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MiDAC Torrent Download is a desktop alerting tool. It contains built-in alert types for a wide range of services and supports RSS(XML and Atom),Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube alerts.
The new MiDAC 3.0 enterprise version was released in July 2011.
MiDAC contains a group of unique

Desktop alerting for the PC version of miDAC

Electronic mail


FTP and Telnet


Jakarta Media Service
















Windows Media




Built-in SMS text alerting

Built-in Desktop alerting

Built-in RSS News Reader

Built-in Twitter alerting

Built-in Twitter feedbacks (fallback)

SMS text alerts.

Desktop alerts can be scheduled.

Desktop alerts can be shared with a group of people.

Built-in automated feedbacks to users with frequent desktop alerts.

Built-in public Twitter alerts

Built-in group alerts through groups and hashtags.

Built-in Twitter feeds (ranks)

Built-in Facebook (cluster) alerting

Built-in Facebook feeds

Built-in IRC alerting

Built-in IRC feeds

Built-in NDEF/Rich media alerts

Built-in SQL Server alerting

Built-in MySQL alerts

Built-in MySpace alerts

Built-in Miku alerts

Built-in multimedia alerts

Built-in MP3 alerts

Built-in RSS alerts

Built-in SMS alerts

Built-in Sip alerts

Built-in SSH alerts

Built-in Telnet alerts

Built-in Telnet feedbacks

Built-in XML alerts

Built-in YouTube alerts

Built-in Windows Media alerts

Built-in XML feeds

Built-in Analog alerts

Built-in Analog feedbacks

Built-in Jakarta Media Service alerts

Built-in JMS (Jakarta Media Service)

MiDAC Crack+ With License Key PC/Windows

There’s no need to run a separate web browser or any other application with notifications. The miDAC client is a true desktop client and integrates directly with your existing Windows desktop. It displays alerts in the most appropriate and effective format including desktop alerts, RSS feeds of news headlines from feeds and alerts, and HTML rich format for system-based alerts. All alerts and notifications are completely customizable, so you can choose to display only the most relevant and wanted alerts.
MiDAC Features:
Built-in desktop alerts for Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Oracle, Macromedia and.Net software products.
RSS RSS news feeds and alerts to applications such as Feed reader, Opera Mail, Opera Web Mail, RSS Explorer.
HTML HTML alerts in rich format with graphics, and links.
Flash movies for desktop alerts and Flash RSS feeds.
Send alerts and messages through any gateway, including clients, network, email, telnet, ICQ, and IM (Buddy).
Push, interactive SMS text messaging with familiar buttons and rich text messaging.
Flexible scheduling system for various types of messages.
Scheduling and filtering for emails, SMS, and alerts.
Schedule text messages and desktop alerts to groups of users to whom you can send tailored messages and desktop alerts.
Configure a custom background image for desktop alerts.
Create an alert for new mail messages in Opera Mail or Opera Mail 2 for Windows and Mac OS X.
Set up rules for start and finish alerts for applications.
Support for multiple gateways.
Hotkeys for status bars, tray and desktop and a right click menu for desktop alerts
Additional Information:
MiDAC Alerts:
Headlines from feeds and alerts can be read with a double click and can be read in a pop-up window. Headlines from any URL are supported.
A double click on a headline loads the full story in the MiDAC client.
You can read other headlines from feeds and alerts or the full story by clicking on the headline.
A single click on a headline loads a pop-up window with the full story.
Underline the selected headline to create a bookmark for the full story.
Miscellaneous headings are read by displaying their URL in a pop-up window.
Clicking on a miscellaneous headline or the URL will open the full story in MiDAC.
Hovering the mouse over a headline or URL displays the full story with a pop-up dialog.
You can

MiDAC With Full Keygen

1. Multimedia messaging:
MiDAC can receive, display, store and send multimedia messages and publish them to a website. The messages can be in rich text, HTML or Flash format. MiDAC has a powerful CMS (Content Management System) with a WYSIWYG editor that supports all HTML, Flash, WAV, and MP3 formats, and a blog. Its multimedia handling technology allows both local users to access message content and visitors to view and download it. The messages can be sent to any device including mobile phones, PDAs and PCs.
2. RSS News Reader:
MiDAC can be set to a subscriber status through a user interface. Once subscribed a RSS feed is automatically set as an RSS news reader in the client. The RSS feed can be set to view in a tabbed pane, side pane, or a separate tabbed column.
In a tabbed pane there can be multiple RSS feeds set with up to two or more columns each RSS feed and its feed types can be set independent of each other. The RSS feed frequency can be specified individually for each feed.
In a side pane there can be up to two columns each RSS feed and its feed types can be set independent of each other. The RSS feed frequency can be specified individually for each feed.
In a separate tabbed column there can be one RSS feed and its feed types and RSS feed frequency can be specified independently.
3. Group Management:
A group is defined as a group of people, computers or applications that share a common property and are assigned to a campaign. MiDAC can be set to schedule a message to a group by using the group management tool or by using a group member list, IP or DNS (Domain Name System) address. A custom message can be defined for group members in the group management tool and messages are distributed to each member independently.
4. Group Properties:
Properties can be defined for a group.
Properties can include a group ID, a banner image, a name, a description, a signature, an introduction and a message.
5. An Email Notifier:
A notification email sent through a Web form is also included.
6. Hosted Website:
MiDAC is a fully hosted service.
7. Web Mail Access:
MiDAC can be set to allow email messages to be sent through a Web form.
8. Distributed Alerts:
Alerts can be distributed to all the MiD

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System Requirements For MiDAC:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 or 64 bits). If you are using Windows XP you need to install some applications that will help us to run the game.
You will need a modem to connect to the internet.
2GB of RAM
At least 5GB of available hard drive space
1.8 GHz or faster processor
DirectX 10 compatible video card with 128MB of video memory (only compatible with Geforce cards)
MIDI keyboard
Sound blaster compatible sound card



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