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Roblox is a free platform and game maker that allows children to build their own game worlds, which can be designed as virtual worlds, video games, or a mix of both. Roblox games are created using a drag-and-drop game builder, which uses the block-based programming language Lua to create the games. The Roblox platform hosts millions of active users who can interact with each other through social features and play games created by other users.
Over time, Roblox has allowed its users to create their own games that can be played by those users and their friends. In the past, the games that Roblox users made tended to focus on small, exploratory games, such as tower defense and idle puzzle games. In recent years, though, the platform has been used to create games that have been published by major game studios, including Playdom, The Walt Disney Company, and Activision.
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Roblox Virtual Worlds:

Roblox is one of many social and role-playing games

Want to find out more about Roblox Virtual Worlds?

But Kids Play Too!

Kids don’t need to play just virtual worlds or role-playing games. They can play games made for them!

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