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FIFA 22 will also feature four new offline Training modes: Shoot, Pass, Tackle and Duel. Shoot Mode allows players to recreate the feeling of going through the final ball in the penalty shootout, using solo game, and in collaboration with up to three friends or members of the press. Pass Mode replicates the feeling of playing the ball between the lines, while Duel Mode allows players to go head-to-head in a speed-infused game of two-on-two, with the possibility to dribble, pass or go for goal, from anywhere on the pitch, to a single designated opponent.

Finally, Take On will be expanded to include “Aerial Judgement Control” or AJC which allows players to pick off opponents as they drop into the air, preventing them from performing any kind of routine aerial-or kick-pass. Combining the successful elements of both Take On and Pass, it allows players to create a completely new range of moves and counter-moves.

In addition to these offline Training modes, FIFA 22 also introduces the newly created “Story Mode,” which allows players to take control of any team they choose as they compete in an intense 7v7 game to succeed in a story-based Story Event. The Story Modes form the “Story of FIFA” or a series of events, such as the “Story of the Story” which includes the events “Unveil,” “Titano” and “The Big Play.”

Finally, FIFA 22 introduces “Trial of the Century” which is a show match involving the top eight players in the World Rankings in FIFA 21.

As always, offline modes of FIFA Ultimate Team will receive the biggest benefits in terms of Player Value. Players can create their Ultimate Team for the first time in two weeks, and can now select the amount of coins they are willing to pay for their starting lineup.

With a new Story Event, players can dominate Story Mode online with new Attribute Cards to unlock, new items and new Tournaments. FIFA World Cup Qualifier and Playoff Playoffs are also coming back, with the Qualifiers expanded to four locations and Playoff Playoffs continuing from Season 21 with more events and more skill competitions.

Player Ratings Upgrade

The Player Ratings system has been the cornerstone of FIFA Ultimate Team and has been long overdue for an upgrade. In FIFA 22, every rating with 75


Features Key:

  • Building your team from over 100 real players in the Ultimate Team game, including 28 all-new heroes, dozens of new update kits, and new Player, Stadiam, and Teamwear items. You’ll also have access to new free-to-play items including new kits, enhancing items, and Autographed player items.
  • New Park Kit Creator – Paint your own stadium, with 2,567 new wall color options – and customise your stadium with more than 42 new styles.
  • Enhanced LIVE packs – complete with thrilling Story and Moments – as players engage in actions they would have done on the pitch.
  • The first five-star players are now in Team of the Week, with seventh and eighth stars also made available as Xbox LIVE weekly gifts.
  • New Commentary.
  • Graphical HUD you can customize, including your very own statistic “vertical for your team, detailed for your opponents”.
  • Personalised team names for your Ultimate Team*. You can also add your own pictures and statistics to your players, and create your own club and kits.


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FIFA is the pinnacle of football, giving you the power to make plays, dictate the pace and control the most intense and dynamic simulation of the beautiful game. You’ll build your dream team, manage it strategically, and lead it to victory against more than 100,000 players from over 150 nations using your innovative new Frostbite™ Game Engine and vision-capturing ZR2™ camera.

Fun in the Fan

Fans are creating an all-new experience on the gamepad: Control your player through the crowd. Battle opponents and use fans to your advantage by performing crowd push-ups, set up tifos and more. Battle against other players at all 22 stadiums around the world in a series of interactive crowdsourcing events.

New Pass Master Control

New Pass Master Control lets you move quicker through space by dictating the pass and the angle of the pass to the receiver. Only certain receivers can be passed to, so become familiar with the strategies of your favorite players and transfer them to the pitch to finish moves with pinpoint accuracy.

Smart Squad Management

Fifa is a team sport, so you need a squad of players with the right skills to complement one another and dominate the pitch. The smartest moves aren’t always the obvious ones. Consider planning long-term career and club moves to get the best players in the best positions.

New in FIFA 22

On and off the pitch, you’ll have all the tools you need to make the game more authentic, more rewarding and more enjoyable.

Live Your Legend

Set up your perfect stadium with the all-new Seamless Construction Kit in the MyClub mode. The Customizable Stadium now allows you to place fields in your club’s own colors and symbols, as well as custom ads, sponsors and other team-specific features. Import your real-life club photos and logos and work your way through your new community. Then explore the Stadium Creator and build the ultimate home for your team.

New Frostbite Engine Powered:

Combine the fluidity of Frostbite games like Titanfall with the accessibility of FIFA and you get FIFA. The Frostbite engine delivers more realistic stadiums, crowds, player models, ball control and ball physics.

