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The city sits on the western bank of the Nile. It was founded in 2543 BC during the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt, which was also known as the Libyan Dynasty in Ancient Egyptian, and the last dynasty of the First Intermediate Period (2567-2323 BC). Teti ruled Egypt from Thebes from 2543–2446 BC. He erected a statue to himself there, which survive to this day. The New Kingdom saw the region ruled by the 21st Dynasty. Teti and his family built a large mortuary temple at Tell el-Amarna. From here, the 22nd and 24th Dynasties ruled Egypt during the “Amarna period”, which lasted from 1450–1350 BC. The city remained in the hands of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty until the Greek conquest of Egypt in 343 BC. Afterwards, the Ptolemaic kingdom was founded, of which Thebes would remain the capital. The Thebaid was also ruled by the Roman Empire. The 18th Dynasty briefly regained power during the Late Period. However, after reigning for 9 years, the Theban Nome was seized by the 26th Dynasty. They ruled Egypt during the early Middle Kingdom (as the 27th Dynasty) from circa 2040–1750 BC. In modern times, Thebes fell to the grasp of the Italian Expeditionary Corps who attempted to run the rail line down to the city during World War II. Thebes’s largest cemetery, The Pyramid of Osiris, has over 4,000 different burial chambers. The wooden structure, built during the reign of Amenhotep IV, consists of a series of temples, each dedicated to one of Amenhotep’s thirteen sons. The Ancient Library of Thebes The Library of Thebes was founded by Amenhotep III and served as the primary royal library during the New Kingdom period. Since the destruction of the library during the Ptolemaic rule, only a few of the original wall-paintings survived. The modern Thebes’s ancient library, another library, is called the Egyptian Museum. Until 1943, the Vatican’s Vatican Library was housed in the building. It is at the turn of the 20th century the collection of the Collection Thebes. Being ancient, the famous Thebes, has become the home of a unique museum. The site of the Egyptian Museum of the Louvre was built in ancient Thebes. The building has been renovated many times since its foundation. The first order of 50b96ab0b6

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