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DtSQL Portable is a software solution created to assist you in managing your database connections. It comes in handy for those who need to work with many different databases through a single and easy-to-use interface.
As the name suggests, DtSQL Portable is a portable application that runs directly from your USB pen drive so you can easily transfer it to other computer systems. The benefit to you is that the software requires no installation, and it supports virtually all well-known database systems.
It can be a challenge for beginners to work with multiple databases within the same program, but DtSQL Portable makes this task easier. You can also use this app for those of you who want to find out the most common database systems available in your computer.
DtSQL Portable, as its name implies, is also a database management solution that allows you to work with all major databases such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and many others. If you want to work with database systems such as FrontBase, you can still use this app thanks to the fact that DtSQL Portable is a universal application.
DtSQL Portable, however, has a couple of drawbacks. It is best suited for Windows users only.
The main advantage is that it offers you full access to database objects and features, such as table browsing, SQL scripts and advanced editing features.
However, even though the program comes with very simple features, the user should firstly know how to work with the database engines in order to make this app work properly.
DtSQL Portable Features:
Database management solutions for Windows
Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and other popular database systems
User-friendly interface
Portable version with the exact same functionality as its standalone counterpart
Program settings and presets for connection parameters
Add or edit users and groups, as well as give them all the necessary permissions
Browse the database structure and objects
File export options: HTML, XML, CSV and XLS
Works with all connection types
Examine databases and run SQL queries
Create procedures and SQL triggers
Database edition
Database editing is an important part of DtSQL Portable, as it allows you to perform common functions, including:
Change the properties of the databases and their objects
Rename tables, columns, primary keys, indexes, sequences and views
Create indexes
View the database from a UI designer
Seamless table browsing, among other features
Table export options
Database export in HTML, XML, CSV

DtSQL Portable 2.36 Crack+ Activation

DtSQL Portable Full Crack is a versatile, intuitive and reliable database management tool specially designed to let you handle different connections simultaneously. Furthermore, the application allows you to connect to the most popular databases such as MySQL, HSQLB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

Whether you manage a few or many databases, this innovative software will help you in all your transactions.

DtSQL Portable Free Download has been carefully designed to meet the expectations of most users.


Easy to install and use

Compatible with different database types and connection types

Browsing, browsing, browsing… and yet there’s more.

A home for all the non-authorised users.

Discover up to 400 options from which to choose.

In search of more?

There are hundreds of options! Find them easily in the DtSQL Portable Options Window.

The DtSQL Portable Options Window:

It even lets you create your own, so you can browse, browse, browse!

You can browse all databases in your DtSQL Portable.

Create your own databases from the familiar menus.

Browse all the tables in the selected database

Add a new one or update the data in an existing table


Create from scratch a new column

Sort the results

Add a new column to a table

Change the name of a column

Create a procedure

Create a new database

Create your own database

Create a new file type.

Browse the current menus

Add a new menu

Rename a menu

Copy a menu

Delete a menu

Import a template.

Change the templates.

Import and export options

Import/Export your data

Import the data from the selected databases

Import the data from the selected folders.

Import/Export the data from/to.CSV/.TSV/.XLS/.HTML.

Incorporate/Create/Save/Load your templates.

Change the templates.

Create your own templates.

Delete a template.

Show the file type next to the files.

Change the file type next to the files.

Data ready to be viewed.

Confirmation of the database name already exists.

Browse the files and directories.

Browse the files and directories.

DtSQL Portable 2.36 Full Product Key X64

DtSQL stands for Database TSQL Server, which can be used to manage any sort of database, from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server, from SQLite to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and many more.
While other similar programs force you to install the proper JDBC drivers from the database’s installation location, with DtSQL, the drivers are shipped with the utility and can be referenced from the ‘Administrative Tools’ feature from Control Panel.
This application is intended for all types of users, from beginners to the advanced ones; it is useful for those who have to open many connections to the database, and manage them in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner.

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What’s New In DtSQL Portable?

Provides a full-featured yet easy-to-use program that helps you manage multiple databases easily.

Capable of handling all the most popular database platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and FrontBase.

Features include tools for managing DB objects (tables, columns, triggers and stored procedures), SQL scripts, formats, and data export to various formats like TXT, CSV, HTML, XML or XLS.


Not all database drivers will be supported by all database platforms.

Concerned about size?

Portable installation can be automatically compressed into a single Zipped archive.

The application installation is much quicker.

Coupled with the installation package, DtSQL Portable comes with extensive documentation.Three Book Chapters for Fairies, a Fairy Book

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System Requirements For DtSQL Portable:

If you’re playing on an older computer, or one with a low-spec GPU, there are a couple of ways you can make the game run faster.
1. Lower your texture resolution.
If you’re playing on a computer with low RAM, or your computer simply struggles to keep up with the game’s GPU-intensive graphics, you can lower the game’s texture resolution to something more appropriate for your machine.
Note: This will only speed up the game’s framerate, which does not affect your gameplay. The game engine is simply rendering smaller parts



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