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Inspired by the legend of the Elder Scrolls, “The Elder Scrolls Online” is a fantasy Action RPG in a massive world of players. Explore mysterious lands, fight monsters, and interact with a dynamic environment. Play solo or in groups of up to four to form a fellowship, forge friendships and lead groups of heroes to victory. The Elder Scrolls Online is the first in the series of free online games to launch from the award-winning studio of ZeniMax Online Studios. In the Elder Scrolls Online, you are the Hero of the Summerset Isles. Travel to the far corners of Tamriel and take up your place in a war between the forces of good and evil. NEW FEATURES: • AN ENORMOUS WORLD The Elder Scrolls Online offers nearly endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Large-scale battles are fought throughout Tamriel, and those who can survive will find themselves in a world with a continuous sense of discovery. • AN INCREDIBLE PHYSICS SYSTEM The game is dynamically generated, and on an island-by-island basis in each province. The Sandbox features an incredible physics system that guarantees that the landscape will react realistically and realistically affect the outcome of battles. The skills of the character affect the terrain, formations, and result in different battles – what you see is what you fight. • A DEPTHFUL STORY In the center of Tamriel, the three Elven nations of Valenwood, High Rock and Morrowind are at war over the succession of the empire. Ondra, the king of Valenwood, is imprisoned. His brother, Valimar, seeks to liberate him and overthrow the current regime. The king of High Rock, Marcus Flinn, wants to crush the resistance of the three Elven nations. The last remaining members of the Lyrandia Liberation Army, a resistance group, fight for the freedom of Tamriel in secret. The mystical powers of the order, the Blades of Chaos, are about to awaken, giving rise to an incredible age of abundance and peace. • ULTIMATE REALISM Players don’t just seek fame and glory, but also justice and freedom. In Tamriel, these are not limited by borders. A character can travel anywhere and do what they want, becoming a key player in the political scene or simply a legendary hunter of thieves and brigands. Tamriel offers scope and vastness, a world made for the greatest adventures. STORIES FROM THE GEN


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Huge and New Fantasy World Gorgeous graphics, a massive world, and the effects of time. Characters that appear by connecting the Lands Between are all very vivid. While you travel across vast fields filled with rare monsters, combat techniques that strike from the shadows, and enter large dungeons, you will feel the power of the coming of the Old Gods.
  • The Story

    Your predecessor, a renowned telepath, went missing. Although we caught a glimpse of him in his final moments, we have not received any information since. We need to contact him at once. You have been chosen to save his life. Are you ready?

    To the Lands Between, who only existed for a brief moment. Our empire had fallen apart, and the people that remain were plundered and manipulated. Neither the humans nor the Orcs ventured out beyond the walls that protected them. A vast world was created.

    Then, some fifteen years ago, humans appeared from the Darkness here.
    Even now, no one knows the exact reason for their appearance.

    They descended upon the Lands Between. They massacred the inhabitants and looted the territory with their monstrous strength.

    With a feeling of boundless cruelty, they seem to be brimming with anger. Their barbaric battle cries remind us of the end of the world. Although their appearance has been a mystery from the outset, their movements have become more and more identifiable, their apparent strength in the Legends increases by the day, and the rumors of secret weapons grow to an ominous extreme.

    With that, they began to explore the Lands Between, and in response, the Orcs stepped into action for the first time in history.

    We were faced with a terrible war. The Orcs perceived us to be the enemy and cut off our ties with the Lands Between. You are the last known survivor of the Elden Ring.

    Some hope to search for you among humanity. Other, fearless Orcs are on a terrifying mission to eradicate you who demand the Elden Ring.

    A Fantasy World Made with Vitality

    You are a traveler from the Lands Between.
    Travel to the Lands Beyond, and rescue your predecessor!


