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DVD Chief is a professional software solution designed to help you organize your movie collections into catalogues. It automatically gets all your necessary information about the films from an Internet database. Although this app boasts many configurations settings, it sports an intuitive interface and a clean layout that can be easily mastered even by beginners. The app is able to connect to IMDB database and to displays all added necessary details about the movies, such as release date, rating, genre, studios, plot outline and other useful information. You can edit movies on the go as the app provides separate fields to work with (e.g. cast and crew, edition, discs, media information, text, images and connections). With DVD Chief you don’t have to worry about adding information about films when inserting a DVD, Blu-Ray disk or ISO image. It can automatically insert all details into their coresponding fields. You can sort films by title, collection status, release year, number, media format, rating, and filter them by seen or unseen, TV series, loans and many others. The app comes packed with a powerful search engine that allows users to find any movies in the collection pretty quickly. You can perform searches by specifying title, status, runtime, IMDB rating, genre, studio, tags and so many other options too. Playing the trailer directly from the app’s window is also possible. It creates reports for each movie that can be exported to various file formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, RTF, ODT, plain text and others). Furthermore, the app allows users to add bookmarks, encrypt the movie database by setting up passwords and to customize its appearance by selecting from various themes. You can also choose what statistics should be displayed by selecting from different preset categories (e.g. genres, countries, rating). To sum up, DVD Chief is definitely a powerful tool that can help you organize your movie collections efficiently and quickly.







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– Automatic movies cataloguing – Helping you filter, sort and play videos – Keep all movies data together – Organize your movies – Get more from the database – Add films and DVDs – Analyse DVD and Blu-Ray – Customize DVD Chief – Optimized for Retina display – Optimized for iPhone 5 – Optimized for iPad – Optimized for iPhone 6 – Optimized for iPhone 6 Plus – Optimized for iPhone 6S – Optimized for iPhone 6S Plus – Optimized for iPhone 6S Plus – Optimized for iPhone 7 – Optimized for iPhone 7 Plus – Optimized for iPhone 8 – Optimized for iPhone 8 Plus – Optimized for iPhone X – Optimized for iPad Pro – Optimized for iPad Pro (2018) – Optimized for iPad Air – Optimized for iPad Air 2 – Optimized for iPad Air 3 – Optimized for iPad mini 2 – Optimized for iPad mini 3 – Optimized for iPad mini 4 – Optimized for iPad mini 4 – Optimized for iPad mini 5 – Optimized for iPod touch – Optimized for Apple TV – Optimized for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks [Show More] My Account App Reviews Best app to browse and watch Netflix movies and TV shows. 5 By Ezra David I’ve had Netflix for a couple of years now. Now I’m able to download new TV shows and movies on my laptop and delete them from my regular phone. I also like that I can download movies and tv shows with Hulu, which is a paid service but the downloads are free Best tv app 5 By Jay B I love Netflix app it allows me to watch movies online as well as tv shows. Awesome app 5 By High amigos Overall an awesome app on all devices. For iPad 4 its awesome tho. I also love the ability to watch movies in HD. Overall, can’t go wrong with this app Great app for independent films 5 By Sushil tiwari This is an amazing app and I use it on my 3G, 4s, 6, 6+, 6s, and iPhone 6 Plus. Better than iTunes and it does 99% of what I want it to do. First see

