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DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery Crack + X64 (Updated 2022)

■ Try our free data recovery software to recover lost data from hard disk, memory card, USB, and digital camera
■ PowerRecovery is a simple but efficient and useful data recovery software. It works well with all data lost situations:
■ From crashing system, overwriting partitions, formatting or external hard drive, lost data due to virus attack, fire, earthquake, power failure, etc.
■ Memory card lost in digital camera.
■ USB drive lost in external hard drive.
■ USB or memory card lost while using computer.
■ Flash-drive lost in digital camera.
■ Printer lost while using laptop
■ Hard disk lost due to power outage.
■ Reinstall Windows system (e.g. slow boot problem).
■ Recover photos from digital camera without card
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■ Recover email from Outlook Express
■ Recover documents from Outlook Express
■ Recover address book from Outlook Express
■ Recover contact from Outlook Express
■ All files and folders from SD card or USB drive can be easily recovered.
■ Ability to repair damaged, corrupt and inaccessible files
■ Ability to recover data from inaccessible files
■ Ability to repair inaccessible files
■ Ability to recover deleted files by undelete function
■ Support all version of Windows including Windows 7/8/8.1/10
■ Easy to understand and operate.
■ Support Microsoft office file (e.g. PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPTM, PPSM, PPTB, PPTZ, PPSZ, PPSE, PPSQ, PPSS, etc.)
■ Ability to recover damaged hard drive data
■ Ability to recover lost data from old PC or laptop
■ Support NTFS format
■ Support Mac file (e.g. PPTM, PPTX, etc.)
■ Support soft drive data (e.g. NTFS)
■ Support USB drive
■ Support image file (e.g. JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO, PCX, etc.)
■ Support audio file
■ Support video file
■ Support word file (e.g. DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOCB, DOU, RTF, etc.)
■ Support excel file (e.g. XLS, XLSX, XLT, etc.)
■ Support PowerPoint file (PPTX,

DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery [32|64bit]

PowerPoint is a widely-used, but difficult-to-master application. Even though it is generally safe to use, you can encounter hardware and software errors. In some cases, you might even lose your data if there is a PowerPoint crash. However, this could be prevented if you have installed an antivirus software. The antivirus should be able to detect the PPT errors and fix them by restoring the corrupted files.
DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery Crack is a handy application that can effectively recover damaged or corrupt PowerPoint files. The software is an excellent PowerPoint repair tool that has the ability to detect all the issues that are displayed in the log. It is compatible with all the latest PowerPoint versions including PowerPoint for Office 365 and PowerPoint 2013 to 2019 and PowerPoint 2007 to 2019.
DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery Cracked Accounts Features:
1. Quick and easy
2. Recover PowerPoint files, presentations and presentations
3. Restore presentation slides
4. Recover notes
5. Recover embedded images and audio from PPTX files
6. Undo and redo
7. Batch operations
8. Integrate with Windows Explorer
9. Import and export PowerPoint files
10. Repair and recover PowerPoint files from hard drive

DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery Screenshots:

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You can use the free version of Microsoft PowerPoint (a.k.a. PPTX file) from Google Drive to recover your PPT file. Or if you have some free time (and data), you can also download Microsoft Office (a.k.a. MS Office PPT file) from Google Drive to recover your PPT file.
For more about the two mentioned data recovery tools, please visit the following links:

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Hope it helps!
If it does not, you can also try this online tool (web based):

DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery Crack + Free Download


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What’s New in the?

Recovers damaged or corrupt PowerPoint files.

Recovers text and image files embedded in PowerPoint files.

Includes a message saying which file type is supported.

Intuitive user interface, very simple to use.

Recovers the theme, layout, slide masters, slides, notes, hyperlinks and other relevant data.

Works with PowerPoint 2007 to 2019 and PowerPoint for Office 365 files.

Recover corrupt PPTX files and PowerPoint presentations easily.

Presentation recovery and repair:

Recovers corrupted PowerPoint presentations with images and text.

Allows you to repair corrupted PowerPoint presentations on your device.

Shows the application name in the log window.

Works with PowerPoint 2007 to 2019 and PowerPoint for Office 365 files.

The program works on any Windows operating system and includes a Live View window that allows you to preview the corrupted PPTX files you are going to repair. 

Recovers just about any type of file corrupted with Corrupt

Improves the file’s structure.

Corrects missing data in the file.

Decodes images embedded in corrupt PowerPoint files.

Optimizes the formatting of the presentation file.

Converts a presentation file from one to another.

Removes OLE objects, including embedded files from PowerPoint files.

Converts PowerPoint format to PowerPoint, if possible.

Recovers part or all of a corrupt presentation file.

Recovers corrupted video and audio files that might be embedded in a PowerPoint file.

Recovers corrupted PowerPoint hyperlinks, including embedded links.

Recovers corrupt documents and presentation slides.

Recovers corrupted PowerPoint recovery.

PowerPoint for Office 365:

Recovers PowerPoint files created for Office 365.

Recovers PowerPoint files that were moved to the SkyDrive.

Recovers corrupted PowerPoint presentations for Office 365 users.

Recovers PowerPoint presentations when the user accesses the data from another location.

Recovers PowerPoint presentations that were moved to the SkyDrive.

Recovers corrupted Office 365 presentations.

Preserves the user’s Office 365 license.

Recovers corrupt PowerPoint presentations that were moved to the SkyDrive.

Recover PowerPoint presentations that were stored on OneDrive.

Recovers PowerPoint presentations stored on SkyDrive.

Recovers corrupted PowerPoint slides.

Recovers corrupted slides for PowerPoint presentations.


System Requirements For DataNumen PowerPoint Recovery:

Windows 7 / 8.1
DirectX 11
Intel® Core™ i5 (or higher)
Minimum 1 GB of RAM
Minimum 512 MB of GPU RAM
HDD space to install and play the game
All official Internet connections are banned
If your device has been banned and you have tried to break the ban, your device will be automatically blocked, even if you did not attempt to break the ban.
If your device is not banned, it means that your Internet connection has been blocked.
If you suspect


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