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* **** The _quick keys_ and menus help you to configure your workspace for the creative process. _**Note:**_ Quick keys and menus do not appear in print.
* **Master Control** uses the same color palette as in the Desktop version. To retain original colors during editing, choose Edit→Preferences→Edit Colors to View. If you choose Edit→Preferences→Edit Colors to Edit, you cannot restore the original colors. (See Figure 6-1.)

Figure 6-1. For ease of use, Photoshop is designed so that most features are available from the right-click menu. For example, if you want to remove an object from its layer, right-click the object’s layer name and choose Remove From Layer. If you need to apply an adjustment to an object, right-click its layer and choose Adjustments→Preset Manager.

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This guide is intended to help you master the power of Photoshop Elements, as well as help you create in the browser, using Gimp, Adobe’s image editor.

1. Use the crop tool and you’ll never want to use the crop tool again

In Photoshop you can crop an image in four different ways.

Basic Crop or free crop (origin center)

Crop to image size (origin center)

Advanced Crop

Trusted crop (gravity)

What does it do?

The crop tool can crop an image in four ways (Figure 1).

To crop the image, position your mouse over the crop tool and press and drag. Some crops can be made with a single click.

The crop tool works best with images that fit the crop box perfectly. It’s best to make any crop before you apply filters.

Crop box size

Click the size settings box in the upper right corner of the crop tool (Figure 2). The size of the crop box (or the size of the crop area) is the size of your image.

The crop box can be set to any size.

Note: If a crop box is outside of the image, the crop box size is set to the size of the image when you select the crop tool (Figure 3).

Left: In this image the crop area is not in the image, so the crop box is set to the size of the image.

Right: In this image the crop area is in the image, so the crop box is set to the size of the crop box.

You can also set the crop box to any size while in the Crop Tool Options dialog. To access the Crop Tool Options dialog, click the crop tool or press the shift key when you click the crop tool.

Figure 4 shows a crop box that is larger than the image.

Figure 5 shows a crop box that is smaller than the image.

Figure 6 shows a crop box that’s within the image.

Figure 7 shows a crop box that’s outside the image.

At the bottom of the Crop Tool Options dialog is a toggle box that allows you to change the ratio between the crop box and the image.

Resize & Center tool

You can also use the resize and center tool (Figure 8).

Click the resize

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Every brush in Photoshop comes with an array of options. This gives you a lot of control over the effect you create.

Like a pen, the pen tool can be used for a variety of effects, ranging from drawing new features on an image to outlining and filling an existing object.

Learn more about how to work with the Photoshop pen tool.
You can create various types of brushes and use them like a pen, but using a paintbrush, a style brush or even a watercolor brush in Photoshop is not as simple as using the pen tool.

These brushes have special properties that make them ideal for certain tasks. Here’s a list of common properties that all brushes have.

1. Size

The brush size relates to the size of the brush. Large brushes are more detailed and create bold, large strokes. Small brushes create fine, subtle strokes.

You can create brushes of any size by using the Size or Width and Height settings. The default size is 1 px, but it can be increased or decreased to fit your project.

2. Shape

Shape determines the shape of the brush tip. Generally, the shape is the same as the brush, but you can choose to make the shape larger or smaller, have the width of the brush thicker or thinner, or choose from a variety of brush tip designs.

You can use the Shape settings to adjust the brush’s shape.

On the left side of the Brush panel are the Shape and Size options.

Shape describes the brush tip shape and Size controls the size of the brush tip.

3. Style

You can use the Style settings to adjust the brush’s opacity, flow, blend, gradient, and special settings.

Click the arrow to the right of the Style drop-down menu and select one of the Brush Styles shown in the menu.

If you choose a Custom Shape brush style, the cursor changes to a circle and you can create custom shapes to paint with.

The Style settings control how the brush works when you paint with it.

If you’ve set up a custom brush style in Photoshop, you can use the Style drop-down menu to choose one of its effects.

Click the arrow to the right of the Style drop-down menu and select one of the Brush Styles shown in the menu.

The Style settings control how the brush works when you paint with it.

If you use multiple brush

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