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HansaWorld Enterprise Full Crack is designed to run with standard database engines from various vendors and is designed to be simple to install, install and debug. By remaining simple, the system can be implemented quickly in new markets and over new technologies and OS (operating systems). ■ Not all features supported HansaWorld Enterprise Crack Keygen: HansaWorld Enterprise Activation Code supports all objects included in the installation version of HansaWorld Enterprise Client. It also includes a huge number of additional unique objects, which are necessary for some sort of management for other enterprise systems which are implemented. These include printing and copying servers (including a complete print server), a virtual host server, print and copying, a communication server (including an integrated socket and network connection client) and e-mail functions (including a complete SMTP and IMAP client). ■ Open APIs HansaWorld Enterprise: HansaWorld Enterprise has an Open API, which will be a very important factor for the growth of HansaWorld Enterprise. Customers will be able to integrate completely new systems and features to HansaWorld Enterprise, in many cases for a fraction of the cost and time of development. ■ Secure HansaWorld Enterprise: HansaWorld Enterprise is designed to provide secure client access with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) based on a public and private encryption key. It is possible to implement a self-service portal based on this. The authentication concept is very flexible and applicable to customers with their own login system. ■ Server Hosting HansaWorld Enterprise: HansaWorld Enterprise can also be hosted by ISPs, thus allowing ISPs to set up their own remote control of the system. HansaWorld Enterprise is set up for automatic login, allowing for any password management that is required to be performed by the system. ■ Connectivity HansaWorld Enterprise: HansaWorld Enterprise supports all existing operating systems, including Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. ■ JavaScript Support HansaWorld Enterprise: HansaWorld Enterprise can run any web browser, including the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Many developers view web browsers as browsers, but in fact, they are programmable and thus can be used for all kinds of applications. As soon as a developer has learned the protocol in use and access to the API’s, any web browser can be used, and once used, it is not necessary to learn new ones. This

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Our customers have requested a simple, easy to understand Enterprise Suite. This means they do not require all functions included in our HansaWorld. This is a matter of choice, not necessity. ■ Commercial support We are the only vendor offering unlimited free support if a customer ever finds a bug (and remember, our object database is the fastest GUI accounting system in the world). We also offer a premium support contract. ■ Data security With the general object database design, a user can connect from any PC and any location with no risk of data breach. When a user connects, a limited number of “Access Groups” can be defined which define what a user may see and do. Although the application is entirely web-based, you can use our “front-end” (non-object) software to connect to the HansaWorld Enterprise server in several ways (desktop, PC emulator, AS/400 and NS Client). Users can also define their own connections. This solution is the ideal way to remotely access data. ■ Object database Our application is completely object-based (as opposed to the common relational approach). This provides a performance improvement of more than 10 times faster than similar systems. Our object database technology can be used for fields ranging from customer details to inventory, payments and even plant and plant data. It is possible to write standard SQL queries directly against the database. This approach also makes it easier to scale for the internet, because all data is searchable. ■ Worldwide use HansaWorld Enterprise can be used in any country in the world (including China, India, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico etc). There is also the possibility to setup a local server at an ISP, which makes it highly suitable for large companies who have their own local server. ■ Virtual Clients In addition to ordinary PCs, our application can run on a PC emulator, and via a PC Emulator version is available. This makes it possible to handle extremely large data sets or to create a workstation for an accountant to use. It is possible to develop stand-alone software for mobile devices and even for mobile phones. ■ Cross-platform HansaWorld Enterprise runs on any OS supported by the PC it is connected to. (It is possible to install on Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS/2, MS-DOS and Mac OS X.) ■ Interop between objects It is possible to integrate objects 2f7fe94e24

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12 functions for Windows NT and 2000 ■ Common business functions, like balance sheets, bank statements, cost centers and trial balances, with full hierarchical status and conversion ■ Functions in each module, enabling users to choose which modules they want to include in their business ■ A user interface (GUI) that is fast and easy to learn, yet powerful and can be customised to meet the needs of large and small companies ■ Automatic collection of tax and valuation data at calculation time ■ Includes required modules for most customers (cash, accounts receivable and payable, accounts payable, payments, taxes, trial balances, customer data, inventory, general ledgers, fixed assets, fixed assets materials, physical facilities, materials, fixed asset liability and capital investment projects) ■ Based on an object-oriented database (ODB), particularly suited to large companies A Fast GUI accounting system, with unlimited I/O and scalability for the future Selecting the correct software solution for your business is a complex decision, especially when multi-user software is concerned. There are various reasons why businesses choose a particular product: it may be the selling price, the method of payment, the user interface, the availability of maintenance support and the features. User interface: HansaWorld’s GUI is easy to learn, but powerful enough to meet the needs of any business. From small companies to large corporations, from first-time users to business users with years of experience, the HansaWorld GUI will suit you. The GUI provides all the user tools and data-entry functions that you need to manage your business. ■ Easy to learn, with lots of examples ■ Data entry can be done by hand, or using a mouse, a keyboard or an interface such as a PC or a tablet PC. The learning curve is minimal, and features such as hierarchical status and conversion make data entry as easy and flexible as possible. ■ Data files can be downloaded and imported. HansaWorld allows for data entry from multiple sources, and can be used with data files that do not have defined attributes. ■ Hidden attributes are taken into account when calculating data ■ The result of a calculation can be accessed from a calculator, or an automatic auditor can be run ■ The different data modes are flexible. Advanced users can set up up data modes to match their exact requirements, such as data entry through manual entry, through existing data files,

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This is a complete integrated solution based on a single database. It does not include the following: ■ Electronic transaction receipts ■ Electronic quotation receipts ■ Routing based on routing numbers ■ Mobile computing with handheld computers ■ Distribution with forecasting/reporting ■ Tool for electronic data interchange (EDI) ■ Databases with other vendors ■ Electronic contracts ■ Multi-language support ■ Teller terminals ■ Mobile based order taking ■ Payment solutions ■ Telephone-based order taking ■ Other services than those provided by the company ■ XML support ■ Spreadsheet application ■ Tool for content management ■ Information from other sources ■ Stock management ■ Hierarchical selection ■ Item details ■ Supplier list ■ Customer management ■ Payments, transactions and statements management ■ Purchase order and other purchase orders ■ Sales order and other sale orders ■ Product management ■ Item listing, with lead times, quantity available and price ■ Invoices and other statements ■ Accounting ■ Batch files and vendor files ■ Requisitions and other ordering ■ Invoices and other statement ■ Business rules and rules for materials ■ Due dates, forecast ■ Inventory ■ Payment history ■ Invoice all status ■ As-builts ■ Document/payment management ■ Electronic help and support ■ Secure transmission ■ Visualisation of the own company ■ Preconfigured module for sales ■ Purchase order management ■ Document and status management ■ Invoice management ■ Invoice import ■ Accounting and secure transmission ■ Embedded validation of the data ■ Supplier documents ■ Supplier selection ■ Batch file ■ Batch file import ■ Item selection (items of business sectors) ■ Deliverables and the output of the own company ■ Data migration ■ Payroll on demand ■ Customised service, e.g. on-


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Minimum: OS: Windows XP (Vista, 7, 8) Processor: P4 or better CPU Memory: 1024 MB RAM Graphics: At least a “game” capable video card (NVidia, ATI) DirectX: 9.0c or higher Hard Drive: 750 MB free space Network: Broadband Internet access Additional: CD-ROM drive (optional) CD-KEY: Play! Games:



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