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– The Complete “Aloft” Action RPG

With the new Fantasy Action RPG, ALOFT, coming out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in summer 2018, we decided to focus on increasing the amount of content in the ALOFT.

If you play ALOFT regularly, the Adventurer’s Guild is the place where you can contact other ALOFT players, meet with other ALOFT players in real life, and receive events and rewards.

With the new Adventurer’s Guild, you can even take part in the Global Guild Raid in which you can form a team with players from all over the world and join in the battle together.

In addition, we have also added additional new features and content to ALOFT, such as the auto-follower system, streamlined equipment acquisition, and more.

Read on for more details!



Adventurer’s Guild

In ALOFT, there are many dungeons which are visited frequently by the heroes. In the Adventurer’s Guild, ALOFT players can join the best guilds to take part in the Global Guild Raid. In the Adventurer’s Guild, you can also form a guild with ALOFT players from all over the world. The ALOFT guild can take part in the Global Guild Raid as a team, which is the new game mode that offers new opportunities.

Guild Raid: Mob Battles

The Global Guild Raid is a new game mode in ALOFT in which players can form a team with other ALOFT players and take part in the battle. This is a mob battle where you can take on various mobs together with other players. You can use Alchemy and Magic to equip items to your character.

Auto-follower System

The ALOFT Auto-follower System allows you to automatically take new acquaintances on your journey. After meeting other ALOFT players, you can freely talk to them, request to send them a messenger, and send them an invitation. After the first contact is established, you can follow them and receive gifts from them by clicking on the “favor” icon in the ALOFT Map. Additionally, you can follow ALOFT players who are being followed by you, and you will get a notification when they receive a gift.


Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring, the omnipotent and immensely powerful artifact
  • Explore a vast and dynamic world
  • Fight for a noble purpose with your friends or alone in remote locations
  • Customize your character to forge your own style as an Elden Lord
  • Four different classes including Sorcerer, Druid, Knight, and Archer which all
    have their unique skills

  • A vast number of items to choose from such as weapons, armor, and gear, as well as
    experience points to develop your character

  • The game system can be played as an offline and offline game for two individuals

    About TapDeck Games, LTD:
    TapDeck Games, LTD is a company located in Saitama, Japan, with offices in the U.S. TapDeck Games, LTD.
    presents The Tarnished Prince, a free on-line RPG, the development of which lasted over 2 years, from August 2011 to May 2014.
    An exciting new title, The Tarnished Prince is being developed to be an fun, versatile and unique title.
    For the first time ever, players will be given all the tools needed to create and design new aspects of the game.
    You can freely create your own maps, monsters and items to expand this new Fantasy Action RPG to be your own unique creation.
    We greatly appreciate your interest in The Tarnished Prince, and hope you enjoy playing it.
    We are available by email:

    Contact Information:


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    With regards to some action RPG, can be said that:

    ▲The action you perform is not just confined to attack the enemy, but also includes the hunting and hunting, while it is also right.

    ▲The camera behaves in a way similar to that of titles such as God of War.

    This scene looks out through a window, the background will be beautiful.

    Every action in the game also has a purpose.

    This is a simple yet fun RPG.

    This game is a pretty enjoyable addition to the action genre.

    There are many ways you can play, and the choices can be made a lot of times.

    All of the characters are interesting, and it will not get boring.

    My only problem is that the name of the different tactics is not translated into English.

    It is an RPG that features excellent presentation.

    With regards to the quality of the graphics, the scenario is so rich that you get the feeling that you have already set foot in the world.

    The controls are very easy.

    Being able to alternate the combat character is very easy.

    Each location has a different atmosphere.

    I think that being able to skip over the final battle or being able to clear the game at any time is beneficial.

    You will be able to learn how to use all of the equipment and the magic.

    There is a lot of interesting equipment, and you will be able to become a stronger hero.

    Being able to obtain the items will also be easy.

    There are well-written dialogues.

