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The ultimate fantasy action RPG, THE ELDEN RING was released on July 25, 2017.

The story opens with a bang. On the day after the great Elder Summons, the protagonist, Tarnished, and his fellow companions are thrown into a desolate world where nothing and no one else lives. The story continues as they make their way to another world, regain their body and strength, and pursue their true destiny of returning to the Elden Ring.

The characters Tarnished and his companions will live in a world full of great battles and unexpected twists, where the decision you make will have significant impact, and the fate of the lands around them rests on your shoulders.

*Important Notice: The below information may spoil the story of TARNISHED for new players.

New Players:

Since the new Elden Ring game is optimized for new players, you should not look up the above information until after you complete your first mission.


Spoiler free

There are a few issues we have identified to the following bugs, which we are working to address.

a. The present SRB2-A-Q language listed in the bottom of the client’s side list has been limited to a few languages such as Japanese, English and Swedish.

For the moment, we are working on adding the additional languages such as Korean, French, and German that are listed in the bottom of the client’s side list.

b. With version 1.3.2, the client side list has been redesigned and the languages included have been expanded and added.

After the addition of these languages, some of the languge names have also been changed.

If you have not been able to load a new language after the release of the client update, please make sure to retry after the update has been downloaded and loaded.

On July 25, 2017, at 5:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time, Tarnished will be released on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in Japan.



The release of “THE ELDEN RING: Tarnished” for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System will have no effect on the schedule for the release of the Japanese PlayStation®4 system.

Tarnished is designed by FEHI in collaboration


Features Key:

  • A Unique Action RPG with A Heroes Life Story
  • Crisp Remastered Graphics
  • A Stat system that reflects your choice of weapon and armor
  • Co-op and PvP modes, as well as a mix of mission maps, monsters, and Story Mode
  • Easy to Start, Easy to Master, and Easy to Enjoy!
  • Elden Ring is a Fantasy RPG unique to Nintendo Switch and will be released in May 2019. For more information, please visit .

    Rise from your lowly beginnings into an Elden Lord of the Lands Between. As a vanguard of the glorious Elden Order, become the hero to wield the power of the Elden Ring and rule the Lands Between as an Elden Lord! With your female comrade by your side, become heroes by donning the armor and weapon set of the Elden Order!

    Featuring an Elden ring-themed battle system, become an unstoppable force as you put your thoughts into practice using the various elements that make up a character. This is an RPG overflowing with tactics and options. Using the same equipment and the same character stats, creating your own style of gameplay is a reality!

    Develop your own character by customizing your appearance. Equip and change the stats of your weapons and armor, and even the style of your pet companion. By freely making the right choices when it comes to gameplay, you’ll battle through various stages with a higher level of strength.

    Using the world of Elden as your playground, battle enemies by performing actions or causing damage with a variety of weapons, from the Zargus Battle Axe to the Steel Gun. Unleash powerful magic skills and send a barrage of hail and searing heat!

    When you enter a battle, you can freely adapt to the situation depending on the period and the current battle phase.

    In addition, the game supports a wide selection of weapons and armor that are customizable by equipment combinations. Switch between the myriad equipment selections with the


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    (Action RPG)
    Submitted by sassyyy8789 on 2014-07-28

    I am going to start by saying I am a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, especially the first edition.
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is still my all-time favorite game.
    I love the universe and have always wanted to play an Elder Scrolls game.
    However, when Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out it was just fantastic and I just couldn’t stop playing.
    I’m not a fan of the Elder Scrolls Online but the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Online was amazing and I decided to give it a try and I was absolutely blown away.
    I’m an open-world RPG person and Elder Scrolls Online had the most open world I had ever seen in an RPG game.
    I said the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Online was amazing, but Elder Scrolls 6 is even better.
    The Elder Scrolls 6 Online is 10/10.
    My favorite character in the game is definitely not Zosia.
    I love Teneniel and Sigurd.
    Sigurd was the final boss and he is by far the most epic boss I’ve ever fought.
    As for the romance in this game, it was also amazing.
    I thought the romance in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Online was great, but Elder Scrolls 6 Online tops that!
    I also loved the fights when you romance your favorite character in the game.
    The fights feel awesome and they really make the game.
    I can’t believe Elder Scrolls 6: RPG is finally real.
    I’ve been waiting for a game this amazing to hit the game store.
    It’s funny that Elder Scrolls 6 is much longer than the average Elder Scrolls game.
    Sure, it’s not as epic as Skyrim and Oblivion, but Elder Scrolls 6 is the game I’ve been waiting for.
    The Elder Scrolls 6 Online was 10/10 and will be amazing.
    IGN.com review of Elder Scrolls 6 RPG.

    (Action RPG)
    Submitted by mikeolivier on 2016-02-03

    The Elder Scrolls Online brings back all of the nostalgia I’ve had about the Elder Scrolls games.
    While I knew that the next Elder Scrolls game was going to be released, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was going to be like.
    After hearing about Elder Scrolls Online, I was intrigued.
    With the release of this game, I was both excited and nervous.
    Elder Scrolls 6


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    ▶ Brandish The Power of the Elden Ring
    In ELDEN RING, the fantasy action RPG, you take on the role of a Tarnished hero as you fight against enemies and collect items. Through a variety of quests and side quests, you will be able to obtain new weapons and armor and increase your strength.

