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According to EA Sports, FIFA was the first sports game to track full-body player movements. In FIFA 22, players are tracked in higher fidelity than ever before and even FIFA legends will feel the weight of the ball and relive their best moments when they are brought to life in full 3D.

FIFA 22 has the most realistic ball physics in football history – including the ability to land with the correct curves and angles, making it feel true to life. Real fans will see real ball movement, movement that hasn’t been possible before, as the ball rolls through the goal, and lunges over the crossbar, cutting through defenders and striking the goalkeeper’s pad.

EA Sports has also introduced a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) in FIFA that drives a new generation of player animations, utilising advanced motion capturing techniques and a new form of muscle synergy to deliver more authentic and natural animations for players to make them look and feel more realistic.

Improved Player Behaviour

The new, advanced player physics engine and advanced player AI are now better integrated into the new form of muscle synergy that combines human muscle movements with artificial intelligence to drive a wider range of behaviours. With more muscle and less pre-programming, AI players will now be able to better learn the game through player/opponent/team behaviours, react more dynamically and naturally on the pitch, and experience greater depth in their thinking and decision making. The new AI player engine can now be set to learn new things quickly. It will find the new, best behaviours for its team and learn to use them.

The following in-depth features are included in the FIFA game, with more coverage on the game’s new features coming soon:

Realistic Player Movement and Behaviour

For the first time, players are presented in high-fidelity 3D on the field, wearing smart clothing that shows how they move and react in real life.

Brand New Match Engine

The FIFA game features a new match engine that includes the following new features:

Realistic Ball Physics

FIFA’s new physics engine is 2x more sophisticated and accurate, delivering a 10x increase in the level of detail compared to previous versions of FIFA. New features like an all-new EPM Simulation (Emotion, Physics, Match) and engine updates like dynamic collision walls, improved run-on controls and a complete new form of muscle synergy means players react more realistically


Features Key:

  • 22 new Pro Clubs – 18 debuting in this year’s game
  • Live in-game player stats – coach and player
  • New ‘Real Player Motion’ de
  • New » Training Sessions’…

How to play Fifa 22:

  • Select a Pro Club from the Ultimate Team
  • Select a destination and start a new game
  • Upgrade your players with Fifa Points.

How to compete in Fifa 22:

  • Play your way through the divisions of your Pro Clubs from grassroots to Championship.
  • Gain experience to level up.
  • Compete in the competitions available in that Division.
  • Play online and take on friends.

How to drive awareness of FIFA 22:

  • Release a series of 11 film trailers introducing the settings and key features
  • Release a series of 5 in game trailers introducing the key features

Release information:

  • Game: FIFA 22
  • Platform: PC
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboards
  • Earn & Quick Match: Create Game Modes


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports franchise and the #1 Electronic Sports game of all time*. FIFA Ultimate Team, EA SPORTS FIFA 20, FIFA 19 & FIFA 18 come October 4th on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and Windows PC.
*“FIFA”, “NASCAR®”, “Madden NFL”, and “NBA 2K” are trademarks of the NFL and other league marks are trademarks of their respective owners. © 2005-2016 Electronic Arts Inc. “FIFA”, “NASCAR®”, “Madden NFL”, “NBA 2K” and their respective logos, brands, and trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

FIFA Ultimate Team™

The new Ultimate Team where every decision matters and every action counts, featuring over 450 real players and a new back-to-basics game mode this Fall.

Take your favorite players off the bench and build your dream team – from iconic superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, to unknown academy prospects, from current and former pros of any nationality and from across the globe. Choose your tactics, play exhibition matches, search the Transfer Market and analyse your club’s talent from all over the world.

Off-the-ball Intelligence

Discover off-the-ball intelligence that helps you predict your opponent’s next move. A new set of awareness metrics, such as Touch Prediction and Crucial Ball Possession, provide a real-time visualisation of your opponents, the moment you receive the ball and on and off the pitch.


Climate comes to life on the pitch with new environmental elements such as wind and rain that impact your play in real time. A new Rainmeter makes it easy to see and track the weather conditions on a pitch-by-pitch basis.

Transfer Market and Turf

The new Transfer Market allows you to source the players you want, for as little or as much money as you can spend. Any player can be “marked” using a new player attribute system, which lets you customise and monitor attributes to suit your needs. You can also manage your squad while playing real-life matches in Career Mode.

In addition, “Turf” mode gives you an edge on the pitch. Choose


Fifa 22 With Product Key

Discover a digital playground where your actions actually matter. Create the ultimate team with dozens of players from real football clubs and build your dream squad around unique gameplay mechanics such as squad rotation, alternative team selection and a brand-new MyClub feature.

Fight for Glory – Play by the local rules. In Gladiators you fight for your team’s honour and for possession. But not by yourself. You are assisted by 30 AI partners to help secure the ball. Beat them to win possession or head off into space. Use your teammates and opponents in a variety of new ways, including assists, to help you out of tight corners.

Customise the player experience. – Customise your teammates with the top-tier personalisation feature in FIFA Ultimate Team. Climb the ladder from free agent and buy existing players or complete your dream team with an all-new squad of 20 Premier League players.

Create your Ultimate Team and climb into the action.

FIFA 2012 –
The game is completely playable offline.

FIFA World Cup –
The game contains enhanced gameplay modes, team dynamics and a variety of new features and technology to re-create The World Cup like never before. Play the game with up to 1,000 friends on PSN, or in an online four-player head-to-head match with the PlayStation 3 version.

360 Unlocking –
Gain access to more players, kits and stadiums through PlayStation Network, and explore a wider range of gameplay modes than ever before.


FIFA World Cup™

Own the World Cup™ experience like never before. FIFA World Cup™ features an all-new gameplay engine that re-creates the excitement of The World Cup like never before. A variety of new features have been added to the game, including new contextual coverage on both players and managers, new ways to play the game that vary depending on the context of play, an improved network code and more.

FIFA World Cup™ Features

Brazil –
Play the World Cup in Brazil – the host nation. FIFA World Cup™ Brazil will feature stadiums from every corner of Brazil, including the Copacabana, Maracanã and Maracana Stadiums, and the FIFA World Cup™ logo will proudly fly above each venue. Fans will once again experience the atmosphere of the World Cup first hand as they take their seats in some of the best venues in the world.

New Stadiums –
Luso Bras


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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