100+ All-New Seasons:

You’re still playing the same game. But you know FIFA. So you can adapt your footballing skills to a new season by switching your tactics, formation


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Build the ultimate squad with more than 1,000 players to choose from. Play your way with various tactics and formations to unlock a unique playing style. With an all-new Player Draft mode, load up your virtual boot with the greatest names in football history.

Online Pass – The Ultimate Fan Experience – Play anytime, anywhere via online connectivity. Also create and manage your FUT team and progress through the game together with your friends.

Enhanced FIFA Ultimate Team –

In-game Tutorials & Skill Stands –
Get the support you need for every challenge, including video tutorials and skill stands, to help you master your favourite types of play.

Instant Replay – A genuine video board experience. The unique displays help you to see the ball, players and surroundings better than ever before. As in real life, you are able to analyse a goal before it is awarded to you.

FIFA Mobile – An engaging new way to play the world’s best game

Powered by EA SPORTS™ FIFA

FIFA 18 continues the franchise’s tradition of epic matches, beautiful presentations, dynamic moments, and more. FIFA 18 gives players freedom to play in any way they choose using many new features. New modes, contests, and interactive environments provide unique modes of play, including the blockbuster World Cup mode. Choose from one of the best teams in the world in FIFA Ultimate Team, or create a club in Career Mode, and begin your journey as you rise up the football ranks to achieve greatness.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is a global celebration of the sport – a 24-day tournament that showcases the best of football, alongside the entire world. FIFA 18 delivers a fresh take on the World Cup mode by bringing together the Four Nations mode with new Brazilian mode. Four Nations will be taking shape as teams from four continents go head-to-head to decide which nation is the best. Choose a side and jump into global tournaments with over-the-top stadiums, spectacular game cinematics and the opportunity to lead your country to glory. Brazil mode returns, with players tackling targets, performing in their own unique Olympics and stunning their clubs in a variety of ways.#ifndef BOOST_ARCHIVE_TRACKED_HPP

// MS compatible compilers support #pragma once
#if defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER >= 10


What’s new:

  • The return of the Arena
  • New attacking control mechanisms, inspired by the PDL
  • Improved goalkeepers
  • New Dribbling system in Pro-View
  • True Player 3D Match Day Mini-Match Moments
  • New AI Accuracy – EU Power Play Oppositions AI behavior is improved to increase the unpredictability of the game


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FIFA is the most popular football video game series worldwide – the game is enjoyed by millions of players.

The game will feature real-world, licensed teams and stadiums as part of the new LAYOUT mode, using an all new football-inspired LAYOUT with brand new player likenesses, uniforms and stadium design. The game features all the innovations introduced in FIFA 21, as well as all-new features, like player development and an all-new MYPLAYER, Ultimate Team and Player Confidence modes.

EA SPORTS FIFA has won more than 200 awards.

Realising the potential of football’s next wave of superstars and grounded in football’s rich history, this is the biggest and most expansive FIFA game ever, with an even bigger team to captain and an even wider world to represent.

Off the pitch, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is packed with new features that support the gameplay, with new Career Mode, Customisation and Friend Challenges modes, all set in a brand new FIFA world.

Playable offline, online and on single-player, head-to-head & co-op and couch, mobile and online, the game boasts an unprecedented level of connectivity with enhanced match-making, player status tracking, coaching mini-games and online personalisation.

FIFA 22 also features the all new User Interface, playing on an exciting all-new built-in tablet and PC touch device from MS (Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC), which looks and feels like a tablet and runs like a PC – making it quicker to navigate and easier to play in comparison to other tablets.

Check out the best looking screenshots from the game.

New in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 features the all new User Interface, playing on an exciting all-new built-in tablet and PC touch device from MS (Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC), which looks and feels like a tablet and runs like a PC – making it quicker to navigate and easier to play in comparison to other tablets. FIFA 20 brings a new level of in-depth stats, improved passing in dribble, and radically redesigned free kicks and corners.


All-new LAYOUT mode brings a football-inspired LAYOUT with brand new player likenesses, uniforms and stadium design.




How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Turn off your internet connection
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Run the setup file and select installed directory on the location, where you have installed the game
  • At last, start the game.


System Requirements:

Mac Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later (all versions supported)
Mac OS X 10.9+ also includes Mac OS X Server 10.9+
Mac Pro Requirements:
iPad Requirements:
iOS 7 or later (iOS 8 is recommended)
iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S,


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