    ▶ Character Customization
    You can freely equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic. You can increase your body weight and pick the perfect armor for the job. You can also modify the appearance of your character, and invest the crystals you collect to upgrade your weapons.

    ▶ A Quest Where Each Step of You Is Counted
    A harrowing game where you die over and over. In this game, you will never fall from the quest as you constantly fall from a dying state, getting revived over and over with the help of a dedicated quest master.

    ▶ Strategic Battle Between the Land of Good and the Land of Evil
    The world of ELDEN RING is divided into two factions, the Land of Good and the Land of Evil. During battle, even the most innocent creature will fight against enemies to survive. Depending on your choices during battle, you will be awarded points for your deeds, and depending on the number of points you receive, the final outcome will be decided.

    ▶ PVP-Based Game
    Select your own team and see how the other team responds. For a team that defeated its opponent, the team master will give out all sorts of rewards, such as experience, items, and money. You must prepare yourself as a Tarnished warrior and think about what kind of strategy you will use in battle.

    ▶ Time-Sensitive Quests
    In order to complete a quest, you must not only have items, but you must also have the necessary experience and power. If you miss the deadline, the quest master will give you items instead, which means you will not be able to receive any items if you miss the deadline. Please make sure to complete quests on time!

    ▶ An Epic Drama Born From a Myth
    The story is an epic war between the Land of Good and the Land of Evil. In this war, there are countless protagonists, characters, and villains who have disappeared into the unknown. As the story unfolds, the different thoughts of these characters collide with each other.

    ▶ Endless Quest System
    Elden Ring will introduce a unique quest system. In this quest


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    A global event.
    [Enclosed] was upset and caused a display of overblown comments on an overseas website.
    [Enclosed]’s feelings were hurt and he became furious.
    In reaction to that article, various comments and search terms increased, and the search term scintillating managed to appear at the top of the search rankings in the first place.
    As a result, Mark was discovered, and we decided to sever all ties with the manager.

    Owner of MONA Smarties.
    [P] stays up all night just to play the games of market research and makes MONA a fun place to work.
    Also, he is amazing at managing schedules, reducing worries, and is a spiritual guide when needed.

    “The profits from the money you earn aren’t even, are they?””I’m sure it will be fine, princess. We’ll just go get some more peanuts and disco chicken-fried rice.””It doesn’t look like I’m going to order it too.”
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    Last weekend a game theory was held in our team lab. During the gameplay, the player who won the simulation went to one of the next room which said ‘He just found his grandfather!’. My friend is the one who is going to find his grandfather.
    He really has high confidence of winning that game, so I would bet money on him. This has been the first time for me to actually bet money on a simulation from a video game tournament and it’s not that easy to somehow make predictions just relying on past performance. After figuring out the probabilities, I wondered if someone would win or lose depending on the bet.
    As a skeptic and a playful-joker, I designed my own simulation procedure which included the following steps:

    My experiment was asking:
    – If the person who wins the simulation is my friend or not.
    – If I win or lose.
    – If I win – I will lose more money than my friend.
    – If the person who wins the simulation is not my friend.

    To sum it up my main findings.

    – The person who wins the simulation was not my friend, so I lose, but my loss was only about 3x the amount of my friend.
    – I won – my friend lost.
    – If the person who


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    new version of Elden Ring Full version game.New update:Changelog






    This is a pre-alpha for Elden Ring, the original title inspired by the book “Pilgrim of Eternity”. this version of Elden Ring you will find many bugs, so you will not enjoy a fluent gameplay.

    In order to take advantage of the bug, we can sometimes see some textures that don’t correspond. We cannot guarantee the quality and absolutely no case of vulnerabilities.

    Each new character you create has a fresh set of skills and physical features. They also give you a new dialogue with the characters of the world, and allow you to define his combat methods. Choose the path of the warrior, the magus, the sage, or the rogue, and write your destiny!


    The ELDEN RING is a fantasy action game for PC. After a long time, the inhabitants of the world Elden are returning to their long-forgotten lands.

    Hundreds of years before, an Elder race called “Elden” was exiled to the other world because of its dependence on technology. However, many consider their return as a happy event.

    You are a member of one of the tribes. You were born from a human woman and an Elder. You have the gift of immortality, but in return, you lose your senses and the capacity to feel pain.

    You set out to recover memories from those who fled with you and heal the wounds of the world.

    This new fantasy action RPG is bringing together enemies, magic and mystery to an unprecedented level. We expect to find you as the salvation of the Elden in


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    Note: If everything has been setup correctly, a “URGENT GAME HAS BEEN INSTALLED TO YOUR COMPUTER
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    ​ If you are prompted for the CD Key, you can ignore this message.

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