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Is casual sex bad for you?
6 myths about sex are true
Is casual sex bad for you? Not exactly. Beyond the harm it can cause for those at higher risk (think polyamory), sex outside of a committed, romantic relationship raises concerns and takes on a darker shade when topics like STD prevention are on the table. For one, some STDs like herpes, HPV, and chlamydia are most easily caught from people you haven’t been intimate with, so you definitely want to be safe if you don’t know their status. But if you’re sleeping with a new partner every three to six months or so, you may not even know that you have a STD until you’re ready to have the relationship that you have now end.
You can also catch HIV and other STDs if you’re irresponsible about using protection. And STDs are only the beginning: Sure, you can catch a viral infection like the common cold from a casual hookup, but not all STDs or infections are viral. There are bacterial vaginosis and gonorrhea; yeast infections, chlamydia, genital herpes, syphilis, and more. Plus, many STDs can cause cancer, including anal and cervical cancer. If you suspect that you caught something, that’s something you should get checked out. And you should continue getting tested throughout your entire relationship, too, both to protect the person you’re being intimate with and to make sure you’re clean.

You won’t catch anything.
But what if you do?
Dating apps can be great for sex.
After I met and dated my wife, we were each let down by the other’s emotional limitations in areas that are vital to our marriage. As someone who had been on an emotional roller coaster for years and was simply not interested in recommitting to someone whose emotional stability was questionable, my chances of finding anyone who’d be good for the long haul were slim. I found a solution: I started using Tinder.
I recently hooked up with a woman that I met through Tinder, and we have sex nearly every single day. When the sex has been good, I’ve been able to transfer emotions and sentiments I have for my wife directly to this Tinder girl. It’s even made me think about marriage in new ways. These days, I’m actually excited when a few more dates on the calendar show up.

Tinder’s mission is to “make a world without regret.” Tinder’s design emphasizes this through a browser that resembles a Google-


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