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Once the stronghold of the Elden nation, the stronghold of the Elden Ring is now the central place for players all over the world to gather.
As the Lord of the Ring, you will receive quests from the people, hear their voices, and develop the skills needed to be an Elder.
The simple standard-based system makes it easy to access the game, and the vast world of the Lands Between will provide abundant training content and quests.
Synchronize your movements with other adventurers in the “Asynchronous Online” element.
[Asynchronous Online]
-See the friends you’ve made, both on-site and online.
-Find and interact with other adventurers’ active status.
-Clear the current waypoint, choose a waypoint on the world map, and start on your adventure.
[Player Card]
-An NPC that can accompany you on your adventure.
-An NPC to whom you can talk, share your thoughts, experience, and achievements.
-A unique action that will be selected during your turn that will affect the game.
[Character Growth]
-A vast world that allows easy character development, allowing you to make a more appropriate character.
-Unlock new equipment and skills by increasing the number of experience points obtained.
-Multiplayer modes where you can fight against one of three monsters that are selected for you when you connect to a game.
-Powerful customizations that can be equipped, including weapons, armor, magic, and also a variety of modifications.
-One of a variety of crossover-themed scenarios where you can participate.
-Details and background information on these crossover-themed scenarios, and screenshots from the crossover.
-A place for you to connect with other adventurers around the world.
-All players can participate in the same game.
-You can enjoy a variety of games, such as a boss rush, battle, a dungeon crawler, etc.
-A variety of dungeons that are accessible in various situations.
-A place where you can meet many kind and fun characters, and fight and challenge monsters.

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Features Key:

  • A Unique Fantasy World – “I don’t have to pay to play the game.”
    You’re a leader of an elite retainer class called an Elden Lord, a member of the high class dedicated to carrying out the mission of the Elden Council.
    Thrust into the political and military affairs of the Elden Council, you join the quest to strike back against the Demon King in order to keep order throughout the Lands Between.
    As Elden Lord, you can assign your retainer class to handle a mission, as well as call your allies and companions to your side.
  • Create and Customize Your Own Character – “It looks good, feels great, and works.”
    You’ll enjoy various Character Customization options, including appearance, voice, and battle style.
    As a Warrior or Mage, you may choose special weapons and armors, and learn powerful skills and magic as you customize the look and feel of your character.
  • A Varied Story – “Thoughts, actions, and emotions. The story is composed from them.”
    In this fantasy adventure RPG, the world of Elden Ring is brimming with a variety of interesting people and plots to enhance your experience.
    In addition to the story that you complete, there are also several optional quests and action-packed side stories to discover. Those who have never played a fantasy RPG might be surprised by the involved storyline and immersive world of Elden Ring.
  • Challenges Based on Advanced Motion Simulator – “What’s next?”
    Real-time physics-based action using the power of the PS4 system.
    The smooth controls of realtime physics will make you feel like you’re wielding an incredible sword equipped with a bow.
  • An Experienced Artistic Team – “They continuously provide new and innovative content.”
    The artistic team at FromSoftware has its history in high quality RPGs developed using high-end technology.
    The artists are putting their technological know-how into their work as well as the creation of yet unseen fantasy land, which are expected to permeate with the wonders of the legendary Elden Ring.
    Together with the imaginations of the developers, the “Elden Ring” has been born with a familiar fantasy atmosphere as its core.
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    I became addicted to the game and I would like to play at least 3 times a day,

    I like how you can form your own army of heroes and your own quest

    RPG: Very Fun! – Oct, 2018

    The game has great graphics and is very fun to play. To this day

    I still enjoy playing it. To be honest, I do not give it a very good review

    as I have been almost hacked to death. However, to this day, I play it

    and still enjoy it. There are a few bugs where you can get hacked, but you can

    just watch as your character “slows down”, and then you can hack them. This

    has happened a few times. Usually, however, I just walk away and avoid that

    particular place. I just finished my quest, but I would like to play this game

    more. It is easy to walk around and find a lot of things, and you can travel

    to lots of places. You can search to find, search to find and enter. There

    really is plenty of room for a lot of exploration. I can’t wait to see what

    they come up with next!


    Great Adventure! – Jun, 2018

    If you are a fan of tactical games with RPG elements, you will enjoy this

    game. I am enjoying the game, and very satisfied, and I am glad that I got

    this game on my phone. This game is fun to play, and with a bit of practice,

    and you can easily beat levels. I loved the lighting and the background of

    the game. You see your soldiers move around and the backgrounds. This game

    is easy to pick up and play, and it does not feel like the game is hard to play.

