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Figure 1. AutoCAD output of plan view in 2D with doors.

AutoCAD’s primary drawing tool is the line and arc, or straight-edge tool. When you click and drag on the screen, the tool begins to move in the current direction. You can also click and drag on a polyline, text box, or other object to create the line or arc, or straight-edge. When you are done creating the line or arc, the line or arc is automatically terminated. To create a straight-edge, click once and drag to the desired length. Then, to create the arc, click and drag to the desired angle.

In AutoCAD, you can also draw a closed polyline by simply clicking on the start point and then clicking on the endpoint. To create an open polyline, the start point and endpoint must be on separate objects (e.g., a circle or rectangle), or, in some cases, one end point must be on another object.

You can select any number of existing lines or arcs, and then “extend” these objects by clicking on them and dragging. The line or arc that you create extends from the existing line or arc’s starting point. To change the starting point of an existing line or arc, select the line or arc, then select the tool you want to change the starting point of (e.g., a line or arc). Then click and drag the new starting point. This process is similar to creating lines and arcs in Photoshop, except that you have a drawing window with different tools that you click on to create an object, instead of simply dragging in Photoshop.

The procedure for creating and extending lines and arcs is also similar in other 3D CAD software applications, such as VectorWorks and MicroStation. If you think that you need more time and practice to create and extend lines and arcs using AutoCAD, VectorWorks, and MicroStation, take a short class or attend a 3D CAD workshop. Another way to learn to use the CAD software is to practice using the software on a real-life project. This will help you become more familiar with the software and enhance your skills and confidence.

Figure 2. Using an existing polyline to create a new line.

Figure 3. Lines in a wireframe view.

When you select a line or arc, you can change the color, thickness, or

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Researchers have used AutoCAD’s drawing creation and editing system for computational geometry analysis and visualization, including evaluating whether different techniques would be most effective for surface analysis and visualization, including modeling flow and data visualization techniques, software implementations of precision digital fabrication and model-based design tools.

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I know you are a sucker for super hero stuff, but don’t you think my Pigtails are just a little bit super heroish???

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How to find inbound port via python

How can I get the inbound port from the packet? I tried :
server = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
server.bind((‘’, 3137))

But that returns: (‘’, 51724)


You can use socket.getsockname() to get the IP, and socket.getsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_PEERNAME) to get the port number.

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What’s New in the?

Autodesk has made a series of significant design tools enhancements to the popular AutoCAD software. These improvements help simplify the design process for the millions of architects, engineers, drafters and others that use AutoCAD on a regular basis.

Included in the 2017 release of AutoCAD, you’ll find a powerful new annotation tool, Shape Builder that allows you to create your own custom shapes, and the ability to share your annotations in real time. The 2018 release of AutoCAD will add new applications that make it easier to capture and share your work, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Read on for a summary of what’s new in AutoCAD 2023.


1.3.3: New Markup Support

Markups now support text and annotation, both in vector and raster.

1.3.1: New Feedback Importing

Import import new BOM and SAE formats.

1.3.0: New Shapes

The Shape Builder tool can now be used for drawing complex shape tools.

1.2.0: New Markups

Let your customers give you feedback in the form of comments, text and annotations.

1.1.1: New Signature Toolbar

Autodesk’s signature tool now has an on/off toggle, along with the ability to add a signature to every new drawing, allowing you to keep your signature tied to the drawing instead of to a project.

1.1.0: New Feedback Import

Import new SAE and BOM formats.

1.0.0: New Annotation Toolbar

The annotation toolbar now has an on/off toggle for each toolbar button.

1.0.0: New External Tools

Add standard external tools from the Web or mobile apps, and sync them to your drawings.

0.0.0: New AutoCAD VEs

Introducing AutoCAD VEs for 3D models.


1.3.3: New Markup Support

Markups now support text and annotation, both in vector and raster.

1.3.1: New Feedback Import

Import import new BOM and SAE formats.

1.3.0: New Shapes

The Shape Builder tool can now be used for drawing complex

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– The game requires a Pentium 3 CPU or higher.
– An nVidia® GeForce® card is recommended. Other cards are compatible but may have minor performance issues.
– Most of the game will run smoothly at 800×600 resolution.
– The game should run smoothly on a P4 CPU, but as the FPS are set at 30 in this build, we can’t guarantee there will be no slowdown.
– The game will run fine on a Intel® Pentium III or AMD Athlon® CPU.


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