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To create the “HyperMotion technology,” 22 players in Motion Capture suits played a high-intensity and high-speed version of a game of football. The data collected on 22 real-life players in motion was analyzed and used to develop “HyperMotion.” The result is a new level of play in FIFA that uses the same physics engine as FIFA Ultimate Team to deliver the most immersive, realistic and entertaining football experience ever. “HyperMotion technology builds on the ability of FIFA Ultimate Team content to make any player better at all times. From the basics of positioning, to combining different types of shots or performing well in certain areas of the pitch, anything that is based on scoring goals and winning the ball back can be improved. This was made possible by tracking 22 high-intensity matches in 22 players. Thanks to HyperMotion technology, as a player you will always be one step ahead.” Player Data Overload “The best of the best.” The beauty of FIFA Ultimate Team is that the collection of the best players in the world is entirely dependent on what players a manager purchases. Players with certain attributes will be grouped together and new attributes will open up in-game options for players like new roles. For example, a player who can shoot from long range may be grouped together with players who are in the best position to score from long distance. The result is more players with great attributes that contribute to the team’s win chances. Now, what if you were given the player data for the best 22 football players in the world? What if you were told that you were responsible for improving every single one of them? That is the experience that players will have in-game when FIFA 22 launches on September 19, 2016. Player data has always been collected at different levels in FIFA. FIFA 13 brought “player data” from the 23 best players at their position who had been considered the most valuable to the team in a recent game. The move was designed to open up options for players like putting a defender at the base of a midfielders’ skill tree. When the goal of those calculations was to have the most accurate players being available in game, this was already a considerable achievement. But now, with the addition of player data from the best 22 football players in the world it is extraordinary. Players are now given stats that can not be acquired in any other way in the game. These data-driven improvements are no longer driven by teams


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 brings a host of new features to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, including a bespoke skill acquisition system, ‘makeover’ options and new transfers. In addition, the new FFA Manager Director provides a significant upgrade to the technical infrastructure that is the foundation of FIFA Ultimate Team mode.
  • The live service features of FIFA Ultimate Team and eSports allow gameplay in offline and online modes to be fully integrated and delivered over a single content delivery network (CDN), providing constant delivery throughout the world. This removes the need for players to download the game locally, improving gameplay performance and optimising the user experience.
  • It’s not easy being green: a new model takes account environmental impacts, forcing players to use natural resources only in the more sustainable way possible.
  • A “skill system” (in development) allows users to get more out of the ability to develop and improve a specific skill in a game. This feature could be dynamically applied, for instance, to increase power, dribbling speed, or passing accuracy as a player improves their ability in a specific area.
  • Unlock FIFA Silver Pack with EA Access. For a limited time, welcome to the world of FIFA and receive a FIFA Silver Pack with EA’s biggest and best add-ons when you purchase FUT 15 – including five matchday kits and five presents. And when you purchase FIFA 17’s Game of the Year Edition, you will automatically receive access to FIFA Silver Pack.
  • A Career Highlights feature that records and replays each of a player’s best moments in their career using visual resources from the game’s Creative Director.
  • An all-new Leaderboards system that provides a single destination to track performance across all modes, allowing fans to compare every aspect of their gameplay. Fans can also now compete against their friends and the all-new global online leaderboard.
  • Ability to watch live streaming of world-class golf tournaments.
  • Ability to transfer all your NFL content to FIFA.
  • Ability to host up to 256 players in online multiplayer matches.
  • Demos
  • Community Collection is an update to the FUT Online Archive


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    The world’s biggest football game. FIFA gets you deep into the action of the sport – whether you’re playing or coaching. Build and manage your very own team, compete in a variety of different game modes, or hone your skills and become the best player in the world. Aims to keep the game fresh FIFA 22’s improved Artificial Intelligence means that your FIFA players will make winning plays on a day-to-day basis. Plus, the brand-new ‘Man on the Canvas’ camera mode gives you an exclusive new perspective on the action as you tell your team’s story in the heat of battle. Football’s biggest community Find a huge range of matches from the most prestigious competitions, all in real-life stadium locations, around the world. And if you can’t get a kick of a real tournament, there are over 100 licensed Pro Clubs to join. For fans and creators alike, FIFA is a platform for fans to share their passion for the sport and their creativity with the millions of people around the world that play, create, and engage with FIFA. Real Players, real world stadiums True to life. Featuring over 2,400 licensed players from around the world, FIFA 22 lets you put your hero in the heart of the real-world stadiums where football has been played for decades. New modes and features FIFA’s most advanced gameplay yet lets you fly through the game with super-fast first-time passing, control defensive breakdowns, and fine-tune the art of set-pieces. There are also new game modes, like expanded Master League, Be A Pro, and Draft Champions, all of which come with extensive back-end enhancements to offer a deeper experience. As always, the Community Challenge gives you the chance to play and interact with FIFA features through Uploads & Challenges, and FIFA Ultimate Team and Ultimate Team Drafts bring you an unprecedented level of customization to create your own Ultimate Team. And of course, Career Mode lets you build your own footballing legacy. Intelligent AI The brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) system in FIFA lets your footballers make winning plays on a day-to-day basis. New intelligent behaviors help your players to run faster, close more tackles, and make better decisions when faced with a situation. AI is smarter than ever before – in addition to being able to read and bc9d6d6daa


