materials found in the world.

(3) Boundless Story

* A multilayered story, consisting of a series of interlocking segments, is being slowly revealed.
* Interacting with the characters and thinking about the events of the story are both important to understanding the story.

* Game Events:
* Explore the world together with other players.
* Enjoy special features and get rewards at the end of the event.

(4) Easy to Find and Easy to Get Around

* The game takes place in one world, in which there is no distance between the country and the city, and it is also an easy and convenient game that can be played anywhere.

* Explore the world in a large variety of ways:
* Use a party to explore together.
* Use a map, a telephone, and a “patrol” to explore alone.

* Do Battle Alone or With Others

* Use the “battle” function to engage in online battle with other players.
* You can use the function to join a group at a specific time and zone.
* You can defeat monsters that are waiting for you, obtain rare items, and receive plenty


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Customization: Relentless Crystals!
    The possibility of freely creating your own character comes with an even larger number of attributes, skills, and items, as well as the ability to freely combine the weapons, armor and magic that you equip. To precisely create your custom character, an “Unlock Crystal” that gives access to special attributes and items is required.
  • Battle Bonanza!
    Enemies will come from all directions and appear in massive groups. In order to win against the waves of enemies, new combinations of skills and items will be your strategic key. Rich tactical battles are waiting for you in the fast-paced real-time battles.
  • Procedurally Generated Scenes
    Your adventures through the Lands Between will involve dynamic characters and a variety of settings, such as mountain tops, military bases, and the great void. In addition, a number of events unique to the Lands Between will be performed in order to create scenes that make you feel alive. The game also features an event system that brings freshness to the battle and fighting scenes.
  • Three Worlds Where Chronicles are Created by Others
    Make a difference in the battles of the Lands Between, and use the power of the Elden Ring bestowed upon a hero and leave your mark by creating a story in one of three worlds.
  • Elden Ring, Wandenring, and Untold Features:

    • Three worlds
      The Lands Between is a world of knights, a world of wizards, and a world of monsters. In the Lands Between, you will have many exciting battles. You can make a difference in the battles of the Lands Between, and create an exciting story by fusing together three worlds in order to fight alongside great warriors. 
    • Hundreds of people are writing stories
      Hundreds of people are making stories. Numerous voices reflect the many civilizations in the Lands Between, the beating hearts of the lands, and the countless heroes who wish to show their efforts…
    • Original soundtracks from the WizKids Soundtrack Collection
      Audio from the WizKids Soundtrack Collection is incorporated into the game. Featuring animated character illustrations, an original soundtrack, and music that perfectly suit the different scenes, use these original soundtracks as background music.
    • Modules? What modules?


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      Server update:

      This is a server update. Please restart the server to get the update.



      – Issue with “Graphics Settings” not enabling fixed.

      – Issue with “ENB Selection” not working fixed.

      – Fixed issue where an FPS increase could not be applied for players on the new server.

      – Fixed issue where the font of the title screen could not be set.

      – Fixed issue where the game could not be started.

      – Fixed issue where the game was re-run even if the player had already finished the story.

      – Fixed issue where some items were difficult to read in the UI and the HUD.

      – Fixed issue where character information was not displayed in the network status.

      – Fixed issue where the character name was not displayed in the network status.

      – Fixed issue with the graph representation of the shield.

      – Fixed issue where the game was re-run during the story.

      – Fixed issue where a black screen was displayed when starting the game after resuming a save file.

      – Fixed issue where the picture appeared inverted when it was moved on the UI.

      – Fixed issue where the character names appeared to overlap and the words became unreadable.


      – Added class customization function.

      – Added function to erase the classes used for battle.

      – Added “Instructions to Collect Treasure” function.

      – Added “Help Section” and “Ver. Guide” option.

      – Added item description for the hotkeys in the hotbar.

      – Added description for the hotkeys when hovering the cursor over a hotkey.

      – Added description for the hotkeys when hovering the cursor over a menu.

      – Added portrait customization.

      – Added UI customization.

      – Added UI layout customization.

      – Added lock screen customization.

      – Added other options for Save and Load.

      – Added “Options” icon in the top right corner of the screen.

      – Added “Status” icon in the top right corner of the screen.

      – Added “Options” in the upper right corner of the screen.

