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you can use strstr() as well.
but i think it is better idea to use a loop on the tokens and see, if it is the whole token or not and go on like this…


What is a core dump and how to fix it?

A core dump file is saved when an application crashes.I have never seen a core dump file,so please tell me,What is a core dump file and how to fix it?


A Core dump is a process that gets dumped on your system when it encounters a fatal error, which means that the process can no longer be stopped, or when the program crashes because of a bug in its code. A core dump can be used to debug the program. When a core dump is created, it is stored in the /var/crash directory, and you can use the core-Dump utility to examine the dump.


Override default static class

I’m using the following default class:
class ChangeAction : IAction
public Func Action
get { return _action; }

public ChangeAction(Func action)
_action = action;

private readonly Func _action;

And I want to use a modified class in a different project, with a “copy-paste” and change in the constructor:
class ChangeAction : IAction
public Action Action { get; set; }

public ChangeAction(Action action)
: base(() => action())
_action = action;

It throws an error:

The type ‘Action’ must be a non-generic type to use it as parameter ‘T’ in the generic type or method ‘IAction.GetType()’

How could I reference the Default class and use it?


You need to update the base class definition to have Action be covariant


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How to Download Free and Premium Books from iTunes 8.0 (iOS). – iBooks (Free) || Evernote – Your Notebook (Free)

Cambio móvil? En iTunes, iTunes Store se puede alterar en Singapur. iTunes Store se ve o aparece sin D.

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