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This new feature is the most significant gameplay enhancement since the unveiling of the ‘Be a Pro’ mode back in 2015.

The benefits of using the movement data to deliver more accurate ball handling are represented in-game by the new practice animations that have been optimised to highlight the delicate movements of footballers.

There are a wide range of other improvements and changes across the board, with a new Ultimate Team game mode and even a new animation engine.

In FIFA 20, players regularly ran with the ball. Some players on the other hand struggled to control it, whilst others missed the ball altogether.

In FIFA 22, players will naturally run with the ball, with the new controls allowing you to play any position with a touch of a button.

FIFA 22 brings the pitch to life with new reactive animations, giving you a better and more natural experience and helping players to make smarter decisions.

Players will be at their best and most agile when dribbling with the ball, making this a far more enjoyable and easier experience.

As well as all the little details, FIFA 22 introduces:

New AI Technology

Moving into a new era of sophistication, AI technology can now function fully offline.

Offline AI allows players to manage matches by themselves against the amazing Artificial Intelligence, making every game an epic challenge.

Offline AI also allows for user-defined situations where a human player’s performance is derived from the AI’s.

Online AI and Off-line AI usage can be disabled using the Options menu.

Off-line AI is the most advanced AI system yet.

Off-line AI allows players to manage matches by themselves against the amazing Artificial Intelligence, making every game an epic challenge. Offline AI also allows for user-defined situations where a human player’s performance is derived from the AI’s. Offline AI can be disabled using the Options menu.Off-line AI is the most advanced AI system yet.

Real Player Motion Capture

With the launch of FIFA 22, EA Sports has leveraged the most sophisticated motion capture technology available on the market, creating a real-life experience that is second to none.

Thanks to FIFA 20’s new Real Player Motion Capture, an unprecedented number of improvements have been made


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Dynamic Defensive Play with improved passing and more realistic player movement;
  • A new Passing Dynamics system allows you to reach the switchbacks in one touch;
  • All-new Player Traits – now your favourite players, such as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, are built for domination and show it on the pitch!
  • Dynamic Player Positions – perfects AI play and your favourite Pro positions have been tweaked for more realistic tactics throughout the pitch;
  • Goal Experience – Goalkeepers are real, and they suit up. If your club has a goalkeeper netminder with eight Pro Experience, adapts and puts on the pads or hands, and go for the save.


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FIFA is a video game series first released for the Amiga in 1991 and later ported to several platforms, including the PlayStation, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Mega-CD. It has also been released in various formats for mobile devices. The series is published by Electronic Arts and continues to be released each year. The series was created by Electronic Arts.

How many characters will be in FIFA 22?

According to EA

Four new professional clubs are joining the ranks of the world’s best clubs in FIFA 22, giving players a range of new options and opportunities to showcase their talents.Football’s top clubs and its upcoming top three transfer windows will welcome four new clubs with new brand identities and popular superstars. Players will be able to get to know all four clubs and showcase their footballing skills in the new session format.The first club to be revealed is FC Arges Trabzon in Turkey, whose players are already well known at home and will challenge for titles in their new destination.Also joining the league in FIFA 22 will be the all-new Greek Super League club Ionikos FC, which boasts the likes of top international stars looking to establish themselves in the new league. The squad is led by two-time Super League Golden Boot winner Dimitris Samedi, who is looking forward to the challenge of fending off the big boys in Greece.”I’m really looking forward to this new adventure and the chance to play in the Super League,” said Samedi. “I’m sure the other players at the club are as well, and together we’re going to try and add a new dimension to the league.”The fourth team to join the FIFA 22 Super League is FC Cinnahores, which is on the cusp of becoming a major force in Turkish football. The team is led by Turkish international star Yusuf Yazici, who has long been a hot commodity in Europe after bagging 16 goals for Turkish club Bursaspor last season.Yazici will be joined at Cinnahores by an all-star cast of international stars including Eden Hazard, his compatriot Hakan Balta, Manchester United ace Paul Pogba, and former Barcelona striker David Villa. The team’s unique dual-geopolitical history, as well as their strong links to the community in and around Tehran, will be a fresh and exciting addition to the league.The official release date for FIFA 22 is September 1,


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FUT is the ultimate team experience. Build and manage your dream squad from over 80,000 players – every single one of whom features a unique identity and game-changing ability. Take on the roles of manager or player, adapt your playing style, or even learn to become the next Transfer Kitten.


• The ultimate football experience comes to consoles and PC
• Immerse yourself in over 500 officially licensed football clubs from around the globe
• 100 authentic stadiums from more than 30 different countries
• Play as and against superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar
• Experience new ways to play with goalkeeper AI and improved touch controls, as well as automatic saving, and replay review
• Enjoy immersive, high-fidelity visuals and next-gen animations, powered by Frostbite™ and EA SPORTS IGNITE™, and receive over 1.3 million possible gameplay hours for the title, to be released in August
• Experience the deepest, most connected football club management game with the ability to create your own unique club
• Track all of your favourite players in the FIFA Ultimate Team Ladder and gain in-game rewards with EA SPORTS™ Active Seasons and the FIFA Ultimate Team Summer Transfer Market

FIFA 18 features a new Premium Pass. Get the ultimate football experience and enjoy great rewards with the new Pro Clubs Season Ticket. Your Season Ticket will give you the opportunity to buy or sell players from your premium team at your own price.