    Elden Ring Product Key X64

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    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    ※★ Dynamic Battle (Online) Capturing monsters, clearing dungeons, and PvP activities via a form of online strategy are just a few of the endless variety of gameplay activities available to you in the online arena of the Lands Between. You can learn all about them and more in-game. ※★ Easy to Easy Action The Lands Between world is vast and vast. When you lose, you start over. There are no extra lives in this game. When you die, just readjust your stats and start over again. With no excessive dying, or falling damage, and no experience points that skyrocket your level or your stats, the player’s level of risk is deliberately reduced. The battle is easy to understand and easy to play. ※★ Easy to the Core The game is easy to understand and play. The battle is simple and easy to play. The core of the game is very simply set up. It isn’t that easy to understand and play because there are no classes, no learning required, and no skills to acquire. The game is easy to understand and easy to play. ※★ Undeniable Variety There are 20 different classes in the game. Each class has different skills, and their own different combat styles. Unlike most RPGs, in the Lands Between, classes are not determined, but rather one begins as a classless character. As you grow in level, your skills and abilities will begin to appear. ※★ 3-D Graphics In the Lands Between, the characters and the environment have been designed with the tactile sense of presence and realism in mind. You will be convinced that you are in the world of the Lands Between, rather than a predetermined virtual space. Key Features of the ELDEN RING game – CLASSLESS ROLE PLAY Classless role play is one of the characteristics of action role games with unlimited character development and play. The player can create the character they want to play and have fun with classless role play. – CUSTOMIZATION Customize your hero by modifying the appearance, equipment, and skills. You can equip weapons and armor that suit your play style. In addition, you can combine and link together different weapons and armor that increase your combat ability. – NO EXPERIENCE POINTS In the game, you only gain experience points by means of battles. When you lose, the


    What’s new:

    1Gameplay Overview Trailer 1v1 Duel Fight where you personalize your character

    1Trailer Let’s Connect


    Download Elden Ring Free License Key For Windows

    1.First you need CRACKS and PATCHES If you do not have a crack for the game,the only way to do that is to download a patch and install from it. 2.Hook up the crack to the game and start it. 3.Be patient,wait and enjoy God bless youand have fun. Greetings! Im looking for all the games that were developed on the engine cocos2d 1.0 and cocos2d 1.1! those games are called games “disguised as android application”. Ive discovered many of them, but i like the game “NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG ELDEN RING” the best. the only way to get the game to play is to run the cracked file. the game is available on various file sharing servers.It really has an awesome game and it bugs me very hard! here are the comments of the game from the app store : Review “The new fantasy action game is inspired by classic RPG (Role Playing Game) where you battle with zombies, demons, dragons, and even legendary gods in a post-apocalyptic world.In addition to the fun RPG battle system, this game has a special combat system that creates new challenges every time you fight. You can play through eight different dungeons with unique levels, bosses, and magic and weapons. In the final mission of the adventure, you can unlock new equipment, items, and special skills as you enter the second chapter.” the game also has many good features such as:- real-time battles- over 150 unique items and equipment including weapons, armor, and magic- 8 dungeons that branch off from previous dungeons. A new dungeon will be unlocked every time you complete a chapter.- over 300 monsters including demon and zombie bosses- familiar enemies, including monsters, bosses and weapons you’ve fought with in previous dungeons- save function allows you to bookmark your current position and resume from a particular point- skill trees and enchantments that give you various skills and your character classes a status that can be changed at any time.- each character has a unique story that varies from one character to another- epic story of good and evil from a legend whom all living beings were enslaved before they were freed by a god and were given power to protect the living world.- complete story via online play with others— asynchronous online game mode the game also has some bugs that are worth knowing: – Cannot play anymore after a


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  • Features:

    Game play: Explore the Lands Between with your grace, wielding the power of the Elden Ring. You can freely customize your character and fight with your comrades online. Even if you’re waiting for your friends to join, you can enjoy yourself exploring the interactive designed world of your own in an AD free game.

    System Requirements

    OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 DVD Drive required

    Legal Notice

    Game Credits

    Characters Designer: Freeplane UI Design & Programming: YopHasiun Graphics: Kwon Won Ka.

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