    I would recommend this to any gamers who like RPG games. I am going to have

    to keep this game for a while, as I can not help but to feel like I have to

    play it. I enjoyed the game, and I want more!


    I would recommend this game for fans of tactical RPG games

    I really liked the story, and I was excited that the story was not just a

    series of battles, but it was a story of how the world was created. The story

    of the world and the


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download PC/Windows

    ・An Action RPG that Defines the Genre
    – The Action RPG that Defined the Genre, Evolved
    The Fantasy Action RPG that defined the genre, further increased the exciting gameplay and new elements that the previous title brought, the most requested feature from the game’s launch, has been completed!
    [A new online system]
    – Two players can battle it out in the same world and have the chance to join a party together
    – The online system is realized by joining servers that are configured so you can enter together with the party you want to join
    – You can challenge the scores of users in the Ranking Table
    [Customizable main character]
    – You can custom the appearance, skills, and battle status of your character
    – When forming a party, you can customize the appearance, skills, and battle status of each member
    [The fastest advancement to the next tier!]
    – The game will automatically raise your level as you fight, and you can instantly progress to the next tier
    – Automatic progression will automatically activate at higher tiers; for instance, you will automatically gain experience in a dungeon
    [Dungeon fusion]
    – The “Eden’s Trigger” system will allow you to fuse a dungeon together after collecting them
    – When you fuse a dungeon, the difficulty will be automatically changed
    [Demo version of “The Best Danganronpa Series”]
    – Development team will continue working on improvements to the game and will not halt the development period
    A Vast World Full of Excitement
    *A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.*
    Fields, meadows, villages, and a vast network of plains that are linked by bridges and giant stairs, housing mansions, a city of a capital, and the ruins of a deep-water trench.
    *Enjoy the excitement of a deep and immense world*
    Encounter the unforeseen dangers of a complex dungeon, a zone that is hard to describe in a letter, and countless threats.
    Deck out your strong armor, or strengthen your skills with powerful weapons, and explore the Lands Between!
    The Lands Between
    An interconnected network of major dungeons and provinces, with each zone having its own atmosphere and being divided by the original story.
    *Cities, towns, and settlements are also planned
    *A system in which you can freely move throughout the world
    *Open fields,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Features
    ■ Vast World
    • An open world where large-scale conflicts occur
    • Paths, monsters, and settlements are in various states of being developed. Attractions such as shops, vending machines, and other features are in various states of being constructed.
    • Various players and characters are present.
    • Other players can join you in huge open world environments as they happen upon you.
    • Your decisions and the other members of the game can affect the future of the game in a variety of ways.
    • The storyline is written to be a satisfying even for those who did not finish the whole game, with a variety of enthralling endings.
    • New players can play as an awakened hero from another world. You can make new friends, and communicate with friends who have similar opinions. You can be part of a guild and witness other characters’ stories.※ MMO Online Game
    ■ MMO Online Game
    ■ Real-time Online Battle
    ■ Dungeon Chronicle
    ■ Customizable Fire Effects
    ■ 3D Hero, Character Creation & Skin Selection
    ■ Various Content
    ■ Unlockable Vivid Combat
    ■ All Game Modes are Action-Packed & Available to All
    ■ Multiple PvP Arenas such as Dungeon Portal and Arenas
    ■ Combine PvE & PvP content in Real-time
    ■ Improve your skills through leveling up and raids
    ■ All Server (conversation, food, weapon, skin.) between all online players can be seen
    ■ Join a Guild, Form a Party, Create an Alliance, Share Experience and Build a Guild Troop
    ■ Enjoy exciting minigames such as Wall climbing, Drag Race, and Spell Tag
    ■ Customize your hero’s appearance using skins.
    ■ Combat Style Builder: Equip configurable weapons that increase stats and skills.
    ■ Night Life: Enjoy real-time activities such as concerts or taverns.
    ■ Live Events — Invite friends and meet in cafes to enjoy life together.
    ■ The battle awaiting you was born within mythologies of various lands
    • Dungeon for Players to Roam and Find Materials
    • Various experiences where you find loot such as skins and accessories
    • Once you enter the field, you enjoy continuous battles and loot.※ 150% Growth with Six-Players Raid※ Finishing RaNdle will also provide substantial content updates!
    As of now, the campaign from chapter 6 to the prologue of chapter 9 has been completed. Events such as the “Shocking Fight”, ”


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    Game Information


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