      – Renamed the “Hotkeys” icon on the HUD


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      While fleeing from the evil Inquisition, a young orphan girl, Alz, is found in the mad Realm of Madra. She is adopted by the mysterious Shaolin Reclamation Temple. During her training to become a powerful warrior, Alz unleashes the grave power of her own inner being. Unfortunately, Alz’s joining the Shaolin Reclamation Temple has caused the death of those who were most important to her. Now, Alz has embarked on a path of retribution and a desire for revenge. With her two faithful swords Loken and Cosme and the power of Tamaros, Alz wages an epic struggle toward fulfillment.
      • Endlessly Challenging Online Play
      A one-to-one online battle system that makes you sweat and, as you gain experience, makes you become a more intense player.
      • Controlling Adversaries with a Strong Story
      As the story evolves along with you, you will be able to control the character of Alz and the ability to summon Tamaros. Through these actions, you can shape history in various ways. You must adapt to changing circumstances, and every decision you make will influence other characters, even your opponent. Your actions will be reflected in online battles and other elements, so that the entire world of Alz will become endlessly challenging.

      ■ Vast Maps and Enormous Dungeons
      Experience the vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected.
      In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely select weapons, armor, magic, equipment, and other items. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscles to become a strong warrior.
      There are tons of items that will change your character’s appearance, and you can also go beyond the material level to a world of magic.


      When facing great adversity, you will be faced with another great challenge. Tamaros, the legendary guardian of Alz, will guide you from behind. Tamaros is your ally and your savior, and you are Tamaros’ steed.

      ■ An Epic Game with a High Difficulty Setting (AOTS-FiMF0ss)
      The epic action RPG game that tempts you to constantly raise your level, with a high difficulty


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      1. Download the cracked / crack version from above links / download links.
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      1. The crack version won’t support online play.
      2. This is the demo version of the game.
      3. For the full version of the game, you need to purchase the actual product.

      How to play the cracked / crack version:

      1. You can only play the game in offline mode.
      2. The game contains several story endings, achievements, etc.
      3. The game is available in 3 languages. English, French and Spanish.
      4. Save games can not be shared online.
      5. The game can be downloaded via microtransactions.
      6. You can level up the character.

      How to play the full version:

      1. The full version of the game is available in 3 languages. English, French and Spanish.
      2. You can directly connect with other players.
      3. The game contains several story endings, achievements, etc.
      4. You can freely switch languages, provided you have bought the game.
      5. Save games can be shared online.
      6. You can level up the character.
      7. The game can be downloaded via microtransactions.
      8. The game features a theme park.
      9. The game has three modes to select: Story, Anarchy and Survival.
      10. There are various characters to enjoy.
      11. Your character can have up to four attributes to measure and compare their strength.
      12. You can equip multiple gear.
      13. You can use custom special moves that have been prepared by the developers.
      14. In the PvP mode, it is possible to challenge and defeat other players.
      15. Your character can cast spells.
      16. You can purchase items in the town via microtransactions.
      17. You can visit the court of a noble lord.
      18. The game contains a variety of items and accessories.
      19. There is a survival mode in which you don’t use the powerful items in the game.
      20. Levels can be purchased.
      21. You can get to a higher level by defeating monsters.
      22. You can save and share the data.


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Then use META FILEER to Extract
    • Run IExpress  Click ”’+ '”’Enable TRY”’ – ”’Disable TRY’
    • Open DROPTIONS.INI, then change ActivateAuto to 1 in SaveAutoPlay Tab,
    • Uncheck and check use Windows 8 device MaintainWin. In Delimiter Event, In RegularEvent, right click it. Smband, execute them and then Enter and then follow Exit steps,
    • Click start Wait a few minutes until it finishes,
    • Finally, it will open Warcraft III Setup Wizard, Click Next only.
    • Click Finish
    • Back to Start Method


    • Click Continue/Start
    • Click Yes
    • When it shows important information start restart

    Smart Way to Activate Automatically

    RKeys.dat and Open at once Activate Auto :  File  ->  Users   ->  Microsoft ' R Keys.dat < create new user >

    Players Guide

    Malahan Farmacy: 
    Location 1. East of the city of Frostfire Ramparts El Despoblado: 
    Location 2.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    • Windows 10 Version 1903 / Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
    • 2GB of RAM
    • Intel Core i5-1035G1 or AMD Athlon X4 845 (2.7GHz)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB VRAM)
    • Intel HD 530 (2GB VRAM) or AMD Radeon Vega M GL (2GB VRAM)
    • Intel HD Graphics 630 (1.3GB VRAM) or AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL (4GB VRAM)



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