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Dumaru Removal Tool is an application that can remove the Win32.Dumaru worm and its different variants, but does not offer worm recovery.
Dumaru Removal Tool (MRT) is a direct descendant of DIL (Dumaru Removal Tool). Some of the DIL tools (e.g. DIL) are no longer maintained. The DIL team decided to move to a new platform and this resulted in a re-branding of the tools and the application.
Version 1.0:
This is the first public version of the application. The first version of this tool was developed back in January 2002 by Paul V. C. Leong.
It has about 2 million records of infected files listed in its databases.
Version 1.1:
This is the first public version of the application that includes the MBG feature.
The new version was fully re-developed by Paul V. C. Leong and Miha V. Petek.
The virus name database has about 4 million infected file records.
Version 1.2:
This is the first public version of the application that includes the MBG feature.
The new version was fully re-developed by Paul V. C. Leong, Miha V. Petek, and Paul V. C. Leong
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Dumaru Removal Tool 2022 [New]

1. Click “Scan” to scan your computer, and select the suspicious file or folder(s), and then click “Remove”.
2. Click “Help” to get additional help information.
3. Click “OK” to exit the program and perform the action.
1. You can use Win32.Dumaru.Y@mm Removal Tool as a “freeware tool” for manual removal of Win32.Dumaru viruses.
2. Do NOT use any other software, not even Windows Anti-Virus, as they are not designed for manual removal of Win32.Dumaru viruses.
3. You can read the Win32.Dumaru Removal Tool ReadMe File for additional informations about manual removal of the Win32.Dumaru worm, or to get more information about the Win32.Dumaru removal tool, including the software owner.
4. Win32.Dumaru Removal Tool is a “freeware tool”, and is not a replacement for a regular anti-virus program.
5. Win32.Dumaru Removal Tool may be downloaded free from Virusous.com.

Create a new installation.
Export them from your system to an attacker server.
Who created it.

ate a new installation.
Defects in Windows NT/2000/X
Use this Internet Explorer patch now!
There are dangerous virus in the Internet now!
More than 500.000 already infected!
Causes the virus to do the following:
When executed, the virus will do the following:
Copy itself as
Downloads and connects to a backdoor component
%WINDOWS%\windrv.exe (8192 bytes)
Which connects to a password protected channel in order to issue commands to the authors.
Creates the value
in the registry key
On Windows 9x/Me systems, it does the following:
uses RegisterServiceProcess to hide its presence;
modifies system.ini by adding the following entry to the [Boot] section:
shell=”explorer.exe %System%\vxd

Dumaru Removal Tool Crack+ [Mac/Win] [April-2022]

The infection caused by Win32.Dumaru.A@mm is caused by a removable storage device that contains Win32.Dumaru.A@mm itself.
When a user inserts this contaminated storage device in a computer, the Win32.Dumaru.A@mm hidden in the device infects the computer with Win32.Dumaru.A@mm (although in some cases it is possible to observe the real presence of Win32.Dumaru.A@mm).
This worm can:
– Run as a service, with or without being autostarted;
– monitor the clipboard;
– search for files with the extensions.htm,.wab,.html,.dbx,.tbb,.abd and try to send them, so the infected PC will receive a large number of e-mails;
– have a backdoor component that connects to an IRC server on port 1001,2283 and 10000 and will wait for commands from the author;
– connect to an FTP server and upload a.eml file that contains passwords and other informations;
– have a keylogger and a clipboard monitor that will record and store informations belonging to several products such as Microsoft Security Department, Microsoft Security Team, Microsoft’s Security Team, Microsoft’s Security Team, Microsoft Security Department, Microsoft Security Department and Task Authoritization, MSD…;
– modify the registry key value “load32” = %WINDOWS%\vxdmgr32.exe.exe using the backdoor;
– obtain the functionality of RegisterServiceProcess, in order to hide its presence;
– modifies system.ini by adding the entry in the [Boot] section:
shell=explorer.exe %System%\vxdmgr32.exe
Modifies win.ini by adding the following entry in the [Windows] section:
Creates the value “load32″=”%SYSTEM%\vxdmgr32.exe” in the registry key
Harvests e-mail addresses from files matching, *.htm, *.wab, *.html, *.dbx, *.tbb, *.abd and stores them in %WINDOWS%\winload.log file.
The infection caused by Win32.Dumaru.A@mm is caused by an autorun

What’s New In Dumaru Removal Tool?

Dumaru Removal Tool is a professional and reliable application designed to remove all variants of the Win32.Dumaru worm.
This is a standalone tool created to remove viruses and adware. It does not require the use of any other application or program. Therefore, your system will be safe again.
The Win32.Dumaru worm is a virus that arrives via spam messages. When you open a file from an infected e-mail, or run an executable file, the worm will execute and install itself on your system.
Once installed, the virus periodically sends itself through e-mails. After sending itself, the virus connects to an IRC server, where it sends commands to the server. The worm is also capable of terminating and monitoring the process of applications that belong to several antivirus or security tools.
The Win32.Dumaru worm also copies itself to your %SYSTEM%\load32.exe and %WINDOWS%\dllreg.exe files and adds entries in the Registry.
In this way, the worm hides itself from the anti-virus application and cannot be removed with most of the anti-virus applications.
The Win32.Dumaru worm is also capable of uniting and copying itself through your %SYSTEM%\load32.exe file, %WINDOWS%\dllreg.exe and %WINDOWS%\load32.exe files, or copying yourself via specific e-mails.
Once installed, the Win32.Dumaru worm modifies your %SYSTEM%\load32.exe file, which copies itself to your %SYSTEM% folder.
Dumaru Removal Tool will remove all of the Win32.Dumaru viruses and their variants.
This worm has root %systemdir%\load32.exe and %windows\dllreg.exe files and registry key.
Dumaru Removal Tool contains all Win32.Dumaru variants and their variants, versions and version and dates.
After searching for the following file extensions.

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
OS X 10.8.5 or higher
Linux 2.6.25 or higher
Required Software:
Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 or higher
Mozilla Thunderbird 6.2.0 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16411 or higher
Minimum required:
Internet Explorer 11.0.96



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