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===================================== ■Action RPG Legends -Game of Legends, Fantasy Game of Legends, Action RPG of Legends -The right to perform new projects and keep surprising you for years -A Legend of an RPG cherished by fans for years ===================================== ■Elden Ring 最優秀RPGアクションRPGクラスの ゲームです。 幾多年もの期を経て、栄えあるRPGの名にちなんで 私たちはこのゲームを今後も期待できるだけ仕様を拡充し、 一期一会のRPGがどんな展開を見せつつ活躍するかを 続けていきます。 ● とっても魅力的な世界 バラエティとして第三世界に登場する環境。 物語のヒット問題や可能性のあるシーンを多数用意。 空に飛ぶようなものだが、沈むような物語のパターンも用意。 本作の根幹であるキャラクター育成により、私たちは 未知と言うよりもより魅力的な世界を満喫していきます。 ● 自分で育成のキャラクター育成 キャラクターを育成する以外の遊び方も あるので、究極の戦闘に派生する独自の演出や さら


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • High-Quality Face Animation that imitates an animated GIF.
    During combat, your expression can be accurately reproduced with the many movement combinations of your character.
  • New PvP Battle System: BUY-BURN!
  • The Undead and Demons are worshipped like gods, and appear as evil forces who enslave the living. They rule over a vast world, and are equipped with powerful new spells and techniques.
  • Proper reactions and responses are paid due attention to. The dynamic and animated graphics are reminiscent of a traditional fantasy RPG. A depiction that imitates the anime genre.
  • Added ability to Customize your Equipment and Tools.
  • Numerous Field-Free Options: Beast Mode, Tempest, and Compendium.
  • Three New Classes.
  • A New Play Strategy: Whenever you cannot fight, which is the case for most online games, you can still make it to your destination! If you are worried about whether you will make it there or not, there will be a special route that takes you there.
  • New Ranking System: THE RANK

    The World Map

    In addition to completing quests that receive EXP Points, you will be able to unlock a variety of EXP Boosts. Boosts that include account-wide EXP gain, a per-charimcate EXP gain, or a bonus EXP gain are only obtainable through the new ranking system. The Ranking System has been created to pay special attention to the completion of ranked quests.


    • All Warriors enjoy the high Defense of the Other Warriors.
    • Bulk and Vanguards enjoy high levels of XP and EXP rewards.
    • The others enjoy high levels of EXP and EXP bonuses.

    Fantastic New Item: THE DRUID’S SHIELD!

    Druid’s Shield



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      – 9/10 “Definitely worth the purchase” from a Reddit user – 9/10 “The best game by a LONG, LONG shot” from a Reddit user – 9/10 “An amazingly fun RPG” from a Reddit user – 9/10 “Epic” from a Redditor – 9/10 “The best RPG I’ve played in ages” from a Redditor – 9/10 “Perfect game. I love it so much” from a Redditor – 9/10 “The BEST RPG I’ve ever played” from a Reddit user – 9/10 “This game is awesome” from a Redditor – 9/10 “I can’t stop playing this game” from a Redditor ——————- ▶ About the game ▶ System / Story ▶ System – Detailed item crafting system with equipment creation – Equip your character with over 100 types of weapons and armor – Equipping specific items to increase the attributes or attack power of characters in a party ▶ Story – Enter into the story of the Elven people on a journey with your friends – Will you be a new hero or an old hero? – A fantasy action RPG with the story in fragments – Under the guidance of the legendary Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen you will join a hero’s party to defeat a demon lord – In the world of the Elden Ring you will explore vast and beautiful dungeons, and fight fearsome monsters. – Watch the drama unfold as you search for the powerful power of the Elden Ring. – A fantasy action RPG with a high sense of atmosphere and an epic story. ▶ Online Functionality – Multiplayer – Gather the companions that help you on your journey. – Fight with these companions in real-time, or connect with them via an asynchronous online system – Customize your party according to your play style. ▶ Exclusive Features – Summon the forces of the Elden Ring and call forth the aid of the Spirits in battle. – The game has a High Scenario that is difficult to complete. ▶ Characters – Equipment – Each of your companions have their own class, which determines their combat style, magic ability, and magic resistance. bff6bb2d33


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      Chapter 1 – Rise of a Hero Elven Kingdom – Prologue Lemuria The Lands Between The world of Jidar where I was born has been beautiful and delicate for a long time. The legend says that the time is about to come when Jidar will be consumed by the darkness of the world between worlds that has been sealed by the Elden Ring. I, whose memories are broken, have no idea what my story is yet, but I will create a new world inside the Lands Between, the lands of games. I have nothing to do but arise and live in the world where dreams can come true. CHAPTER 1: RISE OF A HERO Rise, Tarnished Appearance Walk at the side of the Hunter’s sister, and become an Elden Lord! The main character of this story. The name Tarnished was hard to imagine. I was born in an era where men in uniform were still farmers, and I lived in an era of war. My body had a completely different appearance. It was a body broken in numerous places. I am a weakling among the weak. I have been attacked by the darkness. All of my memories have been destroyed. I am a Tarnished, and I do not know anything yet. Starting Game Newly arrived in the land of Elijie, I am a young man of eighteen, alone. I am a character created by you. By using this character, you can make your own story. Whether you are creating a story with bad endings or a story with good endings, you are all permitted to have that. I will take everything as it comes. I will make my way forward with the help of my capable companions. And let us live the Lives of Adventure! In addition, there is a legend that the main character in this story will be a Tarnished, and that the main characters of the story will be chosen by themselves. Is it okay to have that? A Character She Can Love I wonder how Aye is feeling right now… As the main character of this story, I cannot help but have a crush on Aye. Character Creation Character Customization The main character of this story is a young man who made his appearance in Jidar. Please customize him according to your liking, such as selecting a template for the hair and body.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+ RAM: 1 GB Hard Disk: 2 GB AGP Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 VGA Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Series DVD Burner: Samsung SP87421A Video Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series (79.15.11) Sound Card: CMI 9812



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