FIFA 18 introduces a new way to play. FIFA 18 employs a new and intuitive way to control your players. In addition, you can now customize your controls for a more fluent and versatile game-play experience.

With an enhanced FUT experience, more authentic, immersive football clubs, and the ability to create your own unique team, FIFA 18 is more accessible and fun than ever.

FIFA 18 features deeper gameplay features including goalkeeper AI, automatic saving, and replay review. FIFA Ultimate Team has also been expanded to include Team Management, a new way to customize your team, and Pro Clubs, a way to give your players the opportunity to play with, or against, other clubs.

FIFA 18 includes new ways to play with and against friends through online play and competitive seasons, and the ability to play in new locations with new stadiums.



What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Explore the eight “Asylum Locations”, together with the new “Community Goals”.
  • Take the penalty kicks and save your next goalkeeping kicks for the real match.
  • New badges.
  • New FIFA Moments.

The new FIFA Moments

  • New critical moments-for a symbol of honour.
  • New story moments – to celebrate your emotions.

The new Community Goals:

1941 – Behind Hitler, your Allies face Germany’s Focus Moves. (Lose 3 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)1944 – Behind Them, your Allies take to the Mediterranean to End Hitler’s Supremacy. (Lose 4 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)1944 – Victory Interrupted (Lose 4 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)1945 – Broken Siege (Lose 3 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)1961 – In Moscow, Your Pals Strike to Stop the Cold War. (Win 3 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)1982-End of the Cold War (Lose 4 of 4 matches in ‘Focus Moves’)

Asylum Locations:

  • Pomei (Israel)- Palestine Liberation Organization stadium (near the West Bank) is chosen as a temporary base for the Abraham pilgrims.
  • Taranto (Sicily)- Ellis Island, the current home of the U.S. soccer team, has become a detention centre – and now a forbidden landing point.
  • Barrie (UK)- represents the newly added “Community Goals” and is inspired by the St. John’s football team.


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Football is the world’s most popular sport. Play the world’s best players in the most authentic FIFA tournament – from club teams to international squads. Enjoy game modes, user-created tournaments and official championships.

What is FIFA World?

FIFA World is your opportunity to compete in a real-life, global tournament. Play as club teams, national squads and truly global superstars, as you race for a new FIFA World Club Trophy.

FIFA World Player

FIFA World Player brings together the most fan-requested features and elements from the FIFA Ultimate Team experience, including the ability to create your own squad, compete in offline events, and use FIFA World Ranking to see who is playing the best football. FIFA World Player also introduces new ways to play, like being able to change formations and formations that have previously been set in-game. Play as national teams or club squads and compete in official FIFA World Cups. FIFA World Player includes all the key features from FIFA World and FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as the ability to set custom formations and play offline matches.

FIFA World Cup

Players can now complete The Journey of The FIFA World Cup™, competing in national team matches as they play for their countries through the tournament. With the full of The Journey, players can compete in a squad-based adventure to win a World Cup each year, with FIFA World Cup including the most popular game modes in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and FIFA World Cup in new forms.

FIFA Ultimate Team

With more than 300 players, a new authentic card visual presentation, and a wealth of trading cards to collect, FIFA Ultimate Team returns with 10 million players in the market and new ways to play. Select a platform and play with any of the 600 new cards in their packs, or score points by unlocking players.

All-new gameplay modes

FIFA World Cup: The Journey of The FIFA World Cup

Take over the role of a national team as you compete in The Journey of The FIFA World Cup with FIFA World Cup. Complete your journey with the real life Champions League, competing in official matches in the official competition. Featuring 25 matches and 17 countries, along with new modes, FIFA World Cup features all of the gameplay modes from FIFA World in new forms.

Player Draft Mode

With Player Draft Mode, create a team of the world’s best footballers in FIFA World Cups from around the globe, going head-to-head for


How To Crack Fifa 22:

  • Step 1.

    Download and extract file.rar (after 7-Day trial period).

  • Step 2.

    Upload this extract content- FUT-KEY.exe. This is only for players who have bought FIFA Ultimate Team from EA store.

    Grab FUT KEY from here: >

  • Step 3.

    Open batch executable file. Just run it to activate the key.

    Step 4.

    It will open Fifa-Liberty Key Generator software.


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) or later, Windows Vista (32 bit) or later, Windows 7 (32 bit) or later, or Windows 8 (32 bit) or later
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor or later
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB free hard drive space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection with TCP/IP


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