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Back in June, we talked to eight of the real-life players who participated in the data collection for the FIFA series. For more, check out our video interview with the men who turned real-life into Fifa 22 Serial Key gameplay. Noah Boyer Noah Boyer spent the whole past season at Lipscomb University as a running back. He will most likely be seen carrying the ball for the Bisons next season, but his FIFA 22 debut shows how many balls he will be able to get through with as well. Charlie Brastow Charlie is a former defender who has been in the league for more than 10 years. As a result, he knows what the competition is like both on and off the pitch, and has been an absolute pleasure to watch this past season. Alex Bunbury In 2017, Alex Bunbury made his Premier League debut for Brighton & Hove Albion. His early Premier League career was a bit rocky, especially for a defender, but the left back has proven in his second season that he is ready to shine in the top flight. Bruno Ecuele Manga This winger/striker has a special past; he was the first foreign player to sign with Borussia Dortmund. However, Ecuele Manga never made an impact with the first team. He has been steadily stepping up his game in recent years though, and is hoping to make a difference in the Premier League for BVB next season. Jordan Latham This defender has a different life story. Coming up through the ranks, he moved on to play in the English Football League. He then moved to Portugal, and signed with Benfica in 2013. Since then, he has played some amazing football for the Eredivisie side, but nothing like he has shown this past season in the Premier League for Liverpool. This was Latham’s first season in the EPL, and he has been terrific as a right back. Tyson Wahl Noah Boyer described Wahl as his toughest test. The 22-year old has already proven himself in the Serie A, but does anyone actually know anything about him? Wahl was listed as a forward, which immediately makes you wonder why he is out there on the wing. Not only that, he uses a lot of fancy footwork, which is very out of place for a winger or forward in this game. He has a


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • 60 minutes of gameplay that goes unmatched.
  • FIFA 22 is a love letter to real football. Experience the emotion of the crowd, vibrant settings, and endless things to do at the world’s greatest stadiums like AAMI Park.
  • Make history in FIFA with dynamic new player attributes, signature moves, club legacy, FUT Draft and many more.
  • Score dynamic, live-action pro goals and create and play with your own FUT Ultimate Stars. This is everything played out and alive, just like at real world events.
  • Tactical AI is the cornerstone of FIFA 22, delivering a more fluid and intuitive control experience on and off the ball, as well as improved intelligence of a player’s positioning and awareness.
  • New control scheme, impacts, animations, and goalkeeper skills all improve player feeling. Master dribbling and battling in the boots of your favourite players to unlock untapped potential on the pitch. Including Long Shots!
    Collect every player, every goal, every trophy in FIFA 22. Make your own Ultimate Team, build your dream team and win.
  • Featuring all 32 national teams – all entering the FIFA Interactive World Cup for the first time.
  • FIFA 22 is the only football sim that gives you complete control of player skill and behaviours, making every match feel unique.
  • Hear the crowd roar in stadium locations around the world and create this unique playing experience in FIFA.
  • Immerse yourself in live-action fan events in The Showcase made possible by current-gen consoles.
  • Unlimited creativity with the Pass and Move tools to create and control any play you wish.
  • Rich club-management with customisation options.
  • Explore the deepest touch controls and button layout ever in a football game.


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Football, the world’s favourite sport, is back and better than ever in FIFA 21. The game combines the authentic skills, control and tactical depth of real football with the blockbuster action of the FIFA franchise. FIFA 21 kicks off the new era of innovation with new teams, new players and new modes. 1 Player Career Mode – For the first time in the series, fans will be able to choose from over 150 licensed clubs, across over 40 leagues, and compete in 18 different team roles. New Commentary – Take command of a whole new set of microphones with new play-by-play, colour commentary and social updates. They deliver a more immersive in-game experience. FIFA Ultimate Team – Experience the thrill of finding, buying and selling players for your Ultimate Team. New to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team this year is a brand new Draft Mode, where you can build teams from scratch and compete for massive rewards. MyClub – Enjoy new weekly Live Leagues where you’ll be able to challenge your friends or your opponents. Dedicate yourself to your own unique style of play with improved Control Scheme and Shot Control systems. FIFA Ultimate Team – get FIFA Ultimate Team ™ – Welcome to the new and improved FIFA Ultimate Team ™. Draft your squad, complete your team legacy and ride it all the way to the Top. There’s never been a better time to dive into the game. FIFA Skill – Enjoy a brand new skill system that improves on the fundamentals of the game to make it easier for all to enjoy. AI Improvements – Gain an unfair advantage over opponents with enhanced AI behaviours and smarter positioning. New Player Styles – Learn to master every nuance of the game and move in any direction with a speed, control, and creativity that hasn’t been seen in the series. You’ll feel the difference, the game just feels right. Thematic Changes – Play like it’s 1986, 1990, 2000 or 2016, and experience the thrill of a game played in any era. New Season – Play Champions League 2018-19, World Cup™ – Russia 2018 or North America: Road to the Cup™. Official event licences come to FIFA as well, including the UEFA Nations League™ or the exciting Laser League. New Stadia & Stadiums – Build your dreams into a reality with real stadiums from around the world. Enjoy the teams, players bc9d6d6daa


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FUT is now more than ever, one of EA SPORTS FIFA’s biggest features. Create your Ultimate Team squad by collecting and developing players all around the world. With more ways than ever to construct and manage your Ultimate Team, you’ll feel more connected to and immersed in your soccer life than ever before. Rivals Mode – Rivalry Rivals gives you the chance to experience the real-life FIFA World Cup. Battle your friends, beat your rivals or emerge as a winner by playing against them in seven action-packed matches across the world. If you’ve got the best team on the pitch, you can now bring your World Cup dream to life. Free Kick Exclusives – Your Exclusive Free Kick allows you to set up a shot in front of your goalkeeper. Use your imagination to create a number of ways to score, and take shots from inside the box or from the top of the goal to complete your perfect free kick. Once you’ve created your free kick, you’ll be able to select from a variety of animations that can make your free kick more realistic, including different distances, different paths, and different angles. New Visual & Movement – A fresh look with more movement and animations gives you a better sense of speed and control on the ball. Take advantage of new defender visual effects such as positioning, reactions, and size.Basket (freestyle) The basket is a freestyle figure skating move that first appeared in the 1992 Winter Olympics and has since become a common element in international competitions. It was first introduced in the 1965 World Championships to a new square dance figure by Olympic gold medalist Grace Wahler. The original specification for the figure called for the participant to get down on both feet and to spin in a half-corkscrew during the jump. The spin was later removed and it is now performed with no rotation in the air. The most common variations of the move are: jumping backward on one foot, jumping backward on one foot and spinning around the same foot, and jumping backward on both feet. In 1992 and later competitions in which it was included on the World Figure Skating Championships, the move was scored only if the participant achieved a full rotation in the air. The move is also featured on ice dance routines, such as those performed in pairs’ and ice dance team’s figure skating programs. Some skaters perform the move in a single revolution, like a scarf-spin


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