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Find and replace text in multiple text documents! Regex Batch Replacer is a straightforward piece of software designed to help you find and replace words across multiple text documents at the same time. It supports regular expressions (regex). Besides the fact that it supports bulk processing, it gives you the possibility to filter files by name or type. Find and replace text in multiple text documents! This type of software comes in handy to users who typically work with text documents and have to correct mistakes or simply update files by taking into account specific keywords. Instead of manually opening each file to search and replace text, it’s easier to turn to this tool. Just download and run the app! Regex Batch Replacer is wrapped in a single.exe that can be saved anywhere on the disk and just double-clicked to open the main app window. Also, you can keep it stored on a USB flash drive to directly run it on any PC without complications. However, it depends on.NET Framework to work properly, so make sure to have this software framework installed. Simple UI with no exciting graphical elements As far as the GUI goes, Regex Batch Replacer keeps things simple. It has just one window displaying all settings available, which aren’t that many to begin with. Nevertheless, you can get a glimpse of everything before starting the configuration. Configure search settings easily You can enter the keyword to look for as well as the one to replace it with. Then you can specify the filter, whether you want to process only files matching a specific name or a specific type, as well as indicate the directory whose containing files you want to scan. Subfolders can be either included or excluded. No messages on task completion Once the operation is over, the status bar says “Done! Ready” and there are no other indicators to let you know whether or not the task was successful. You can just open the files in question to check results. Unfortunately, the developer didn’t specify the type of text files supported by this application. It worked with TXT in our testing. Although it’s not much to look at, Regex Batch Replacer offers a simple solution for finding and replacing words in multiple text files at once. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. Homepage – Regex Batch Replacer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was not able to run the application after downloading the setup

Regex Batch Replacer Crack+ Full Version Free Download [32|64bit]

Regex Find & Replace batch software is a tool with a wide variety of features allowing you to search for, and replace specific regex phrases across multiple text documents at once.

For example, you can write a regex to search for a specific word in any of your text files and simply replace it with another phrase or word.


Supports all the popular regex flavors including the GNU, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Javascript flavors.
Performs searches & replace operations in one go. There is no need to open each file and perform these operations separately.
Perform searches and replace operations in entire directory recursively.
The search engine is robust and it can even handle fuzzy matches.
The search engine uses the recursion method to make sure that your search term is located at the end of the file, not just at the end of a line or a paragraph.
The search engine is customizable. You can specify the term for which you need to search. You can configure the character range, and you can set the case sensitivity.
The search engine can also work with multilingual expressions. You can tell it to use a specific language or combine multiple languages to specify the search term.

How to Install and run Regex Batch Replacer

1) First download from the download section of this site.
2) Run it on your computer. If you need any help during installation you can check the help file included with the software.
3) See below the installation steps for windows.

4) When you finish all the configuration just double click on Regex Batch Replacer.exe to start the software.
5) Click on the Open button to find and replace text files in the computer.
6) After the operation is done you’ll see the “Done!” message.
7) You have now the option to save the output text or open the new documents generated in the current folder.
8) You can also check the log file to know if the tool work properly.

Steps to Install Regex Batch Replacer on Windows 10

This Application Regex batch Replacer released on 2019-01-18 can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista (all 32 bit and 64 bit). It’s an easy tool that could save some user time, the steps are easy to follow and it’s very user friendly. The Regex batch replacer

Regex Batch Replacer Crack

What’s New in the?

Find and replace text in multiple text documents.

Batch processing of several files with the same keywords.

Handle of all files recursively.

Filter by file name or file type.

Notification on task completion.

Support.NET Framework 4.8.2 and Windows XP (SP3) only.


It can only open ASCII files.

No language settings.


Windows XP (SP3) and Windows 7 (SP1) (tested).

Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP (SP3) and Windows 7 (SP1).

What’s new in version

Complete Windows XP and Windows 7 compatibility

Language support for Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic

Add a context menu to show the replaced text in the documents

Add an option to hide the settings window on exit

Bug fixes

The author is trying to make the app more stable. Try it and tell us if it worked well on your end.

Download Regex Batch Replacer

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer [Latest]

Regex Batch Replacer

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
Operating system: Windows 7 / Vista / XP Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
Graphics: 2 GB System Memory
Hard disk space: 2 GB
OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP


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