    There is a battle that will create a strong impression when you see it for the first time.

    I was able to play the game even after hearing about it.

    The game is very easy to understand, and you can achieve the game’s goals.

    I think that the RPG is a very fun title.

    It is a title I would like to play again.

    I think that the length of the game may be too short.

    I think that the team will have a very detailed scenario in the future.

    The story is simply a great one.

    Although the first chapter is really short, there are many side quests and many interesting story-related items.


    Elden Ring Crack + Free License Key For Windows [2022]

    Join a party of players and fight together with your allies.

    Battle against other players, and compete with them to defeat the strongest opponent!

    Tons of powerful monsters and dungeons await you, with multiple stories and quests taking place in unique locations.

    Team up with your allies to create a powerful cooperative squad.

    Battle against powerful monsters, gather useful materials, and learn new skills to prepare for unexpected events.

    Players are challenged by an endless variety of monster types, including mystical monsters.

    Story ELDEN RING game:

    The Lands Between, The World Between Time, and The Abyss.

    The forces of opposites are separated by distance and time, leaving each a realm of their own. By commanding the power of the Elden Ring and the vengeful spirits called “sinners,” a hero can cross that divide and bring peace and justice to the Lands Between.

    However, a dark shadow looms in the Lands Between as the underworld spirit called the Lólalá descends on the world. Her ominous power closes in on the world like an endless wave.

    An Elden Lord joins forces with an ordinary man in an effort to save the world, but the fate of the world hangs in the balance as they stand before the battle against the monster.

    Graphics ELEX AROMA game:

    Based on the original CGI animation by the famous creator of action RPGs, a unique anime-like art style keeps the world alive with a lively expression of the fictional world in which these story elements occur.

    The incredible three-dimensional gameplay that only a card-based RPG can provide, combined with the intriguing story of Rise, Tarnished, creates a fully-fleshed fantasy world that cannot be forgotten.

    The original anime theme “Rainy Lullaby” by Manabu Takemura is performed with rich emotion.

    Localization ELEX AROMA game:








    Original TV Series Character Design

    • In addition to the game characters, you can enjoy an expanded collection of illustrations based on the original show.

    • We created a world that offers a variety of challenges and allows you to deeply immerse yourself in the experience.

    • With the card


    What’s new:

    See you on the fields of Land of Winds between August 21st in North America!

    ※ Available in North America on August 21st (New Frontier: BRAND NEW TRIBE) ※ Available in Korea on August 20th (Warrior, Preview Edition)

    Land Between Worlds


    Land Between Worlds Announcement

    FORGE community,

    Like many of you, we have been anxiously awaiting the official announcement of Land Between Worlds. We’ve been following the development, playing on Alpha, and getting more excited every day!

    When we first got the opportunity to show off Land Between Worlds, we were overwhelmed with excitement. To be able to share our new game with the Forge community is a dream come true!

    Players around the world,

    Land Between Worlds celebrates the close of a long development cycle by going into Closed Beta at the same time as New Frontier – BRAND NEW TRIBE. Your feedback has been essential to the development of the game. We thank you for providing your service to the Forge community and look forward to the fun, challenging, and surprising adventure that Land Between Worlds provides. We hope to see you on the fields of Land Between Winds between August 21st!



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    How to play:

    1. First select your character class and weapons class to customize your character.

    2. There are three PvP modes in ELDEN RING game and you can use them at any time. However, after you enter the PvP battle you may not connect to the game again.

    2. You may develop your character level and upgrade your class with passing the battles.

    3. You can freely fight in the PvP battle, and build up your characters.

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    All permissions:

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    7. ELDEN RING game is updated periodically to avoid infection by viruses.

    8. All of the data and codes about


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download & Install Game
    • Download Game files from the provided link in game setup
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    System Requirements:

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    8GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 460 or better
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 460 or better Hard Drive: 30GB available space
    30GB available space Channels: Support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Headphone v2.1 and Dol


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