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The Iranian authorities and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have detained some 60 protesters who staged an anti-government demonstration in front of the Intelligence Ministry in southern Tehran on Sunday.

The protesters held up a banner criticizing the government’s handling of the unrest in neighbouring Iraq and what they described as the government’s suppression of civic rights.

According to AP news agency, the protesters called on the government to investigate allegations of corruption in the purchase of weapons and to support human rights.

“Police sent a message that anyone who participated in the protests would be arrested,” a protester who was detained along with some 60 others told Al Jazeera.

“At the beginning of the protest, police arrived and we were told they would pick us up and take us to the police station,” Mohammad told the news outlet. “They did so in groups of ten and we were placed in a cell that was as big as three of us.

“Afterwards they brought in about 30 more people and arrested them in the same way,” he added.

Iran has used similar tactics in the past to detain activists, Al Jazeera reported.

“We have been beaten and insulted by the police,” another protester told Al Jazeera. “We want everyone who took part in the protest to be tried according to the law.”

Witnesses said that several Iranian security forces were deployed outside the building.

‘Downtrodden people’

As the demonstrators shouted slogans against the government, chants of “Freedom!” and “Death to the dictator” were also being heard, according to Al Jazeera’s correspondent James Bays, who was inside the building.


Alireza, a participant in the anti-government demonstration, told Al Jazeera that the protests were inspired by the people’s frustration with the government’s handling of the ongoing crisis in Iraq.

“The government has been trying


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