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Part II: Special Effects

Adobe Photoshop Elements enables you to create a wide array of special effects, some of which can be found in some of the other chapters. You can read about effects in the section “Creating fun effects using Photoshop Elements,” later in this chapter.

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# Maintaining Your Memories in a Digital Format

Although digital photography is a great alternative to conventional photography, you may still want to keep your old photos. Either by design or by accident, you may find your old photos are no longer available as transparencies, prints, or negatives. Or they may no longer be stored as photos, but as scanned images that are difficult to view or enlarge.

Your best tool for preserving your old photo memories is a scanner, and you can find out how to create quality scans in the section “Creating scans using a scanner,” later in this chapter. But you can also take your original photographs and convert them to the latest digital format, which eliminates the need to use a scanner. You can transfer photos to a disk, download them to a computer, or even convert the image file to a file format that can be readily viewed on a smartphone or tablet. The best way to work with these files is to use Adobe Photoshop, which you can read about in the section “Photoshop for photographers,” earlier in this chapter.

If you transfer the image file to a computer, you can save it as a JPEG, TIFF, or PDF file. These file types support multiple enhancements such as sizing, cropping, and color depth and adjustment.

However, if you have an older version of Photoshop or Elements, you need to follow a different process to convert the file to a JPEG, TIFF, or PDF file. You can read about the conversion process in the section “Converting image files,” later in this chapter.

## Conventional Photography

You can preserve your old photos in a number of ways. You can take a photo of the original photo or simply take a photo of the original photo, and then print the original in a photo shop. This process is common in paper stores and keeps the photo for posterity. You can also scan it to a CD, and then print or frame it.

With newer digital cameras, you can upload your photos and memories to photo-sharing websites. These sites

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Version compatibility: Photoshop Elements 15 and up

Interface: Tear-drops, dark-colored shadows, and a white background.

There are many different reasons for using Photoshop, but one of the most common types is adding backgrounds to images. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a textured background to an image.

1. Open an image.

You will start with a blank canvas. Create a new, blank document in the PNG image format. I used the 1,000×600 size.

2. Add a new layer.

Press CTRL+ALT+N (WIN), ⎈⎉ (Mac) to create a new layer.

3. Draw a textured background using the Paint Bucket tool.

Click on the Paint Bucket tool, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+B (WIN), ⎈⎉ (Mac).

Use the Paint Bucket tool to add a texture to the textured background, then click in the textured background using the selection tool.

4. Make the new layer blend.

In the layers palette, click on the arrow to open the menu. In the menu, select Blend if the default is set.

5. Create a new layer mask.

In the layers palette, click on the arrow to open the menu, and select New Mask.

6. Draw a mask using the selection tool.

Using the selection tool, draw a rectangle around the textured background.

7. Fill the new layer mask.

Click on the arrow to open the menu, and select Fill. Choose the color black, then press the shift key to leave the option of white.

Use the selection tool to select the part of the textured background that you want to mask, then click on the mask.

8. Remove the mask layer.

Click on the arrow to open the menu. Select None.

9. Select the layer with the textured background.

Click on the arrow to open the menu. Select the layer with the textured background.

10. Add more layers and modify the textured background.

Create other layers and modify the textured background, then group them if you want.

11. Select the visible texture layer.

In the layers palette,

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 English Fonts Free Download Crack

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I am pretty new to Linux as well.
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System Requirements:

Windows 10 or later (Client)
720p Video Resolution
1 GHz or Higher Processor
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
8GB Free Space
Requires latest drivers to ensure best performance
Screenshot from Gamefront.
Taken on a PC with i5-3470, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti, Windows 7.
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