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** Available for Android: ** Available for iOS: ** Requires Android: 2.2 or higher ** Requires iOS: 5.0 or higher ** Categories: Home tab – TV Series – DVD Collections – Documentaries – Films – Music – TV Episodes – Anime – Animated Short Films – TV Show – TV Extras – Discographies – Catalogues – Photos Installing DVD Chief: First, make sure you have a working Internet connection, because the app will need to get information from the database. Then, download the free app from the iTunes or Android marketplaces. After that, launch the app and proceed to the data types tab. Click on the Add button and select Media (Folder and Files). Select your DVD collection and click on Continue. Tip: You can copy the path to the folder with your movies to ensure that you won’t miss any additional DVD discs. On the next tab, you can choose between Film, Episode or TV-Show by clicking on the cell with your DVD discs. Click on the Continue button. Tip: To add more subtitles, select the Show subtitles checkbox on the next tab. On the next tab, click on the Continue button and then add the movie you’d like to add to the DVD-catalogue. Tip: Once the program recognizes the media type of the disc, it automatically provides information on the genre, synopsis, release date, visual quality, rating, country, and release year. Step 2: Edit Your Movies This category displays all the imported info in full-screen. 1. Drag and drop your movie discs to the program window. 2. Find the movie you’d like to see the plot in the field below. 3. Drag and drop your movie discs to the program window. 4. You can also add more details to your new DVD collection. Tip: To remove information about a movie, simply select the appropriate cell. Tip: If you need to add information about another type of media, click on the insert button. Step 3: Play Your Movies This category displays the movie in the movie window. To view the movie, select it by clicking on the cell with your DVD disc. To play the trailer, click on the Play Trailer button. Tip: 2f7fe94e24

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– Can automatically add information about films into the app via IMDB database – Can connect to Internet for IMDB info – Can get movie information about release date, rating, genre, texts, images, connections, discs – Can set up bookmarks, encrypt database by setting up passwords – Can create reports for each movie and can export them in various file formats – Can sort movies by title, collection status, release year, number, media format, rating, genre, series, genres, tags – Can filter movies by used and unseen, TV series, loans and many others – Can play movies trailer directly from the app window – Can search movies by title, release date, IMDB rating, genre, studio, tags, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks – Can find movies in the collection by specifying any film details – Can export movies’ reports to PDF, HTML, RTF, ODT, plain text, CSV and many others – Can set up themes and custom formats for the app’s window – Can add movies manually or via online image – Can mark movies with icons on the screen – Can set up video quality and bitrate for each movie – Allows users to view all the available formats and codes for the imported photos – Allows users to sort photos by any number of aspects – Can sort photos by genres, title, rating, dates and tags – Can apply multi-language settings and select from different languages – Can add multimedia files (e.g. video, sound, images and PDFs) to the app – Can import movies and photos from SD/HDU/XMV players to the app – Can add plain text to the app – Can use a password for encrypting the database – Can download movie and photo library to SD card in files – Can export song lists to CSV – Can sort songs by title, artist, release year, genres, ratings and more – Allows users to view all the available formats and codes for the imported photos – Allows users to remove photos from an album by dragging and dropping it out – Allows users to add tags to photos – Allows users to reorder albums – Allows users to change album’s cover and background – Allows users to delete album – Allows users to change album’s name – Allows users to search for albums on the go – Allows users to edit album’s name – Allows users to change album’s name – Allows users

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*** Over 50,000,000 of movie titles on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray IMG and ISO files *** *** DVD catalog for more than 35 years of movie history *** *** Meet your enemies in your DVD catalog with this intelligent, intuitive and easy-to-use app *** *** GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the easy use *** *** Create, modify and search by title *** *** Search with predefined values or wildcards *** *** Search by quality of DVD, language, year, rating, genre, runtime, disc, release type, connections, actors, directors, writers, synchronization, text and images *** *** Search by episode, starring, supporting actors, production country *** *** Export report in PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, XML, RTF and CSV format *** *** Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish *** *** The report can be personalised in the PDF format *** Netflix is the streaming service that lets you enjoy unlimited DVDs in the comfort of your home. With this application you can add movies to your Netflix Collection, in order to see them easily and whenever you want. Netflix has no limits and there are no subscription fees. Find a list of available titles and opt for the one you like. You can also create a queue to organize the movies that you want to watch in the next days. Once you’re done with Netflix, share your favorite movies with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or send them with Email. The application works in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Netflix Description: *** The world’s most popular subscription movie streaming service *** *** Stream for free without registration *** *** Find and watch more than three million movies and TV shows *** *** Available in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany *** *** Available on most Android devices *** Friends is an app specially designed to help you keep track of your close friends from your social networks. It offers a quick way to view all your most important social information in one place. If you discover a new friend, you can easily share it to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also message them with Email, SMS and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). The application can also display your feed, add your friends to your contact list and share your photos with them. Another


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