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Thanks to this exciting new technology, every player in FIFA will perform authentic moves and runs across all playing surfaces. Players also have a wider array of tactics to perform, including dribbles, skill moves, and counterattacks.

“HyperMotion Technology” works in tandem with the “Signature Ratings” developed by EA SPORTS Player Impact, and players will find new ways to perform, dominate and excel on the pitch. Players can now get even more accurate ratings and in-depth player-to-player comparisons for a more customized representation of their talents and skills.

“FIFA 22 is the most authentic football experience ever with more real-life moves than ever before,” said Peter Rauch, FIFA Lead Engineer. “The EA SPORTS™ FIFA community is an integral part of the FIFA development process, and we are very excited to deliver FIFA as the best football simulation on the market.”

HyperMotion Technology

The “HyperMotion” engine is the game’s new physics engine, which collects all movement data from real-life athletes playing a full-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The engine captures angles of movement, tackling, aerial duels, and on-ball actions and translates them to the pitch on every pitch type (grass, artificial turf, and sand). With greater ball control and a more realistic style of play, the “HyperMotion” engine is able to engage players in gameplay and make more authentic moves.

Off the ball

In FIFA 22, players can perform more natural off-the-ball moves – running on and off the ball, tripping with feints, feinting with sidesteps, feinting with sliding tackles. This means players can more naturally evade defenders and split the defensive line in multiple directions and use their off-the-ball skills to dictate play.

Relevant skill moves have also been introduced. Players can now perform controlled movements, feints, and sidesteps against defenders in the open field, giving them the ability to affect the game with their positioning and technique. Players can also perform repeatable movements in multiple directions.

Equipment and player editing

It is now easier to create custom characters by re-shaping players with more movement animations using Edit Player and the new Skins creation tool. Players can now edit the length and gait of each animation and easily convert any player into custom roles, even after they have been released in the


Features Key:

  • Gamification. FIFA’s more than just a game.
  • Move at Real Speed. Travel and sprint like never before in a live-action game.
  • The World’s Top Players. FIFA 22 includes authentic and realistic AI algorithms that create realistic, human-controlled agents and opponent players in true-to-life gameplay.
  • Closer to the Action. Use sharp visuals, close-to-life animations, tight control, and advanced ball physics to feel more involved in the action.
  • New Be a Pro Play Mode. Solve problems on the pitch to master your own playing style and test your skills against FIFA 22’s AI.
  • A Revolution in Player Movement. Motion capture technology tracks the player’s movements as they play.
  • The Introduction of “HyperMotion Technology”, which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match.
  • Leverage millions of FIFA players to rank up and earn extra goal celebrations.
  • Achievements. Earn your place in FIFA history as your authentic identity and achievements recorded in FIFA title history.
  • Game career.
    Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22.
  • Crowned official competitions. Take your squad of FUT Pro players to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.
  • New FIFA Ultimate Team Legacy Suites: Made specifically for FIFA Ultimate Team, the new Legacy Suites feature a more authentic, fantasy-oriented presentation as players take their place in history.


Fifa 22 Latest

FIFA is one of EA SPORTS biggest, most popular franchises with over a third of the FIFA community having played FIFA on a console and PC. FIFA is a football simulation game that challenges players to make the right decisions, strike the right balls and make the best use of your teammates as you control one of the most popular teams in football from around the globe.

The game has seen its fair share of success, as it has generated over 100 million video game sales since its introduction in September 1993. It has received numerous awards and sold in excess of 69 million units to date, including a Sports Game of the Year in 1996.

The game has always had strong support from the video game development community and continues to receive recognition and support from gaming publications and development studios.

What makes FIFA special?

FIFA has been one of the world’s biggest sports franchises since it was first launched in 1993. It was initially developed as a competitor to the then-dominant Madden NFL series by EA Canada and was released on the Sega Genesis. Since then it has launched for a multitude of platforms from the home computer, to PCs, to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Beyond the grandeur of FIFA the gameplay is always at the forefront of the series. It has been one of the first games to implement artificial intelligence (AI) into a football game allowing teams to attack and defend, challenge opponents or even call plays.

Since the release of FIFA 14 the FIFA series has continued to evolve in popularity and continues to be regarded as one of the best football games available. FIFA 15 broke records selling over 18 million copies in its first week, beating the then all time record of 13.4 million sold in a week set in 2010 by FIFA 11.

FIFA has a loyal following and has always received praise from gamers and game developers alike. With the game being a staple in the world of gaming this year, let’s take a closer look at what makes this edition of FIFA so special.

FIFA 17 main features:

FIFA 17 advances in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for the first time in the last 5 FIFA games and uses cutting edge technologies to bring it’s Football Revolution to life.

The game boasts the most comprehensive online service ever in a FIFA game. It includes many new features including the return of FIFA Street and the introduction of Ultimate Team, where players can build their own squads and compete in matches online against other players or the CPU.



Fifa 22 Free PC/Windows

Only the greatest players have the talent and ability to play for their club every week, but it isn’t enough in FIFA Ultimate Team. Our game mode allows you to set up your own custom-made team to compete against other aspiring players.

Emotions – Get involved in all the action in the new player emotions system, where your feelings of excitement, frustration and elation can be mapped to move, pass and shoot in FIFA 22. The intensity of these emotions vary in real-life and on the pitch, with no two matches being exactly the same. By increasing and decreasing the intensity of these emotions you can add a variety of attributes to a player to bring out his best as you take charge of one of the most physically demanding and emotion-charged sports in the world.

Online Matches – Mix it up online, with new, more competitive game modes, new Online Leagues, and an Online Swiss System, FIFA Online gives football fans the ability to hone their skills and compete against opponents anywhere in the world, while also engaging in a more social experience than ever before.


FIFA Ultimate Team – EA SPORTS FIFA on Xbox 360 brings FIFA Ultimate Team to life for the first time with the addition of a variety of modes, including both the split-screen and online modes, as well as the ability to unlock the entire game in one click on Xbox 360.

FIFA Ultimate Team – FIFA® Ultimate Team on Xbox 360 allows you to build your own dream team using players from every position on the pitch. On Xbox Live, FIFA Ultimate Team is the only game in which you can purchase virtual currencies such as FIFA Points and FIFA coins, which you can use to buy even more players and gear.

FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox 360 is the most comprehensive and customizable version of the game available, with the ability to build your dream team, compete against players from around the world, and earn FIFA Ultimate Team coins from winning matches.

FIFA on LIVE – Connect with your FIFA Friends via Xbox LIVE by selecting them from your Friend List, manage your FIFA Ultimate Team, and play online in a variety of interactive online game modes. By connecting to LIVE, you can now send gifts, invite friends to your game, find your FIFA Friends in the game, and purchase content in-game with LIVE Points.

Online Leagues – Online Leagues is a new feature in FIFA on LIVE, where groups of up to 64 players can connect on Xbox LIVE and


What’s new:


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