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In 1982, Visual Sciences Group (VSEG) was hired by Autodesk to develop a CAD application for desktop computers running on a Motorola 68000 microprocessor. The first incarnation of Autodesk’s AutoCAD Crack Keygen was released in December 1982, and sold for $495. In 1985, Autodesk acquired VSEG. Following Autodesk’s acquisition of VSEG, AutoCAD was extended to support the Apple Macintosh. AutoCAD was initially developed for PCs running on IBM-compatible hardware. In September 1987, Autodesk made AutoCAD available for the Apple Macintosh. That same year, the first version of AutoCAD for Windows 3.0 was released.

In December 1988, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD LT, a special version of AutoCAD designed for smaller companies. AutoCAD LT features the same interface and commands as AutoCAD, but limits the user to a small set of drawing commands and non-graphics editing functionality.

In March 1990, Autodesk introduced the 2.0 version of AutoCAD LT, which added raster image printing capability, additional capabilities for creating three-dimensional (3D) drawings, and several productivity features. In March 1992, Autodesk released AutoCAD 3.0, which included support for Windows NT. That same year, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD 3D, a version of AutoCAD that combines the 2D features of AutoCAD with 3D capabilities such as two-dimensional (2D) section views, 3D views of sheets, and parametric 3D modeling.

In March 1993, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD Architectural for Windows NT. That same year, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2000 for Windows NT. AutoCAD 2000 added support for 3D architectural models, supporting parametric modeling. In January 1994, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD Student, a version of AutoCAD designed for teaching, training, and learning applications. AutoCAD Student did not have capability for parametric modeling.

In June 1995, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2000 for the Mac. AutoCAD 2000 added support for Macintosh-based 3D printers. In August 1995, Autodesk released AutoCAD Architectural for the Macintosh. That same year, Autodesk released AutoCAD Draw 2.0, which included the first version of AutoCAD’s feature-based drawing toolbar, named the

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 Product Key Full [Win/Mac]

2D DRAW files (e.g. DWG and DWF) are interchange format and used in many CAD applications, including AutoCAD, and other companies like ArchitekSoft.


AutoCAD LT can create and edit 3D models using WebGL (JavaScript and HTML5) rendering technology using several example models available in the service, including a version of the Eiffel Tower.


External links
AutoCAD LT, Autodesk’s AutoCAD LT software, to use with AutoCAD software.
AutoCAD, Autodesk’s AutoCAD software, to use with AutoCAD LT software.
AutoCAD Architecture, an AutoCAD LT plugin, for architectural design.
AutoCAD Electrical, an AutoCAD LT plugin, for electrical design.
AutoCAD Civil 3D, an AutoCAD LT plugin, for civil design.

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How do I pass reference of this object?

I have the following method:
public function setNextItemId($id) {
$this->mNextItemId = $id;

Which I am calling like this:

However, I get this error:

Cannot assign to reference’mNextItemId’ because it is a read only property.

How do I pass the object to the method so that the instance variable has the new value and I can access that object in the method?


As explained in the PHP manual:

By default, the properties of an object are public and non-writable.

The only thing you can do is setting $this->mNextItemId = $id;. But you still have to initialize the property, as you can see in the example of __set:

As of PHP 5.1.0, __set() operates differently than the public set() and setProperty() functions

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 With Keygen Download [Latest 2022]

Press button to launch.
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You need to login to your Autodesk account.
In order to log in, go to select the dropdown tab, select “User Name” and type in your username.

After logging in, go to “My Autodesk”, and in the bottom left corner of the page, select “Account Settings” and then “License”.


Terminal from Apple Accounts app

I was trying to connect to my account in iTunes via terminal, so I opened the Accounts app and typed “Terminal”. Then I was asked to add a new terminal, which is normal, but when I wrote my username and password, and when I was about to enter the password I was asked for “enter your Apple ID password”. I don’t know what Apple ID is. So, I searched for it in the terminal and finally typed it, but I was asked for my password again. I didn’t enter it, so I tried to search the App Store again, but couldn’t find it, although the App Store icon was loaded. I assume that Apple ID is the ID that you use to log into the App Store. Does that mean that it’s not really possible to log into iTunes via the terminal?


You don’t need the Apple ID to log into iTunes on your Mac (or use iTunes to log into the App Store, etc), just use your account password.

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What’s New In?

Enhance the efficiency of your drawings with intuitive design controls, such as adjustable insertion and rotation handles and auto-correction.

Use the Markup Assist feature to effectively collaborate with team members by creating one-click markup comments and displaying them in multiple views of your drawings.

Multiple Views:

Easily view multiple documents and drawings in different views and annotations, in real-time and in an auto-updating manner.

Update and Reposition Annotations:

Quickly adjust existing annotations, insert new ones, and move them between drawings.

Grow Annotations:

Grow existing annotations, or automatically insert new ones based on annotations in the same document.

Omnidirectional Freehand:

Maintain a working area around the current annotation by holding down the Shift key. Make other selections, including other annotations, while still maintaining this omnidirectional freehand area.

Document-Wide Metadata

Metadata features include global search and more to easily find content across drawings.

Search Drawing for Content:

Use a global search that makes finding references faster and easier. To access the global search, first right-click on the drawing’s title bar and choose Find, then select your search criteria and press Enter.

Search in All Drawings:

Find all the locations where the search criteria appears and all matching drawing titles, and all references to those locations.

Search on Comments:

Find all the locations that contain search criteria in comments, and all references to those locations.

Search in Layers:

Use layers as filters to search for content in different layers. Find all the layers that include the search criteria, and all references to those layers.

Search in Notes:

Use notes as filters to search for content in different notes. Find all the notes that contain search criteria, and all references to those notes.

Find References to Multiple Drawings

Search for content in multiple drawings at once, and quickly find all instances of a selected term.

Search for Associated Notes

Find all the notes that contain the same term as the selected drawing, and all references to those notes.

Search All Drawings for Content

Use a global search that makes finding references faster and easier. To access the global search, first right-click on the drawing’s title bar

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003
Processor: Intel Pentium III, AMD Duron 1GHz or faster (512MB RAM)
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