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Autodesk is one of the largest companies in the world that specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of computer-aided design (CAD) software and other tools for the construction industry. The company introduced AutoCAD for the Macintosh computer in 1987. Subsequently, it released AutoCAD 2000 in 1993, AutoCAD LT for Windows in 1994, AutoCAD Architecture for Windows in 1996, AutoCAD Studio for Windows and Macintosh in 1997, AutoCAD Map 3D for Windows in 1998, AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 for Windows and Macintosh in 2005, and AutoCAD Map 3D 2013 for Windows and Macintosh in 2014.

Autodesk brings CAD functionality directly into the hands of engineers, designers, and architects, enabling them to accurately and efficiently visualize, plan, and detail their projects. The company’s product range includes programs for architecture, construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing/HVAC/plumbing design.

History [ edit ]

Early CAD programs [ edit ]

For many years, the use of CAD programs was only available to those companies with a large-scale computer network. An engineer from Hewlett-Packard, Larry Tesler, developed a method of plotting CAD models directly on paper. He called this the Tesler method, because he used only a pencil. He attached drafting instruments to the computer, and directed them to a pre-scanned and pre-digitized drawing. This drawing, in turn, would be used to plot a scale drawing onto paper.

The Tesler method was not widely adopted until the 1970s, when CAD programs began appearing on minicomputers. Although it was the only method available to computer-aided design (CAD) users, it was tedious and could not achieve the precision of the technology of the time. For instance, the scale of the drawn model would not match the actual scale of the built model. The user would have to be very precise when drawing the model, and each model would have to be copied and modified for each location. If a change needed to be made to the design, then each model would have to be redrawn. For manufacturers, the costs involved in manually plotting CAD models could be reduced significantly.

The first commercially successful CAD program was introduced by Computer Automated Drafting, Inc. in 1968. Called KEYCAD, this program was developed by Robert N. Stewart, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Unlike the

AutoCAD [Win/Mac]

provides comprehensive scripting language support for AutoLISP and Visual LISP. AutoLISP is a type of language available for the AutoCAD Cracked Accounts and AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack LT applications. It allows developers to write their own scripts for customization and automation. AutoLISP is an application of Lisp, which means that it resembles other programming languages such as C++ or Java. The C++-based language VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is another scripting language used in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT to perform simple tasks. AutoCAD LISP is much more powerful than VBA and allows execution of complex commands.

In 2012, AutoCAD received an award from the Milken Institute in the category of “Best Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility” for its commitment to sustainable design.

AutoCAD supports geometry, dimensions, text, raster images, fonts, layers, raster images, rendering, tracking, shape sets, scales, model space, groups, visibilities, background images, reverse-engineering and tagging (for drawing views). The following data formats are supported: CAD, IGES, OBJ, DXF, SKP, DWG, CADx, BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, TGA and GIF.

Autodesk also offers other products based on the AutoCAD Architecture: AutoCAD360 Architect, AutoCAD360 Civil, AutoCAD360 Electric, AutoCAD360 Mechanical, AutoCAD360 Plumbing, AutoCAD360 Structural and AutoCAD360 Universal.

AutoCAD Architect is a professional application specifically designed to create architectural design models. It includes dynamic components such as: building-specific components, models for FEA analysis, architecture-specific materials, building components and users-specific components such as fences and signs. It was created for the needs of an architectural/engineering software vendor and hence comes bundled with a number of proprietary and copyrighted application extensions including: Building SDK, Architectural SDK, MEP SDK, Metrologic SDK, Fasteners SDK, Pipe and Fittings SDK, Extensions for Reinforced Concrete SDK, Add-Ons SDK, Virtual Structure SDK, Clipping Manager SDK, Windows SDK, vWorkspace SDK, BIM360 SDK, CAD360 SDK, CAD360 APS SDK, PLM SDK, XREF SDK, EnergyPlus SDK and HVAC SDK.


AutoCAD [Mac/Win]


Import drawings created in Autocad for 3D printing.

Generate text in Autocad.

Export text to Autocad.

AutoCAD versioning (2011 and newer).

Layered text (multiple text objects on a same drawing).

Real-time previews.


Autodesk DWG and DXF formats

Open any Autocad file.

Save a screenshot of the drawing.

Autocad versioning (2010 and older).

Layered text (single text object on a same drawing).

AutoCAD DXF formats.

Open any AutoCAD file.

Export to DXF.

Export to another Autocad file (same or different)

Import to other Autocad file (same or different).

Convert to other Autocad file (same or different).

Export to other Autocad file (same or different).

Import to other Autocad file (same or different).

Converting to AutoCAD native format and importing to other
native format.

AutoCAD native format change.

Save a screenshot of the drawing.

AutoCAD native format change.

AutoCAD native format change.

AutoCAD native format change.

AutoCAD native format change.

AutoCAD native format change.

Import a drawing into AutoCAD native format.

AutoCAD native format change.

AutoCAD native format change.

Import a drawing into AutoCAD native format.

Import drawings created in AutoCAD native format.

Export drawings created in AutoCAD

What’s New In?

Import from PDF: When designing your next poster, check if you can import a PDF of the final design for use in the drawing. With the new drawing option you can import to AutoCAD only one page of a PDF. The rest of the PDF does not get inserted into the drawing. The PDF has to be designed first. (video: 4:00 min.)

Markup Assist: Turn changes made to a design into a complete textfile. You can import markup text and add it to your design. Save time when communicating design changes to other team members by exporting to text files. (video: 1:45 min.)

Architecture and BIM:

Enhanced “Architecture” tool. The “Architecture” tool has a new “Collapse All” option that adds a new tool bar option called “Architecture.” “Architecture” collapses all child objects except those that you create with the “Create” tool. “Architecture” will still work with all existing objects in the drawing. (video: 4:40 min.)

BIMLink: Embed BIM data in your drawings. Design your next big project in Autodesk Revit and create an Autodesk BIMLink link to bring that data into your drawings and design software. Revit is a BIM tool for architects and other design professionals that’s built on the Revit Architecture or Revit Structure BIM models. Autodesk BIMLink is an open-source plug-in that communicates between Revit and AutoCAD. (video: 2:00 min.)

Style Setter: Create drawing style templates with the new Style Setter app. Choose a template, apply it, and get back to your drawing. The app allows you to save time and create a style template to use over and over again. (video: 1:35 min.)

Bezier: Create a smooth curve with the new Bezier tool. Use the Bezier tool to create straight or curved lines. The control handles can be repositioned to the exact points you need. Add corners to a Bezier curve with the new Corner tool. (video: 3:10 min.)

Linked Drawing Editor: Easily review or make corrections in an existing linked drawing. The new linked drawing

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10 OS (64 bit) or higher
1GB Memory (4GB Recommended)
300 MB free hard drive space
Graphical Controller Required
DVD drive or USB Sticks or USB key (not included)
Newer computer recommended
Media Player, Dvd player or other device capable of playing MP3
Internet access
Note: You must have a sound card, drivers may be included or available on the CD or other media. If you have questions about what is included with the product


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