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This year’s update applies artificial intelligence to teams, adding team play options and tactical innovations while allowing for more manual input through the use of Active Targeting. With “Active Targeting” you can ‘find and track your target’ using custom features like the new ‘Find My Target’ option and the new ‘Heat Map’.

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EA SPORTS™ is a recognized leader in sports video games, including the FIFA franchise, and has won more than 300 ‘Game of the Year’ awards from Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Monthly and GameSpot. Since launch, FIFA 13 has sold more than 72 million copies and has been the best-selling sports game in the U.S. and Canada more than any other title. The FIFA franchise has sold more than 250 million copies worldwide, and is one of the best-selling sports franchises of all time. More information on FIFA can be found at More information on EA can be found at About Bad Robot Interactive, Inc

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Features Key:

  • Six New Spots:
    15 new arenas with new gameplay and settings. From the new training grounds with brand-new screens to 20 achilles heels kits, the new experience is never boring!

  • New players and new creator cards:
    FIFA 22 introduces a total of 25 new card classes, with the NEW REDEMPTION STATUE, the FIRST EVER GEORGE WEIR card, first card to feature a bonus weapon skin.

  • Competition Details: New game modes, new stadiums, new set of football rules, new opponents… the list goes on!
  • Team of the Year:
  • Amazing players: 20 Real players, 35 Authentic clubs!
  • World Events:
    • Most memorable World Cups™
    • Hats & Quotes
    • 25 eFootball Cups world-wide

  • Matchday:
    Get involved at the ground level by enjoying new FUT Leagues and tournaments to play for. The FUT Team of the Year criteria will reward fans across all team sizes.

  • FIFA Ultimate Team:
    Lastly, a renewed FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox One and PC. In FUT 21, we completely rebalanced how teams perform, how and when they score, and how they protect goals. Introducing FUT 22 Tactics, set-up your team with more tactical options, 1v1 tactics, and gamestyle options.

  • and more!


Fifa 22 Patch With Serial Key

EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 rated football game of all time, and FIFA Ultimate Team® is the world’s largest soccer trading card game. Both are available on the award-winning, next-gen console, PlayStation®4 Pro.

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**Online Play requires a PlayStation®Network account; account required for online gameplay.

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New Features

Intuitive and fresh control puts you in total control of your shots and quickfire goals. Precision shooting systems (such as “Fling Control”), plus the first ever Quick Pass feature, make every hit and pass feel like it matters. It’s never been easier to create and control the ball, and finally, when you need to unleash a shot, you can fire it confidently with the new Shot Power Control.

Accurate Player Trajectories

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 continues the journey of improved ball and player behavior, bringing more realism to the global players, pitch, and stadium environment. New physics also mean more believable player movements, flight paths and effects in the air.

Spirits of the Crowd

The crowd’s roar, chants, and whistles are finally back in-game! Much like fans watching a game on TV, their mood can completely change the outcome of a match. Let your imagination run wild with new crowd reactions, crowd chants and crowd noises.

The World’s Fastest Game Engine

A new physics-based engine, combined with the most advanced animation, features, and animation pipeline, provides a more detailed and realistic look at players and the ball.

New Features

Shot Power Control brings precision shooting to the next level with new options for shot strength, power and deceleration.


Fifa 22 Crack + Product Key

FUT is now more immersive, intuitive, and fun than ever before. Play out real matches, make trades, collect players, upgrade kits, work on player attributes, and more in an intuitive new experience.

FIFA Ultimate Team – OFFICIAL MANAGERS CATEGORY – The Official Manager Category has been updated! In FIFA 22, you can have an unprecedented connection to your manager and have your Pro wear his unique shirt when he plays! Plus, learn who is the strongest manager and who is second fiddle to him.

FUT MATCHMAKING – New Quick and Easy Tournaments. In addition to the traditional quick match tournaments, FIFA 22 introduces Quick and Easy Tournaments. Now, you can play Quick and Easy Tournaments against other players online right from within FIFA Ultimate Team. This feature makes it easy to compete against friends as well as find opponents of similar FIFA level. You can even customize the settings of your Quick and Easy tournaments just as you can with Quick and Easy matches.

FUT AI TAKEOVER – In FIFA 22, the AI takes you on a new experience. Rely on the in-game engine for a one-on-one experience as one of the best players in the world takes charge of your team.

INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY – In FIFA 22, we deliver a game like no other. The immersive environments, the signature player power and skill moves, intelligent teammates, smarter player behavior, and player-engineer connection are all elements of the gameplay that create an experience like no other.

POWER OF PLAYER SELECTION – Using the new Pick Directional Control System, players can now select a direction in which they want their players to run when out of possession.

FIFI – THREE MORE ULTIMATE TEAMS – Full episodes of the Best FIFA Cast will also be available for you to stream! The Cast will include the much anticipated reveal of the three new Ultimate Team free-kick categories. Our ultimate footballers reveal the Best FIFA Film Villains, the Best FIFA Film Teams and the Best FIFA Film Awards. The Cast will take place on a monthly basis and you can see every episode on as well as starting in January!

THE BEST FIFA YOUTUBE CONTENT – FIFA YouTube will continue to grow with the addition of more exclusive content and the creation of the Best FIFA YOUTUBE LIVE show, now airing twice a week! Best FIFA YOUT


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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