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As previously announced, RPG Maker MV (formerly known as MP6) will be introducing a brand-new action RPG spin-off in the near future. This new game titled “Elden Ring Activation Code” has been developed by Pqube Company and is published by KO-REALITY Publishing Inc. “Elden Ring Free Download” is a fantasy action RPG which places a heavy focus on traditional fantasy action elements (e.g. epic scale battles with great numbers of creatures, fierce and strong characters, and characters that are easy to find) at the core of the game’s epic fantasy setting. It is also expected to have a large amount of contents. And while this game is still in development, we plan to share a small slice of information about the game in the near future.

We hope everyone will look forward to this game and we ask for your continued support.



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最新作となる電子版RPG「Elden Ring Activation Code」をご案内!

今日本にてゲーム開発者のネイチャー社製RPG「Elden Ring」の配信をお知らせいたします。




Features Key:

  • Puzzle Battle system – It’s a battle system played in an animated 3D world.
    Your enemies surround you and interact with you as you battle with them.
    You can freely move about the stage, including in combat.
    You can even use doors and many other things as part of the battle.
    If you use the right equipment, you can generate power from things in your surroundings and break the system.
  • Universal – A single package
    The game includes a package that includes all updates after the initial launch, as well as patches.
    In addition, the entire game has been designed so that you can enjoy it as long as the support period lasts.
  • Weapons and Magic – You can freely combine the weapons and magic that you can equip. You can create your own character.
  • Collectability – A large amount of items have been collected
    Extravagant, and expensive weapons and magic are also included.
    You can exchange for materials that you can use to create upgrades for your equipment.
  • RPG Elements – You can freely build your character
    Take an initially weak character, improve it, and grow stronger as you level up. You can also increase the power of your weapons and magic as you level up.
  • A Cohesive World – Confusing information is not included.
    All the information you need is collected in a single place. You will be able to clearly understand what is going on throughout the game.
  • A Unique Battle – A puzzle battle system with an anime-like atmosphere.
    The sum of the parts has been carefully thought out.
  • An Original Character Design – 2D side-scrolling RPG battle system.
    Your enemies have animated backgrounds, so you feel the atmosphere of the battle.
    Each animation has been carefully drawn out.
  • A Unique Online Game – You can perform events with others in an asynchronous online environment.
    You’ll be able to interact with other players from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to Use – The game uses a point and click interface.
    The only interface that you need to master is the controller.
    If you play this game during your free time, you will be able to master it without any particular problem.
  • Stand-Alone As


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    ▶How to play
    Select the character you want to play, and plan how to explore the game world.
    All of your actions are made by pressing the “A” button.
    Players can choose their strategy and customize their character, but their movements and actions will be the same.

    The land of Tarnath, guarded by the great Northern Watch, was ruled by a greedy tyrant. He seized every resource for himself and once again the land was near destruction.
    And then a boy is born. This boy has the ability to communicate with things that have no voice. He is a tool of the gods, and is called a Tarnished Lord.
    He has the power to speak the language of the Gods of Destruction and the Magic of Creation.
    ◇Game Mechanics
    ▶Battle: Fight the Forces of Evil against a variety of enemies using the power of the gods.
    ▶Craft: Use the resources you find to craft weapons and armor.
    ▶Climb: For every major quest, you must climb a mountain.
    ▶Discover: Explore the land of Tarnath to learn more about what’s happening in the world of Elden.
    ▶Dwell: You can cultivate skills, weapons, and armor to create your own character.
    ▶Escape: You will fight against monsters and other players.
    ▶Freedom: Your character is free from the control of the tyrant.
    ▶Gather: Go out to gather resources.
    ▶Grind: Go to the villages, gather the required materials, and fight the monsters that stand in your way.
    ▶Note: When you’ve reached the ranks you want to use different spells, which are different from each other. However, the character’s skills (agility, STR, INT, and DEX) aren’t changed.


    The player is required to move through the areas provided as an encounter map on the second screen.

    In addition, there is an area that will be an encounter with monsters. The encounter is the same for the various cities.

    Demon Lords:
    1 Demon Lords

    The player can enter the Sacred Plain from the gate within the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Please Note:
    1. You must have a PlayStation Plus account to use the Online Play.
    2. The game will be priced at 1,320 yen (approximately 13 U.S. dollars) in Japan. The price includes all of the DLC and includes a 50% consumer protection guarantee.

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    Step 4 : Random calls.

    Go to watch-in page and go to in game-chat tab to start receiving random calls.

    You can pass your opponent without any random call by using the trade-chat option.

    Step 5 : Build your base for the upcoming battles.

    Let’s go to build window.
    Click ‘Colony’ and click ‘Build’.

    Select one of the base types (War, Craft, Resource, Attack, Defense, etc).

    Choose one of the build options (Construction, Economy, Research, Protection, etc).

    Click ‘Apply’ or click ‘Preview’.

    Step 6 : Go to the battle field and summon your troops.

    Go to location window.
    Click ‘Join’ and click ‘Go’.

    Choose the match you wish to play and click ‘Go’.


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    [**Dipanjan Das, Johannes Gehrke^2^, David Eijffinger^4^, Frank Hutter^2^, Pierre Béguelin^3,5^, Grégoire Guidotti^1^** ]{}\
    ^1^Facebook AI Research, Facebook, Menlo Park, California, USA\
    ^2^Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany\
    ^3^Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA\
    ^4^University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands\
    ^5^University of Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium\
    title: ‘A Tutorial to Building and Evaluating Language Models’

    [^1]:   Equal contribution.
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    System Requirements:

    Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/10.2/10.3/12
    HDD 320MB
    2.1 GB RAM
    VGA Graphics Card recommended.
    CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW supported
    Game Disc(s) must be readable
    Download speed depends on internet connection
    Language support: Japanese
    Language support: English
    Download times:
    Class 1: 4.3 MB/s


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