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As you use your computer, it's only natural to accumulate countless programs on your drive. The developers of those programs might update their software more or less frequently than others, and it's important to stay on top of it by having the latest available versions.
With so many programs, however, it can get tiring to keep track of all the updates and version changes. As such, using dedicated software to do that for you would be all the more convenient. As its name suggests, Patch My PC is a utility that can help you stay on top of constant software updates with little effort.
A functional piece of software
At its core, the app is quite simple: it scans your computer to find the apps you have installed, and it then checks the software's websites to look for updates. Right upon booting it up, the interface is a functional, simple one, where a lengthy list of programs is presented to the user.
The programs that require updates are marked with red text, and the utility automatically fetches them for installing. When possible, they will be silently installed, which requires no input from the user.
It's worth noting that, through the Apps list, various new programs can be installed on your system. We could install browsers, multimedia tools, file archivers, hardware tools, and many other such software from there. The latest versions will be downloaded, right from the developer's websites, so the process is both hassle-free and safe.
An uninstaller and a scheduler
The utility also features an uninstaller function that allows users to uninstall multiple apps on their system with only a few inputs.
The introduction of a scheduler is also a most welcome addition to what the program offers: schedule when you want the software to look for updates: every day, every few days, and so on.
Patch My PC thus does exactly what it claims, and does it well: considering how easy it is to get started, there's virtually no reason to not consider getting your computer up to speed with the latest updates, which this program can so effortlessly provide.









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Patch My PC Cracked Version is an app that helps you stay up-to-date with your apps and other programs.
*Scans the programs on your computer, notices the updates available and keep them ready to install or download instantly.
*Finds and installs updates for all the programs on your computer instantly and silently.
*Lets you to schedule the updates so that you can control when it will be installed or downloaded.
*Automatically downloads updates of all the programs on your computer.
*Uninstalls the programs on your PC with a few clicks!
*Desktop app for all the programs on your PC!
*Just one app for all the updates and software on your computer!
*Simply installs updates and let it work! No need to check software websites for updates!
*Promptly pop-up to remind you to install new updates and remember updates.
*Finds and installs updates of all programs automatically.
*When updates of your programs is found the software presents the app as ‘Updates!’.
*Now with a simple and easy to use scheduler.
*The scheduler allows you to set up when you want the updates to be automatically downloaded.
*You can check if a new update is available.
*If there is no new update you can manually choose ‘Download’.
*Download the update to a location of your choice.
*Automatic download of updates.
*Over 40.000 programs scanned and the software successfully finds updates and the updates can be installed automatically or by choosing ‘Download’.
*App is free.
*Latest updates.
*Easy to use, just a click!
*You can schedule when to update apps.
*You can uninstall applications, restart windows, reboot a computer, or just click ‘Go Offline’ to turn off the software.
*You can schedule update date and time.
*User friendly to use.

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Patch My PC Crack +

Constant updates are important: your system should be constantly checked for updates and bugfixes, and that’s where Patch My PC will come in. An application that automatically checks online for updates of installed software and installs them is just what it takes for a computer to be always up to date. Even better: these updates are installed silently and are ready for use immediately after the check. Once the update is successfully installed you don’t need to do anything else, you don’t even need to log in. When you run the application the first time it is already logged in.
What can Patch My PC do for you?
Patch My PC checks online for latest updates on installed software, and automatically installs them. You don’t have to do anything when it’s checking and installing: it’s all done in the background without requiring any input from you. You don’t need to be online or connected to the internet to keep your system up to date, and it doesn’t take long to do so.
The program doesn’t just silently and automatically install updates: you can also schedule when they should be checked. This makes sure that, even if you forget about the program or turn it off, the next time you boot up your system the updates will be automatically installed.
When you run the application for the first time, it already logs in to your existing Facebook account: that way you can easily access to your account settings and edit your privacy settings: you just enter the social network’s web page and log in (using your Facebook account), then you’ll get a convenient link in your Facebook inbox. If you have an account on Twitter, you can also access and edit your account settings there through the application.
Uninstall support is included, and by using the Scheduler feature, you can keep the software looking for updates whenever you want.
With the basic functions of the app, it’s not a particularly engaging tool: you get exactly what the program offers, and what it does very well: getting updates and installing them is the main function, and that’s it.
What could be improved?
The program has a few shortcomings: the interface is on the minimalist side, and some (though not all) of the functions could be enhanced. The main drawback: the search is a bit too narrow. There is no way to specify what you want to scan for, or the process will only pick up those programs that happen to meet the conditions you set.
It could also use some more informative error messages.
How to use Patch