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    Unlock everything you need to become the greatest FIFA Ultimate Team manager the world has ever seen. Set up your own squad and take on other managers to dominate the new season. Build your dream team from over 700 FUT players, with kits and signed transfers that can be swapped with your own. Progress through the ranks to create your legendary team. FIFA 22 introduces many new features and improvements to many of the most popular and sought after modes. The brand new dynamic and fluid controls, and ability to pass the ball, combined with an evolved and improved FIFA system give you more control of the ball in gameplay. The Career and Ultimate Team modes have also been improved, offering greater management and customization features, while the online experience is further enhanced with new features, as well as redesigned Play Now modes and enhancements. Alongside FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile continues to grow and expand on its already successful formula. Players can now face their friends in unique Match Tournaments, and take on the world in a series of new exciting events. FIFA 22 Mobile brings more ways to play, more ways to win, and more ways to show off your in-game accomplishments than ever before. FIFA Mobile is available worldwide on mobile, tablet, and console. FIFA 22 is the sequel to EA SPORTS FIFA 19, which was released in September 2018. FIFA 19 was the second most popular digital sports game of the year in the U.S. on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the most-watched game of the year on Twitch. The official soundtrack for the game was released on iTunes in September 2019, and the game was nominated for several awards at the 20th annual D.I.C.E. Awards. Official gameplay trailer featuring a look at all the new improvements, features, and modes available in FIFA 22 can be found here For more news and updates on FIFA, visit, and follow @EA_FIFA on Twitter for the latest news. About FIFA The FIFA family of games is one of the best-selling franchises in the world, and is the best-selling sports franchise of all time. We are one of the industry’s most innovative and recognized brands. Our games are sold in over 145 countries and are available on mobile devices, consoles and personal computers. For more information please visit,, and As a new generation of mobile soccer players


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • FIFA 22 introduces the Prologue, an exclusive prologue that offers brand new ways to play the game and test out elements like faster paced game play, new customisation options for managers, and movement control for players. Play these new ways in a one-off prologue challenge that gives you access to three brand new playable leagues, as well as five different tournaments.
    • FIFA Manager Mode.
    • Career Mode has been revamped with an all-new Player Training, multiple stadium visual updates, and a fully rebuilt Training System.
    • A brand new Best of the Best mini-campaign lets you compete in three different League Events, as well as three new single player challenges.
    • Rotation for packs, so you can collect Footballers and Tacticsets, and you can use them interchangeably.
    • Ten new stadiums are available and shared using the new version of One Hotspur.
    • FIFA Live Events are returning with the introduction of the Nitro Throne. Compete with your friends in Time Trials, and take home bragging rights for the win.
    • Spectating on any pitch across the world is now easier than ever with the introduction of Matchday Streaming.
    • FIFA features 9 stadiums, across 4 continents, in 20 locales.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team remains the most connected in-game feature and continues to evolve, with 15 new ways to acquire new cards and items.
    • New Player Visual customization options including armors, kits, number plates and more.
    • An entirely new card equippment system allows more importance to the item you get instead of the position you play as.
    • A brand new Card Design and Draft feature lets you recreate more of a card drafting experience than it has before.
    • FIFA 22 introduces the Classic Barriers UI, making it easier than ever to setup barriers to your teams defensive zone and attack
    • FIFA Ultimate Team remains the only way to win rewards in the game.


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    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces Live the Game – a revolutionary new feature which puts fans closer to the pitch than ever before – and several fundamental gameplay advancements to FIFA Ultimate Team® including new form of Draft Mode, all-new Classic Battles, new Team Building, better AI, new special teams like Long Range Shots and much more. The further your journey through the deepest career mode in the franchise, the more you’ll learn about the new approach to gameplay, with details on Career Mode and Ultimate Team Mode including progress tracking and personalization. Get a new look at this year’s FIFA World Cup™ including a celebration-filled pre-World Cup tour and an in-depth look at all 64 World Cup™ teams. Feel the passion for the game as you step onto the world’s biggest football stage with FIFA World Cup™™ and discover how the FIFA World Cup™™ journey will evolve to be even more immersive this year. A host of new features and improvements make FIFA World Cup™™ even more thrilling this year. The FIFA World Cup™™is just around the corner and EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers a new look at this year’s FIFA World Cup™™ including a celebration-filled pre-World Cup tour and an in-depth look at all 64 World Cup™ teams. Step into World Cup™™ Mode for the ultimate experience in the most popular mode in the series with live game commentary, new playable national teams and all-new tournaments. Enjoy all this year’s World Cup™™ action in FIFA World Cup™™ Mode’s new Tournament Mode. Worlds Ahead™ FIFA World Cup™™ is back. Get a look at all 64 teams in pre-World Cup tour and play as all 64 World Cup™ teams, including the FIFA World Cup™™ squad of the year, as they prepare for the FIFA World Cup™™ in Russia. Live the Game™ is a revolutionary new feature that puts fans closer to the action on the pitch than ever before. This year, it includes all-new cameras, Player Impact System and a wide variety of Commentary Tools. Feel the game’s high-octane pace and unpredictability as the pace and precision of the game is brought to life. Cast your own short pitch one-on-one or online game, with a competitive edge that lets you take on your friend in a battle of your own creation. Play online with up to 25 friends in matches that are customizable and can


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