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Let’s play Roblox! I’m Gunrun, and this is my office. Gunrun Switch is a very popular kids game. We are coding in Roblox Studio. We can create games and other things on the Roblox platform. I would love to play this game with you. Subscribe now! ==If you like our video please share it with your friends and help our channel grow!

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** Requested Games/Games I would love to play through: **
1. Dwarf fortress 2 (can’t find my copy of DF2)
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4. I want to play through ESO again because I really enjoyed it as a child
** Who do I kill?**
1. Good Neighbors, they are the reason we are having this issue
2. All the kids in the neighborhood
3. Kids that play Roblox, kids that are not playing Roblox, friends of the kids who play Roblox
4. Children, Adults, Smallville, 2501, Carter on TV, Connors, the White House, the Taliban, Mary Poppins, Pac Man, Play House, OJ, Apple, Allison, Alex, Barney
5. Everyone that has ever been on TV or in the news
6. Everyone that would be a power struggle later in life
7. John F.


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