Patch My PC Crack +

This is the simplest to use utility for Windows to scan for obsolete software to be updated or be removed.
Download and use PatchMyPC
The next time you boot your PC, the software will check your programs for outdated versions and let you know which programs can be updated.
PatchMyPC user interface
After the check, your programs will be listed. Red text will indicate a program whose version you should update, and click on the program will download the latest version from the software producer’s website.
Downloading of new programs is also possible.
When available, updates will be installed silently.
Important notice. Patched software is not guaranteed to run correctly. Patched software can also be unsafe.
Available updates.
Select the version of the program to update.
You can select multiple versions.
Use “Add to be sure” to ensure that the program and all its components are selected.
The next time you boot your PC, the program will automatically check for outdated programs and display the results.
Display the results.
You can also schedule updates, and even remove obsolete programs.
Schedule in advance.
How to make use of this program.
Remove obsolete programs.
The program will automate the removal of obsolete programs.
Any programs that cannot be reinstalled will be displayed, if any.
The list will display programs that cannot be reinstalled.
Items that cannot be removed.
The software will not remove certain items, for example, games, codecs, and others.
Installation of third-party programs.
If you find that you have a program that cannot be reinstalled, select the program from the list, and click to install it.
Select a program to install.
In the case of supported programs, after installation, it will automatically update to the latest version.
Installing of third-party programs.
You can install third-party programs, but the program will automatically update to the latest version.
System requirements.
You have to have Internet access.

This app is similar to the one featured on CNET. You can do the same thing. Please read the description carefully if you want to know the details.
App features:
* This software does not alter your computer. It is 100% safe to run on any computer.
* It saves you time from

What’s New In?

Patches the majority of your installed programs
Installs all major and minor software updates and notifies you of new versions and new updates
Allows automatic updates to be performed whenever connected to the internet without the need for user interaction or manual updates
Can be scheduled to update when connected to the internet
Renew the currently installed updates after a period of time
Can uninstall installed apps
Replaces the PCCleaner utility
Downloads updates from the manufacturer websites
Can be scheduled to update when connected to the internet
Replaces the Microsoft Patch My PC Utility
Removes third-party software which may conflict with other software on your PC
Background process that can be scheduled for low-priority updates
Can be scheduled to update when connected to the internet
Renew the currently installed updates after a period of time
Support multiple update methods

Major Features :

Uninstalls all programs
Automatically locates all programs on your computer and identifies them.
Pushes updates to software when downloading is complete
Installs upcoming Windows updates
Schedules automatic updates to occur
Downloads software updates from Microsoft
Installs software updates from manufacturer websites
Replaces PCCleaner and Microsoft’s Patch My PC utility
Supports multiple update methods

Minor Features :

Options allow users to change the schedule for updates
Replaces third-party utilities
Install software updates to quietly
Uninstalls apps and notifies the user of its removal
Automatically removes and replaces third-party utilities
Schedules scheduled updates to occur automatically
Automatically uninstalls and renews apps
Schedules scheduled updates to occur automatically
Downloads software updates from the manufacturer websites
Uninstalls third-party utilities
Stops processes (other than idle processes) which may conflict with other applications
Replaces the Microsoft Patch My PC utility
Support apps for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB devices
Cleans cache and temp files
Supports multiple update methods

What’s new in this version:

Added an uninstaller for installed apps and programs
Added a scheduler to schedule updates
Added auto-renew functionality for updates from manufacturers. You can enable this option. If left on, this updates your software until it expires
Added option to show uninstalls/removals in the list view
Added support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB devices. These apps are not supported through all update modes
Updated the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB apps to 1.

System Requirements For Patch My PC:

Windows 7, 8 or 10.
A 64-bit or 32-bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 10 is required.
Intel Core 2 Duo or later processor (2GHz is recommended).
2 GB RAM or more (4GB is recommended).
3 GB free hard disk space.
DirectX 9.0 or later.
Sound card with support for 2 channels.
Internet connection.
Additional software may be required to configure the virtual environment.
Uplay at release was


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