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Live Start Page, or LSP, is a service that offers access to a wide range of features via a Chrome extension you can add with the touch of a button. The plugin is extremely powerful as it will come integrated with many options and customizations. Its primary function is to serve as a meditation utility. On the side, it will deliver functions meant to enhance productivity throughout the day.
Browser wallpapers and Meditation Mode
Installing the Chrome extension will add the Live Start Page icon and all its functionalities in the browser. Every time you will open a new tab, a video wallpaper will be displayed in the background. Because the tool is aimed at enhancing meditation capabilities, the backgrounds are calm, relaxing, and enjoyable. You can choose from a wide variety of alternatives, all having clear, full HD quality, and beautiful meditation sounds.
Every time you feel tired, stressed out, or just want to relax a little bit, turn on the Meditation Mode. It is an advanced mode that will offer access to a digital world of peacefulness and a fully customizable ecosystem. You can select the visuals, the sounds, and adjust them. Indeed, trying the premium version will make a difference as the number of options it offers will be so abundant you will truly see a difference and be impressed; maybe, slowly, you will transition to this tool and make it your number one mediation app.
Other features for enjoyable work
Besides meditation, the Live Start Page plugin comes packed with some features meant to help you organize your day, but mostly, help your stay on track with your time and energy consumption; you can use some basic functionalities such as shortcuts of the last visited pages (the speed dial option), the Google suite shortcut, or the weather widget for getting real-time updates on the most important meteorological events, for your location.
The more advanced capabilities you can access are the clock/date feature and the to-do list generator. These ones are really effective in helping you manage your time efficiently and stay organized throughout the day. They are super easy to modify and adjust to fit your needs. Using the drag and drop built-in functionality, you can place them anywhere on the screen. The settings include design and appearance changing, plus functionality adjustments.
The all-in-one tool
To summarize, Live Start Page is a Chrome extension that will deliver much more than just a beautiful video wallpaper for your tabs. It is a utility meant to actually make a difference in your life and connect with your true self, to help and enhance attention, focus, and bring awareness into your mind. It will unveil work patterns and parts of your daily routine that can be improved.


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“LiveStartPage is an enhanced Chrome extension for Google Chrome, allowing you to access its own online live support service, “LiveSupport” [ This tool provides you with access to the entire suite of LiveSupport’s services. We have combined, enhanced, and developed LiveSupport’s services to create a tool that will be of value to you, provide you with access to the tools and the services that you truly need.
“The LiveStartPage extension will bring you the LiveSupport’s online service, namely “LiveHelp Support”. Additionally, we enhanced it to include support for a “Speed Dial” mode to enhance your existing shortcut techniques with a “Speed Dial” to your favorite websites and apps.
“LiveStartPage works with the official LiveSupport channel on, which is a free service that connects you with a live human customer service agent, even in the middle of the night.
“LiveStartPage provides you with a feature called “Mindfulness Mode”. This mode enables you to have access to a wide range of features, including a combination of audio and video content, different prompts, and handy hints for enhancing your meditation skills. It will benefit from an auto-suggestion feature and an easily adjustable focus zone, which will adapt according to your needs and preferences.
“LiveStartPage is an extension that is meant to help you enhance your attention skills. This is achieved through different features, prompts, and daily tips that will help you increase the quality of your daily life, balance your life, and help you see the bigger picture.”

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Live Start Page Crack For Windows is a time-saving and thought-provoking add-on that offers easy ways to stay on track and boost productivity. This personal meditation tool and productivity enhancement is a must-have and must-use Chrome extension.
The extension comes free, packed with meditation functions, and designed to serve as a meditation tool, as well as a productivity tool, to help you optimize your time and energy throughout your day.
• The LSP main window, interface and related functionalities
• The clock, date, and weather widgets, as well as the Google suite shortcut and the speed dial
• The to-do list generator
• The settings section
• The LSP credits and support
• The installation of the extension


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Live Start Page is a Chrome Extension that will bring a wallpapers to your browser. It will also display time on your screen. The extension is intended to work as a meditation tool. Using the drag and drop functionality, you can customize the extension and the end-user settings, including clock, date, to-do list. You can also change the background color and remove the watermark from the extension by pressing “Remove watermark” and “Change the background color” buttons.

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What’s New in the?

Live Start Page offers you a web-based live wall for the browser in which you can add pages and videos from your favorite social networks. The tool uses the browser tab to deliver a beautiful video as the background, although, you can choose to add a video or any text on the page. It is free to use and there is no option to subscribe to enhance the user experience.

CPU 964 Mhz, Ram 256Mb, 80 Mhz

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System Requirements For Live Start Page:

Minimum Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD A10-5700, 3.2GHz or faster, 4GB RAM
Storage: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics processor with 256MB VRAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 5770, DirectX 10 compatible or better
Network Adapter: Broadband Internet connection with internet download capability
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card with wave output, integrated sound, or a USB sound card with line-in capabilities


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