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Photos! And Twitter! And Dropbox!
Making your life easier
EasyScreenshot Crack For Windows is a simple utility designed to help you quickly and easily take screenshots and upload them to your Twitter account. It is also possible to use the application to convert the images to other formats or give them the desired text watermarks.
Super-fast, ultra-light
EasyScreenshot Crack uses a shortcut menu to capture the entire screen or a region of it.
EasyScreenshot Torrent Download is really simple. Just drag the mouse to capture the desired area or press the shortcut keys to capture the entire desktop. You can also upload the image to your Dropbox account.
Great value
There are other software applications that may offer a similar function but EasyScreenshot Crack Mac is so light-weight and small, that even on a system with a 256MB RAM module, it runs just fine.

EasyScreenshot 2.1 Crack for free download is here. It is an amazing software that helps you in the manner of taking screen shots. it has a new category to search the patterns and provide you the best matched as well as with the great effect.

It is an easy screen capture image software to take screenshots when you capture the pictures of your desktop in clickable folder. you can also upload the pictures online to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Windows Live. The pictures can also be converted to various other image formats.

It is the best screen capture software for your computer. this is the only software that gives you the facility to copy the different images into your computer or save to FTP or other servers easily.

EasyScreenshot 2.1 Portable is a most trusted tool to take the screenshots of your screen and send them online in your favorite social network sites like Twitter. This is the only software that enables you to read and transfer the images using FTP servers online.#define DMAxCR_DSC DSCR_ON


EasyScreenshot Crack Free Download is a small software application designed specifically for helping you take screenshots of your desktop and upload the images to your Twitter account.
Minimalistic looks
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that embeds several handy buttons for helping you take screenshots in a full screen mode or capture the desired region of the screen. Additionally, you may open up the configuration panel.
Configuration settings
EasyScreenshot gives you the possibility to save the snapshots to the tool’s preset folder, prompt where to export the photo, and copy the picture to the clipboard. What’s more, you can make the app capture the entire desktop or only the workspace when you activate the full screen mode.
A smart feature included in the package enables you to embed text watermarks, change the color of the text, as well as alter the font, font style, and size of the text.
Other notable settings worth being mentioned allow you to upload the images to your Twitter account (provided that you have specified the username and password) or to EasyScreenshot Twitter account, run the utility at Windows startup, enable shutter sounds, display tooltip or message box notifications upon successful and failed uploads, automatically look for software updates, as well as opt for a navy blue or dark red line when using the selection tool.
Tests have shown that EasyScreenshot carries out a task quickly and without errors. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Bottom line
All in all, EasyScreenshot offers a simple yet efficient software solution for helping you take snapshots and upload them to your Twitter account, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.


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May 17,

EasyScreenshot Crack+ [Updated-2022]

Create Short Tweets and Unlimited Snapshots with TweetMator in EasyScreenshot
EasyScreenshot Professional is a basic screenshot maker. It helps you upload screenshots to your twitter and other social networks.
Key Features
• Live support available 24/7
• Browse through the directory of the captured screenshots
• Upload any files to your twitter
• Using the keyboard shortcut, you can send a screenshot image to any social network
• Save images to the directory of the captured screenshots
• Turn on/off the lights
• Color picker
• Take screenshots of the entire desktop or any selected part of it
• Save the screenshot in JPEG/PNG/BMP formats
• Print the screenshots
• Save/close/load configuration settings
• Change the appearance of the application
• Export any additional data to a plain text file
• Import the files from clipboard
• Save the most recently captured screenshot to the directory of the captured screenshots
• Support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
EasyScreenshot for Mac – How to download and use
The EasyScreenshot tool provides a streamlined interface designed for novice users. All you need to do is launch the application and click on the Start Screenshot tool. In addition, you can also click the Go to Screenshot Shortcut, Open the configuration utility and all the other tools directly from the home screen.
The configuration utility, which you can open from any of the menus, has a text box where you can enter the hashtag of your Twitter account. The utility enables you to see what you’ve just uploaded, edit the text, select the sending location and set other stuff, such as the picture’s title, link to your Twitter account and the photo’s caption.
EasyScreenshot for Mac is extremely easy to use. The interface offers a comprehensive set of features that are all suitable for novice users. Nevertheless, you can also find out more advanced options if you want to change any of the settings.
The tool’s basic functions include: capture the entire desktop and the selected part of it, export the screenshot to the tool’s preset folder, embed watermarks on the picture, alter the colors of the graphics, as well as change the font, font style, and size of the graphics.
You can also make the app capture the entire desktop or only the workspace. In addition, you can choose the direction in which the screenshot is viewed (either the screenshot appears on the left

What’s New in the EasyScreenshot?

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System Requirements For EasyScreenshot:

Minimum specs are stated on the description.
Other Notes:
The game is built to be compatible with all types of input devices and may behave differently depending on the kind of device used.
Right now we are focusing on keyboard and mouse input.
A future update may add other types of input methods.
More info can be found in our Early Access Game pages :
Visit our Early Access Game Page!
Steam page:


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